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Comment Re:Deep AI not even in the product mentioned (Score 1) 146

Unrelated to SF, but related to pervasive AI:
Notice those dog or fawn or cat faces people are overlaying on their snapchat shots?
That is an impressive bit of AI and machine visual processing. Something that would have been laughably expensive 5 years ago.

Yes AI is very pervasive already.

Comment Re:People agree that Windows 10 has better tech (Score 1) 470

Surface Pro is a Tablet. I want an OS for my Workstation
EFI and Hyper-B Are the internal stuff that are not part of the normal UI
Same with battery life.

I am fine with the windows 10 layout for a tablet. However I don't want a tablet OS on my workstation.

Comment Re:Real Stuff (Score 1) 185

To answer your first question. Linux distributions fill different needs. RedHat, SUSE, Are Enterprise Linux solutions meaning your CIO won't have a fit with using them. Debian, Fedora are Server based where you realize you are not paying for anything important from getting the Enterprise support. Then you have the likes like Ubuntu and Mint. Which are more Desktop/Workstation linux distributions meant for people to work with. Not just set it and forget it.

Linux was designed to be a lot like Unix so it was mainly a server OS. So for some people the Real Linux is used for a server on big iron systems.

Comment Re:We love functional languages except using them. (Score 1) 188

The hell does that mean?

In coding if you are often too clever you often make code that is very dense in mathematics. Taking advantage of bit overflows, and other mathematical functions that happen to perform the behavior you are trying to achieve. For example If you are making a Mario type of game, you can use a sine function to simulate the jump effect. vs. making some more codier version where you have a loop that is decrementing how many pixels to to move up after each step.
The first approach is good and will get you an A+ on your homework assignment. However, after making the game, you find that you now need to account for obstacles. Perhaps different wind forces... Where you will either need to change your sin function around with different variables, which will need a lot of testing. Or just put in a sloppy old IF statement to change your variable when a condition is in place.

Comment Re:Ah yes (Score 3, Insightful) 39

So offload the work from people who are security and system administration midended and dump it on the other teams who are focused on meeting the business objectives. So this way more security holes get put in but that is fine because it is the other departments fault.
Just because the staff may have the ability to monitor such stuff it doesn't mean they have the time and resources to actually do the job.
Hey it may work at your organization but you are crossing on of the pet peeves I have at may work where the System Administration dumps edicts and their jobs to the App teams while the App teams also have a full work load.

Comment Re:Lini batteries (Score 4, Insightful) 70

You are right the more potential energy something holds the greater potential for a dangerous failure. The real trick to making these energy sources is to arrange them in a way that they can release their energy safely under conditions that the device is expected to operate with some wiggle room for some abuse.
Sure we can out energy or current batteries with a better substance. But can we have it safe enough to operate under normal conditions?
This article isn't about allowing us to make more hazardous batteries. But just a better fail state. Because current failure conditions are rather hazardous. From the like aircraft, to hover boards, to cell phones all catching on fire often due underestimating the power sources current volatility.
A safe fail. Will be annoying as many of these devices don't have replacement batteries. But at least you won't get injured from them.

Comment Breaking News - beta software has bugs (Score 5, Insightful) 276

It isn't an "upgrade bug" as the upgrade isn't slated for release for months.The build in question has only been released to the fast ring for Insider testing. In other words, it's only been given to those on the extreme bleeding edgeof Windows testing.Is Slashdot going to start posting articles for every minor issue in Chrome canary releases also?

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