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Comment Re:WTF!!! (Score 5, Interesting) 513

And I'll bet there's *tons* of aspects of the job that can be done from home, without violating any contractual obligations.
Do the sensitive stuff 8-5 and do the rest at home.

As someone who's been penalized for trying to use their (former) company's work-life balance programs I am going to assume the little guy's side on this until evidence to the contrary is provided.

Comment Re:What does this matter. (Score 1) 60

T-Mo branded accounts are different then.
I get throttled only near busy cells (based on observation such as: at the mall while lots of other people are there).
Near my house I don't see any throttling at all.

While I'm being throttled my phone is still reporting LTE, but I am seeing speeds drop to about 40-70% of normal.

Comment Re:Here is where your logic failed you (Score 1) 447

The ME is a signed binary.
The chipset has key material fused in at manufacture time.
The ROM on the chipset won't load a binary into the ME hardware that isn't signed in such a way as to match what is in the secure fuses.

*if* a chipset sku series is compromised then yes, you can sign and run external FW on that series, but if it is unsigned it won't load on the hardware.

The driver interface to the ME is the "HECI" or "Intel Manageability Engine Interface" depending on version.
It uses a defined interface to pass messages to the FW from the host side.
Anyone can write a driver for this... Intel published the spec and linux source. The firmware treats it as a hostile interface.

I get the "he's a shill" BS from the ACs, but seriously, I worked on this for 6 years, and while I would certainly load a min sku on my machine if I was concerned about access by a state actor, I personally have no worries about my data on an ME enabled machine.
I no longer work for Intel, I have less than 100 shares of stock left, no incentive to help or hurt them.
If you're truly paranoid about the data access then just use a PCI/e NIC and don't use the on-board LAN. Problem solved.

Comment Re:Intel CPU backdoors (Score 1) 447

Well, the way I see it (and from my experience with the firmware) if you *don't* want the active parts of the Intel ME, then just put a min sku (or at least the 1.5 meg version) on your platform. That kills the majority of what people are up in arms about.
That much is easy to do, low risk, and accomplishes what people say they want: disable the active ME content.

I get that there are some that feel that it should *all* be taken off, but seriously, your platform won't be stable without it.
Modern systems run on firmware. The ME aggregates a ton of what used to be little firmwaree pieces and puts them in a common runtime. It's not rocket science.

Things that used to be stand alone (and are all needed for optimum performance, or even boot in some cases):
CPU uCode patch
ACPI support (S3, S4)
and I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty of other stuff that I just didn't even think about on a day to day.

It's the platform firmware version of systemd on linux. (and there are plenty of people that hate it too, so.... )

Comment Re:Intel CPU backdoors (Score 4, Informative) 447

LOL, I don't know why you idiots kept saying it's for "Corporate" chip only when the thing is in all chips marketed under different "features"

As I had noted, the min Sku is required, but doesn't contain the "bad stuff"TM, it only has CPU uCode patch and Power config profiles, it shuts down the system for several reasons, the most notable is that Intel doesn't want unpatched uCode CPUs out there. The other notable reason is so that they could tell a particular customer (NDA'd) that they *had* to have it to boot, so why not just use the whole thing? That was a total marketing ploy, but ended up being nice for engineering, because we only had to support *one* FW kernel that way. There is a TON of overhead supporting multiple FW kernels, making it only one allowed us to move many people onto more useful projects, rather than parallel teams doing the same basic thing.

Show me the source code of the so called "FPT.exe" "FPTw.exe", what it actually does, do you have a before and after ROM comparison?

I'd love to, *but* I'd have to violate an NDA I signed when I left

Stop parroting Intel sales and look at the problem.

Hahahahahaha, I'm not parroting sales. I'm speaking from my having spent 6 years working on that project, from Version 3.2 through Version 11, at which point I left the company.

Comment Re:Intel CPU backdoors (Score 5, Interesting) 447

Tools to remove Intel backdoor firmware (You need to physically clip onto a 8pins chip on motherboards to download/neutralize/flash the rom, nothing else can touch it)

Not actually true. You can politely ask the ME to overwrite itself with the FPT.exe or FPTw.exe (dos/windows version). There is also a uEFI and Linux version available, but they're much harder to source.

The SPI ROM of the system contains 4 regions (normally):
* BIOS (just what it says)
* ME (the manageability engine, required to have a min set of features present to boot newer platforms)
* GbE (your MAC address and the magic numbers for configuring the PHY/MAC are here)
* OEM (Things like OEM product keys, service tags, etc.

Now, that min sku that is required to boot the platform in the ME region contains:
CPU uCode patch
Power config profiles
(I really don't remember what else, but it is quite benign)

What the min sku doesn't contain:
AMT (advanced management technology: The remote power on/off setting sleep states etc.)
SOL/IDER (Serial Over LAN / IDE Redirection: essentially the ability to load a local (to you) HDD image to the remote machine and boot to it over lan, rather than the remote machine's local HDD)
KVM (just what you would think)

So, in a nutshell, if you're afraid of the big bad ME, then buy min sku'd parts. Avoid Q series (as those have everything enabled).

The ARC processor is gone BTW, replaced with Tiny IA. Licencing on the ARC and the fact that Intel was shipping an ARM CPU with every board... yeah, not popular internally. The signed Java operations is dead. AFAIK it never shipped live, though there was a hell of a push for it. Customers (Dell, HP, Lenovo) liked it but didn't want to deal with what was involved and most importantly wanted it for free...

Out of band ethernet for ME was killed off in the transition from ARC to TinyIA.

  And finally, it's not all horrible:
This feature was designed for corporate users, basically putting a RILO card embedded into every corp desktop. From that perspective it's actually a really cool feature. Now, that it was so tightly integrated was Intel's way of making sure the OEMs bought it. Security was taken *VERY* seriously about this entire environment. Intel knows that if this was breached in a big bad way it would be devastating for it's customers, and thus for it as well.

Any other questions?

Comment Re:Thought experiment (Score 2) 142

Bitter much?

Not sure about GP, but Hell I'm not bitter.
My social life improved greatly once my wife decided she liked another bloke more.
All of a sudden I was able to go to game nights every other weekend at my mate's flat (I have my kids half the time, so I stay home with them on my nights) instead of once in a blue moon if I was lucky.

Turned out my ex was BPD and I was the frog in a pot of water, boiled alive till she decided to go so far that even her gaslighting couldn't keep me a doormat.

To come full circle to TFA, I think that those whose isolation increases with FB and similar use are those predisposed to "keeping up with the Joneses". They see this curated view into their friends' lives and think that they should be like that all the time, not really stopping to look at the friend post ratio. E.g. on average you get one or two curated posts per friend per week (some more, many less?) and thus to keep up you really only need to be like that once or twice a week too.

Instead these people are like my ex, they look at the total feed and think: "Oh shit, look at all the happy I see all the time... Why am I not happy all the time too?" They just can't process that it is coming from multiple sources.


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