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Comment Re:this isnt a surprise (Score 1) 39

if (!foo){break;}

the hidden goto :-)

if (!foo){break;}

So, with nested while, how do you exit ???

Actually my statement was more that people *effectively* use goto without even realizing they are.
functionally my example is no different than:

//begin block
if (!foo){goto CLEANUP_BLOCK;}

^/. is absolutely intent on making my colon prefix collapse up all the whitespace to the curly... no idea why.
Now, in my example case there is no condition, as the do-while construct is not actually being used as a loop, thus would not (validly) match your example.
in your example case I don't know that I would even want to do a goto escape as you're doing some double loop stuff that might leave things fairly inconsistent... but if I was confident that it was okay (maybe you're walking a pair of trees for something and you break when you find it?) then it would be simple to just use the goto above.
not sure if it's just my employer's style or more global, but we *always* lexically scoped our protected block in curlies (even though it's not syntactically required, it sure helps the human brain).

Comment Re:I don't expect action on this (Score 1) 49

recycling Aluminum is much cheaper than refining new aluminum.

Thus Al is expensive.
The more expensive a material is, the more impetus there is to recycle. More specifically, the larger the delta between using raw feedstock vs recycle existing OR the more rare the initial feedstock is, the more impetus to recycle

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 172

no, that's not why it was taken out.
It shares quite a bit with other disorders on the autism spectrum.

An apt analogy:
there is a group of people that don't like lots of little tools in the linux kernel, so they aggregated the stupp into systemd.
Now there are those of us who prefer the more granular control (identification) of our systems (neurobehavioral) issues and take exception to that.

Sadly unlike linux, the psych community only supports the systemd version.

Yes I'm an aspie, yes I still identify as such even though DSM-V says I should identify as "autism spectrum"

Comment Re:Devils in the Details (Score 1) 147

Which in fact was the case, and why I don't know the resolution to said cases...
The first two are fairly obvious outcomes, but that last doosie...
*man* I want to know how that turned out.

Of course another possibility is that the training was fine, but I'm a snoopy BOFH and I read his email via wireshark and hub connected between his computer and the corp LAN...

Comment Re:Irony of ironies (Score 1) 168

I was under the impression that the chip signed the transaction with a challenge response.

transaction log:
-terminal sends transaction request to bank with card ID, trans amt
=bank responds with challenge OR declines if no funds (end of trans)
-card chip signs challenge
=bank validates signature and sends auth code to terminal OR bank fails signature and sends denial
(end of trans)


Comment Re: How can we give a fuck? (Score 1) 146

I have (been affected by a food recall).
It's a neat idea, but like you pointed out the same tech is capable of denying service to use other packs.

I admit, I like that the machine could cut me off if it was recalled, and if the vendor seriously never used it negatively that would be a selling point. Alas I am way to cynical to believe they wouldn't use it for nefarious deeds.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 4, Interesting) 147

Funny aside (names obviously changed)

Had a co worker Bob L Smith his email was bob.l.smith@
HR Legal had a Bob L Smith who was bob.smith@

My co-worker got so many of these emails it was sad. He actually ended up having to go through HRLegal confidentiality training as that was the only legal way he could receive these e-mails, which he would then FWD and cc back the sender.

Among the interesting ones:
* co-workers were dating, caught in conference room gettin it on.
* porno (with one of the admins co-staring) being shown in conf room on projector at lunch; said admin was *not* part of the group watching.
* boss punched subordinate in face in meeting that got very heated, subordinate proceeded to joint lock boss, tear shoulder, and choke him out with a rear naked choke.

mind blowing, and made my dept. feel rather boring.

Comment Re:Fighting words (Score 2, Interesting) 147

Anytime I've been on a questionable CC of any boss I quietly and discreetly ask the sender (out of band, verbal if possible) why the boss was CC'd, prompting with is it a CYA thing, or is there a reason you need to look like you're applying extra pressure?

At least 80% of the time it's more about that person maintaining visibility to their boss that they're working (over there) than it is about trying to apply pressure to me or my team.
Now, this discounts all the times I already know why the boss was copied, like they ask me to do FOO, but FOO is not on my task list and I'm already oversubscribed so I push back, or they ask for BAR, but were super pissy, demanding, and rude, so I said "no", or I already know they work for a micromanaging asshat, so almost certainly are cc'ing in their boss at their boss's request.


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