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Comment Re:What w@nker thought this was a good idea?? (Score 1) 65

Here the childs welfare is paramount, so men who are not even the father, and the child is a result of adultery, can be forced to pay child support, while the actual father does not. Kooky stuff.

Actually that's how it works in the UK too, estranged lesbian couples notwithstanding. If you're the biological father of a child or you've officially adopted them you have to pay child support, even if the child was conceived out of wedlock. That includes adultery, one night stands etc.

It's not unheard of for a man to raise a child as his own from birth without having any legal obligation to pay child support if he and the mother were to separate. If one were to take a rather callous view one could argue that a man shouldn't have an obligation to support a child he wasn't responsible for bringing into the world. A family court might order differently but that's the way the official child support scheme works in the UK and I fancy that such an order would be on shaky legal ground. (In the UK child support is handled by either the courts or a separate government agency; from what I've heard only the family courts deal with it in the US.)

In the assisted fertilisation example you gave the donor would not have to pay as they aren't legally the child's parent, unless the "donation" was made the old-fashioned way.

Comment Re:Network consumption is consumption (Score 2) 227

A 100 megabit network can only move 100 megabits in a second, so a person moving 100 mbps is consuming the entire network.

This is where your analogy falls down; that never happens.

Look at it this way:
The Oreo factory can only make n Oreos a day.
The Oreo company will let you take one cookie a day for a buck a month.
The Oreo company makes that agreement with >>n people.
Some people actually do take one cookie every day, and the Oreo company declares that they should pay more than a buck.

This in itself doesn't have to be a dick move; all the Oreo company need do is be honest about how many cookies one can really take. The alternative is to follow the All-You-Can-Eat buffets' example: suck it up and build a bigger Oreo factory.

ISPs need to stop advertising capped connections as "unlimited", "infinite" or the like. The problem is that the people who do transfer enough to find themselves on the ISP's shit list are too few in number to achieve more than "*Subject to a Fair Usage Policy that we won't show you." in 8pt text at the bottom of the billboard.

Comment Re:3COM robots are 3-laws safe! (Score 1) 68

How would those laws be applied to military robots designed to kill? Replace "human being" with with "American"?

They wouldn't be, obviously. Robots don't have to obey the three laws unless we build them that way.

From Alistair Reynolds:
She snapped her attention back to the snake. “Are you Asimov-compliant?”

“No,” the robot said, with a sting of indignation.

Comment Re:Clearly a hoax (Score 1) 77

Yeah, free dental care up to the age of 18, plus free dental care to those who can't afford it after that, and free dental care to those over 65.

Emphasis mine. Even if you can afford it dentistry is heavily subsidised. I went to have a wisdom tooth removed but found out there was an abscess there. It took three trips in all with some x-rays thrown in for good measure but I still only ended up paying £50-something for the extraction and £7-something for the antibiotics. I can't even imagine how much that would have cost in the US, even with insurance.

Comment Re:Price Point (Score 2) 82

For those that didnt RTFA, there is a reason for the high price point of this console.

They are not using emulation like the Retron consoles. This isn't the usual Famiclone either. They sourced actual 30 year old Famicom CPU and Video chips to build this custom unit...

You read the wrong FA; this story is about the successor to the model made from 30 year old stock. The Nt Mini uses an FPGA to emulate the original hardware.

If nothing else, this entire unit is actually quite the impressive custom hack of 30 year old hardware.

Except that it isn't. It's a much more impressive thing than cobbling together off-the-(dusty)-shelf chips in a shiny box.

Comment Re:I say (Score 1) 247

Considering the long history of athletes struggling to make ends ...

Did you know that as recently as the late 1980's professional athletes were barred from entering the Olympics?

They can't make ends meet? They can cry me a river and go whore themselves out on sponsorship deals like the rest. Hell, if an olympic diver can make some coin advertising laundry detergent then I've no sympathy at all.

Comment Re:Rhetorical... (Score 1) 247

Actually, there was a lot of talk in Athens after 2004 that the Olympic games should be moved there permanently: the venues and necessary infrastructure had been built, the games were largely successful from a logistical viewpoint, and Greece knows how to handle mobs of tourists.

They also know (or should have known) that most Olympic venues fall into disuse after the event and end up being a massive waste of money for little more than temporary international bragging rights. Greece was foolish to play host with their economy being what it was even back in '04.

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