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Comment Re:Cost of Infrastructure? (Score 1) 237

Why should they have expanded outside their scope of operations? They are very good at what they do. They have massive infrastructure backing up what they do. Amazon has very little of what they have spent decades perfecting and continue to improve upon. Amazon is NOT a logistics company. Amazon does not have the fleet of vehicles, the Army of drivers with years of experience making these deliveries, the aircraft and flight crews, the high volume sort centers for moving packages quickly and efficiently across the country and around the world. They are a sales company with a decent logistics branch, but they are not a logistics company.

Logistics is all UPS and FedEx do, Amazon cannot hope to build the comprehensive global delivery networks and routes that these companies have, not overnight and not in a way that will undercut what UPS, FEDEX and the USPS charge. Drones are a pipe dream, no way any major city will allow their airspace to be as totally flooded as drone deliveries would require. And not feasible in more remote areas.

Anyone who thinks Amazon can just decide to get into the delivery business has no idea what the scope of such a project actually is.

Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 1) 527

You don't need to lecture me about the vetting process. I'm not concerned about it at all, or the refugees as long as they go through the standard process it is sufficiently strict to satisfy me, a staunch conservative. The UN knows not to recommend single working age males as refugees to the US, we primarily accept women, children and young families.

My point was and remains that violating a treaty is not by definition an act of war. If it were so the entire world would be constantly in a state of war with everybody else because everybody violates aspects of the various treaties they have signed.

Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 1) 527

You have to realize that we have a president who simply does not understand how to negotiate. Thus the real cause of gridlock his entire administration. He couldn't even successfully negotiate when his own party owned both houses of congress. From day one he has tried to operate by mandate rather than negotiate with the usual give and take.

Is it any surprise his foreign policy is any different?

Comment Re:not profitable (Score 4, Insightful) 222

Based on that flawed logic, most of the rural US would still be lacking power and phone service. Rural communities using taxes to establish essential utilities is a long standing tradition in this nation and is a big part of what has made this country so strong.. Libertarians have some great ideas but usually take them too far.

Comment Re:Work around? (Score 2) 222

Not corporations in the sense that we think of most large businesses with shares and stockholders, but incorporated entities established under the laws of the state to provide for authority to levy taxes and provide services. An unicorporated community has no ability to levy taxes or provide services because it's just a grouping of houses that someone has applied a name to, it has less legal authority than a HOA does.

Comment Re:Don't blame the courts. (Score 2) 222

You don't understand what you are ranting about. When the Constitution was established the government was seen as two key entities, the States which are under local control and the Federal Government. Municipalities are entities of the state and are subordinate to it. States rights are a legitimate check on Federal power. The States are supposed to have greater power to influence events and actions entirely internal to the state.

I don't agree with this ruling as broadband should be treated as a utility allowing local governments to aid the implementation of it as they have with rural electrification and telephone services before MA Bell took over everything.

I think overall this ruling is wrong in how it looks at internet service. If treated as a utility then the FCC should have say. Particularly if the was no effort by any broadband provider to push fiber into that town. On the states rights issue, NC does have some validity but in this case it is being used to maintain a bad law that only hurts the citizens of the state to the benefit of corporations.

Comment Re:um, Manning? Really? (Score 1) 401

Correct: Assange is not wanted by the US for any criminal activities. He did not violate any classified handling procedures or laws. He was not responsible for the release, that all falls 100% on Manning, who as you correctly noted had voluntarily signed the contract binding him to the UCMJ. A firing squad was a vialble outcome for him.

Assange is a pest and a thorn in the side of the US but they don't have anything they can legally go after him for. Nor have they every indicated any intention to prosecute or even conduct rendition on him. The US Government doesn't like him but he is not suspected of any violation of any law the US has that could be imposed on him.

Comment Re: Good (Score 2) 278

No he did not do the exact same thing with his server. He did not put classified information onto his private email, which was a commercial service and was allowed at the time he was Sec State. A couple emails were determined to contain information that was classified after they were sent but no data that was classified at the time he sent it was sent over his private email service.

In contrast 8 communication chains contained information that was classified as TOP SECRET at the time she sent the emails, over 100 contained SECRET information considered such at the time the emails were sent.

You are right that her crimes do not amount to Treason, but they are none the less felonies. Felonies that, contrary to Dir Comey's statement, do not require intent. If entrusted with classified information you are required by law to know when and how to protect it and mishandling is a felony, failure to protect is another felony. Neither of those require intent. However transferring TOPSECRET info from the physically separate network and computer systems to her unclassified system cannot in anyway be a negligent act. You don't do that. Air-gapping is always an intentional act which carries a greater penalty than the mishandling and failure to protect crimes. She needs to be indicted, not running for President.

Comment Re: A link that grabbed an IP address? (Score 1) 74

You realize that the Supreme Court has ruled that law enforcement can legally lie to you. There was nothing criminal or fraudulent about the actions of the FBI. Contrary to your claims, undercover is not restricted to fake people or organizations, just precautions must be taken so that the claimed identity and organization is not blown by the actual person or organization.

It is not illegal for the authorities to lie to you to get you to admit to a crime. They can't or lead you into an incriminating statement but they can definitely claim a false identity and feed you false information that leads you to providing incriminating evidence.

Comment Re:Diminishing photo title (Score 1) 196

Not senseless, just not well managed politically. (Militarily we did very well, we just didn't manage it on the political side well so the American populace began to think we were losing). Much of what our foreign policy back then was to stop the spread of communism. In that aspect there we did fail, but overall we were mostly successful in limiting the spread of that form of oppressive government.

As to the draft. No the draft was not a pleasant experience knowing that you had little choice or say but know that it is still there, although very unlikely to ever be used again. If you are a male over the age of 18 you must register and theoretically if things got really bad we could reinstate it. However our military isn't really structured to handle draftees anymore so it would almost cause more problems than it would solve, but if we needed bodies to fill ranks we have the option. That said it also had the benefit that the public(or at least the male half), in facing the universal risk of being drafted seemed to have a better sense of civic responsibility. Not saying absolutely that a==b but it certainly seems to be a key component.

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