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Comment Re: Pixels density (Score 1) 158

why wouldn't you use a mid-priced prosumer camera like the 5d mark iv primarily for web? there's professional photography done for web only, and you're right - something like an 1d or a phase one back on a medium format camera would probably be overkill.

If you're shooting ONLY for the web, which is mainly what I was referring to...then a DSLR like the 5Dx is overkill.

Now, I do realize that most any great image taken, for print, etc...will *also* likely end up on the web too, no problem.....always nice in the pro area to shoot for print and down-res as needed. But I took the "shoot FOR web" to be someone only shooting for their private website, etc....and in general, these DSLRs would be overkill for them.

And if you consider close to $4K a pop for body ONLY...to be mid priced...whew, you have more disposable income than I do.

Comment Re:They apparently need to add another pop up (Score 4, Insightful) 175

Or they could be smart and lock out users when they're moving so fast they're obviously not on foot.

Well, it does throw up messages if you're moving too fast, but if you cut it off completely, they passengers couldn't play, which wouldn't be nice, especially if you have a car load of kids playing. It keeps them busy, you know.

But really there are ALREADY laws on the books against DISTRACTED DRIVING.....how is this any different?

Those laws are quite broad enough..and if you get caught doing so, then they should rip your license up in front of you, and point you towards the nearest tricycle shop, or bus pass station.

But for heaven's sakes, we don't need more laws, etc.

And no, Nintento should not be liable for individual stupidity.

Comment Re:What has Pokemon Go really go to do with this? (Score 4, Interesting) 175

Talking on the phone, Texting on the Phone, Playing a Game on the Phone, Eating your breakfast, Fiddling trying to read a map, punching in an address in a GPS, yelling at your kids..... All of this falls under distracted driving.

There is only so much we can do to stop stupid. As stupid people are often ingenious in finding new ways to be stupid.

The solution for distracted driving is getting rid of drivers. Self Driving Cars, Accessible Public Transit systems. Heck I would love it if there was a flatbed train along the interstate where you can park your car on it. And take the train the next 50 miles.

Comment Re:Worked for Amazon. (Score 4, Insightful) 156

Also unlike many of its Late 1990's .COM counterparts when it started Amazon had a business plan, that sold stuff not shares. They knew enough to price under the Brick and Mortar competition without any sustainable plan. Its prices and products were based on the cost it will be after they had completed their infrastructure. So while they were selling at a loss for a while, once the infrastructure was in place then they can make profit without having to change their competitivity.

Most of the other .COM plan was based on the idea if they sell at a low enough price then their suppliers will start giving them bulk discount... However with too much competition all trying to undercut themselves in prices they couldn't get enough traction to make it worth the suppliers effort to give them bulk pricing.

Comment Re: Pixels density (Score 1) 158

"In the midst of a battle during a concert"... seriously, Bataclan doesn't happen every day.

Ouch...a bit of bad taste there.

But back more to subject. If you're shooting a concert and its one of those where you're relagated to the pit, and only have the first 3 songs to shoot and you're fighting with a bunch of other photographers to shoot the band from down there, with poor lighting....yeah, it is a bit of a battle and you have to shoot best you can under stress...and by shooting RAW, you can easily make up for blown white balance or exposure problems...

HOWEVER...if all else fails, as long as the image is in focus...you can just switch to Black and White...and salvage some shots.

I do this often if there is a lot of red light on the subject.....B&W has made some shit shots due to lighting turn out to be winners.

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