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Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 145

I did not pretend anything, I was simply clarifying facts since it appeared that GP made a false claim. I still can't comprehend what they really intended to say, so have to take the ACs translation of it as correct.

Speaking of pretending though, your doubts about the impact of cheating really mean nothing, as you start with a fabricated claim. California had several lawsuits being filed for voter fraud, with poll workers instructed to give Bernie voters invalid ballots among other allegations. That is one of numerous cases of voter fraud being reported, cases filed, and investigations opened. If the field was never level, the only person allowed to run against her was an open Socialist, and we have proof of corruption and collaboration within the party to stack the deck, you must be completely batshit crazy to believe that she won more votes.

Trump won despite the party not wanting him because the people were allowed to speak. Plenty of things with Trump to have complaints about, but the democratic process is surely not one of them.

As the local Radio station said this morning: "The Republican party nominated the only candidate that has a chance of losing to Hillary. The Democrats nominated the only person who has a chance of losing against Trump." It has been a very fun and historical process to watch, and I think it's going to get much better.

Comment Re:Deeeep and Trooouuuubling Questions! (Ahem) (Score 1) 113

So does this mean that the "infinity" between centimetres and infinitesimal is larger than the infinity between nanometres and infinitesimal?

No. You can subtract a constant from infinity, subtract any finite number from them, and the size of the infinity doesn't change.

Comment Huh? (Score 1) 145

I think your translator broke right after your started your second sentence. The Republican candidate did not win by coin toss, they won by popular vote. People don't like that very much, but that is a fact. The Democratic candidate won by coin toss, drawing cards, collusion within the Democratic party and it's insiders, and collusion with media. Again, that is factual.

I generally don't have Presidential candidates robo-calling, I have people at Congress/Senate or State level pestering me. Note that TFA says specifically "political" calls, not just "presidential candidates".

Comment Vote with your vote (Score 1, Insightful) 145

I subscribe intentionally to the do not call list with all my numbers. Some political hack calls me I simply won't vote for them. I have a good memory for people that show me no respect or courtesy so will go out of my way to vote for their opponents.

The power of the Boycott works for Politicians too!

Comment Blinders (Score 1) 39 was used on Twitter and other social media platforms for the dissemination of pro-revolution messages in the Middle East.

They were not just listening. Try again keeping my quote in mind when reading the FULL context of the article, not the parts you want to cherry pick as acceptable behavior. I know it's hard, confirmation bias is easy.

Comment Re:A no-brainer... (Score 1) 418

It's not more secure than Windows 7. How can it be more secure if it leaks your information, without your knowledge, to a third party, AND if the software update mechanism is so user hostile (unrequested reboots, machine slowing to a crawl at random times) that the only workaround is to disable updates completely, either at the firewall or via hacks?

I like a lot about Windows 10, but it's less secure, more resource intensive, and less responsive. I'm keeping Windows 7 machines around in my home for a reason.

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