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Comment Re:Not a chance in hell (Score 1) 280

Most of these jobs will be construction work actually building the plant. Many of those will be workers who already have a job in construction but now have a juicy contract to look forward to, and the remainder will be labourers whose jobs will only last until the plant is finished. Throw in a handful further up and down the supply chains if you're feeling generous.

Job creation figures are the last statistics that one should be taking at face value.

Comment Re:It's your choice (Score 2) 586

A business is not obligated to subsidize your choice to work a low paying job.

Of course they are, because otherwise the taxpayer ends up doing it.

Uber is for college students who want to make extra money running people around.

To drive for Uber in the UK you need to be a) 21 or over, which rules out anyone who isn't in their final year or hasn't already graduated and b) own a car registered in 2008 or later. Not many cash-strapped students drive at all much less in a new(ish) car.

If you're sinking all your time into a low paying job instead of an education then that's your problem.

No, it's society's problem. Some people are never going to get anything better than a minimum wage job, not out of idleness or other moral failing, just because that's the limit of what they can do. Don't pretend that there's always a choice involved on their part. Either we as a society make employers pay a wage that people in that situation can live on or we accept having vast numbers of people on state aid. Whichever one we opt for, the public end up paying for it.

If a person is genuinely learning/training for most of their day then the odds are that they're already on state aid or they aren't a breadwinner.

To pre-empt your likely rebuttal, let me ask you a rhetorical question: do you really think anyone would do the sort of work that pays the minimum wage by choice? They're usually very shitty jobs, sometimes literally so.

This is why Uber is very interested in autonomous vehicles.

A company wants to automate its workforce. I'll try to contain my amazement.

Those people working 40 hours a week being silly are going to find Uber force them to work only 20 hours a week or put them out of work completely.

Why? The only reason to have twice as many drivers working half the time (that I can think of) is to reduce the average wait time for each fare and to increase the number of short journeys you can cover in a given time, but you lose some of that extra profit by doubling your per-driver overhead. Smaller (i.e. barely profitable) companies sometimes have to reduce their workforce when minimum wages are increased, but something tells me that Uber isn't one of them.

Your pay is based on productivity per hour. Not simply showing up per hour.

Being paid piecemeal is the exception, not the rule. In cases where it is done the pay per unit is calculated so that an average worker will usually end up receiving at least the minimum wage anyway. No-one is advocating that people be paid for simply turning up for work; if a salaried or hourly paid employee doesn't pull their weight you warn them, give them a reasonable chance to improve and then sack them if they don't.

Comment Re:Difference (Score 1) 80

People already have a computer in their pocket, as suggested in the first sentence. Besides a universal I/O bus, what does this offer? Why not just create a universal expansion port for cell phones? The market will be far larger there, instead of creating another entry into the home-brew computing line-up.

Batteries (and screens) take up a lot of space that one could otherwise use for more useful things. Still, I can't see what problem the Compute Card (or phone docking, for that matter) will solve; if you're going somewhere with a free KV&M there's probably already a computer there.

Why would you want to carry around a computer that you can't use on the way?

Comment Re:Drugs are bad for you (Score 1) 456

In an era where people are calling for legalization of drugs...

Are there many people calling for the legalisation of cocaine? might want to consider that people had motives for banning drugs in the first place.

Indeed. It turns out that reduction of harm rarely makes the top three, otherwise tobacco and alcohol would be banned and I imagine we'd all be buying marijuana and ecstasy from what used to be liquor stores.

Comment Re:Traitors. (Score 1) 442

The UK did NOT "vote for Brexit". It was a referendum. A poll, if that's easier for you to understand.

Semantics. There was a referendum on whether or not the UK would leave. Whether or not the result is binding is immaterial in this context; more people voted for leave than did remain. (I didn't, as it happens, so don't bother lumping me in with the "Brexit means Brexit" crowd.)

There is no law or legal obligation to actually go out and withdraw from the EU as a result.

Technically true, but actually going against the result would be political suicide even if the whips could manage it.

The current government, a right-wing government (Trump), agreed with the outcome of the poll...

No more right-wing than the last one*, and fuck all to do with Trump. It's debatable whether or not they agree either; the government's official position before the vote was to remain in the EU. We have disingenuous frauds like Farage, duffers in the Tory back benches, a lacklustre remain campaign and unprincipled media outlets to blame for the leave vote.

...and hopes to stay in power by implementing the result preferred by 51.9 percent of the people.

Well, duh. Of course they hope to stay in power, have you ever seen a politician who didn't?! The result was actually 37.4% of the electorate voting for leave, vs. 34.7% voting remain. Only 26.7% of "the people" voted to leave the EU. Sorry if that sounds petty but I cringe whenever I hear a politician waxing lyrical about their so-called mandate from the people when they have don't even have a majority of the electorate behind them.

They have no legal obligation to do this.

No, but as said earlier they'd be insane not to follow through. The best they could hope for is a second referendum on whether to accept the terrible deal we'll end up with.

They have already lost one legal challenge, which they are appealing and will likely lose a second time.

You're talking about the high court ruling, which was that the government cannot trigger Article 50 to begin the process of leaving without a parliamentary vote first. On face value one might think that they really want to leave, but the government is likely just worried that either MPs (on both sides) will not vote in favour of leaving or that somehow the UK will tip its hand when it comes to treaty negotiations, so they want to be able to start the leaving process without public scrutiny. In reality I don't think the government wants to leave the EU any more than I do but that's Cameron's fault for not standing up to the old guard in the Tory party and giving us a referendum in the first place.

*So far, anyway. I'm of the opinion that home secretaries make bad PMs: their job is to maintain order and they tend not to be too concerned about liberty when they go about it. When they have that mindset and actually have the power to follow through on it we end up with things like the snooper's charter.

Comment Re:"did not obtain legal advice when it set up" (Score 1) 160

...I still maintain and use my Steam account I buy very little new stuff from them at this point ...

Me too. In my case, though, it's because it's nearly impossible to find anything in the store without being bogged down in F2P crap and indie games using 8-bit nostalgia as a crutch for lazy graphics work. There really is no way to filter out indie games.

The last thing I bought from Steam was Doom, and that's only because I could search for it by name.

Comment Re:Or people are just under/wrongly medicated. (Score 1) 432

When life feels like shit, you want to take everyone down with you.

For you perhaps. I've been through some very dark times myself, but in my case the only thing that stopped me doing something... permanent... was the thought of how it would hurt the people who care about me. What really scared me at the time was that if things carried on as they were then sooner or later the scales would tip the other way.

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