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Comment That's going to be tought to prosecute (Score 5, Interesting) 369

At no time has Assange had a US security clearance. He has no legal obligation to not publish info others have provided. Those others (Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, etc) are legally liable for leaking information they were legally obligated to protect. Not Assange.

The US would have to prove that Assange directed the leakers to collect and transfer the leaked information to him. Other than this article I haven't seen any indication of such a level of control or oversight by Assange on his sources. They have chosen to commit espionage and have voluntarily chosen WikiLeaks. This article brings forth a claim of Bradly being directed by WikiLeaks but I have not seen that before not even during Bradley's trial and considering CNN's current reputation for creating "news" I doubt this unsubstantiated claim. So I'm having a hard time seeing how they charge him with anything that could stick.

As to the Clinton campaign emails, last I heard WikiLeaks still insists they were provided by a disgruntled DNC staffer, not the Russians. But even if from the Russians, WikiLeaks did nothing illegal. They simply published information they had been provided, regardless of the source. They did not steal the data.

Comment Re:Is Georgia unique in copyrighting its legal cod (Score 1) 209

Utah doesn't, it's code is available online from a url. No need to go to a third party source. They are kept up to date with the changes made each year by the legislature. And no copyrights markings on the Utah Code Annotated

Comment Re:You and your guns (Score 2) 209

The modern military that cannot operate within the US. The Modern Military that likely would stand with the public or at least would face a major split in forces as some do and others do not.

Also Vietnam and Afghanistan would like to speak to you about armed citizens versus modern militaries. Oh and toss in that a large number of our citizens have extensive military training and are far more capable than the armed peasants of Vietnam and Afghanistan. In Vietnam the peasants tied up the US for over a decade, eventually forcing us to withdraw very demoralized. Afghanistan drove out the Russians, and then have kept us busy for well over a decade.

And finally the grand total of our armed forces is 2.5 million. Add in roughly another million police officers. We have a population of 317+Million. It would not take a large percentage of citizens to totally overwhelm all our government forces.

Comment Re:Stop spreading BS. (Score 1) 209

But why in this day and age does GA not have it available online, for free, hosted on the official state servers?
Other states do. Like this
No need to go to another source, you get the law from the State. No copyrights, no limitations on use. And no having to figure out where else to look. LexisNexis, I thought that was a rather expensive pay site, I wouldn't have thought to look there. I would look at the state's .gov pages for such information.

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