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Submission + - unConference Unites Boston Technologists (

healeyb writes: "Technology and innovation is alive and well in Boston. Today, at the Hynes Convention Center, technologists from around the area gathered together to mingle, network, and discuss the latest and greatest in the tech industry, and to espouse the merits of the ever growing sector in the region, at the 2011 unConference, sponsored by MassTLC... The event, hosted annually, is noted for its unique setup. In contrast with traditional..."

Submission + - No Bank November Rising From The Occupation (

healeyb writes: "There is a new movement rising out of the Occupation protests that are spreading across the nation. No Bank November, which has been slowly appearing in greater frequency on social networks across the internet, is a push to encourage people to withdraw their funds from major banks and deposit them into new accounts at local credit unions on November 5th of this year. Spurred by the vitriol directed at the finance industry from a populace that feels betrayed by the economic struggles of recent years, the movement hopes to send a direct and tangible message to the major national banking institutions..."

Submission + - The Voices of Occupied America (

healeyb writes: "America is rumbling... The movement that began in New York, in the shadow of Wall Street, has begun to spread across the nation. Occupiers have taken to the streets in Boston, Washington, Portland, expressing the same dissent and frustration of their founders in Liberty Plaza. Their individual irritations are varied, but their methods for direction and progress are clear, as expressed by a member of Occupy New Haven, Josh Smith: [to open] avenues to everyone for democratic participation..."

Submission + - Looking Deep Inside a Supernova (

healeyb writes: "In a stunning and detailed exploration of the Type Ia supernova SN 1572 in the constellation Cassiopeia, known as Tychos Supernova, scientists uncovered a gaseous formation that they have never before encountered. Furthermore, there is growing evidence that this newly discovered formation may explain how some cosmic rays, subatomic energtic particles that impact Earths atmosphere frequently and compose a large part of the background radiation of the universe, are created. The research was..."

Submission + - Nanotechnology: A Young Promising Technology (

healeyb writes: "Global population is expected to grow to around 8 billion by 2030, groundwater is depleted, water ecosystems are more and more polluted or degraded, and the option to develop a new source of water is getting more costly. Nanotechnology is a possible scenario envisioned to cope with this issue, but questions remain..."
The Military

Submission + - The End is Nigh For Gaddafi (

healeyb writes: "The four decade rule of Gaddafi is facing its strongest, and quite possibly its last, opposition today as thousands of protesters take to the streets of Tripoli, one of only a handful of cities remaining under Gaddafi control, following prayers. Already reports of intense violence and gun battles are streaming in from across the world, and reports have indicated that police in Tripoli are using any tactic to quell the uprising. But protesters seem undaunted, determined to rid their country of th..."

Submission + - Libya Situation Worsens, Future Unknown (

healeyb writes: "The situation in Libya has devolved rapidly overnight and into today, with battles raging overnight in several cities neighboring Tripoli, Muammar Gaddafi's primary stronghold. Those in support of the embattled dictator seem unmoved by the cries of the opposition movement, with some unconfirmed reports that they have opened fire even on unarmed civilians in an attempt to wrest control back from the revolutionaries.Videos and images have trickled out of the country and found there way onto the i..."

Submission + - Protesters Closing In On Tripoli ( 1

healeyb writes: "It seems the day of reckoning for madman Muammar Gadhafi may soon be at hand.Al Jazeera and many other sources are reporting that protesters, who for days have been fighting valiently in the face of grave danger at the hands of government-supported mercenaries, are closing in on the national capitol of Tripoli, which many regard as the last remaining stronghold of Gaddafi and his supporters. But the final battle may well test the resolve of the militia groups, as many fear a vicious battle..."

Submission + - Thousands Continue to Protest in Wisconsin State C (

healeyb writes: "Protests continued in Madison, Wisconsin today while the governor continued to stand behind the proposition to cut salaries, benefits and bring an end to collective bargaining. The crowds around the state capitol grew significantly, with some early estimates suggesting that there may have been upwards of 100,000 people singing, chanting and quietly objecting to the controversial measure.As evening drew near, there seemed to be a battle looming as the intention to clear the capitol and return to..."

Submission + - Iranian Interest With The Netherlands Revealed (

healeyb writes: The most recent releases from WikiLeaks, the controversial whistle-blower organization that has been slowly leaking documents from a series of US diplomatic cables acquired allegedly from PFC Bradley Manning, has revealed a strong connection between groups in the Netherlands and Iran, most notably in areas related to the countries military. In a partial cable, marked as having originated in late September of 2005, the US ambassador was apparently giving information to Cent Noland, a Dutch...

Submission + - Dutch Government Feared Release of Film Fitna (

healeyb writes: According to a January 17th release in the ongoing release of US diplomatic cables, it is revealed that the Dutch government had serious concerns about the March 2008 political film by Geert Wilders called Fitna. The short film, only seventeen minutes in length, focused on excerpts of the Qur'an with visual cutaways showcasing violence attributed to extremist groups, arguing that language of the holy text has been an encouragement to violence. The relevant cable, created in early February of...

Submission + - Brisbane Struck By Crippling Floods (

healeyb writes: Flooding in Brisbane, Australia that is already being held responsible for 10 confirmed deaths and nearly 78 missing persons has continued to worsen, becoming so severe that Energex, the company responsible for providing electricity to South East Queensland, has announced the intention to shut down power to many parts of the region out of concern for safety.

Submission + - Mediterranean Diet Not So Healthy? ( 1

healeyb writes: The belief that the Mediterranean diet can contribute to positive cardiovascular health has been long-held and has contributed to the development of a vast industry of dietary health. However, a recent study set to be published in International Journal of Clinical Practice has challenged that notion, indicating the discovery of dangerously high cardiovascular risk factors in a randomly selected group of citizens from...
The Military

Submission + - Saddam Hussein in 1990: Iraq Is Broke, Sick of War ( 1

healeyb writes: In one of the more recent releases from WikiLeaks (Jan 1, 2011), the embattled whistle-blower organization behind the leak of US diplomatic cables, it is revealed that Saddam Hussein made a plea to President George H.W. Bush just 8 days before the start of the Gulf War, saying he wanted friendship. He went on to claim that Iraq is sick of war, but complained that Kuwait has ignored diplomacy [efforts]. The cable proclaimed Hussein...

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