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Comment Only if (Score 1) 131

They change to a removeable card. Being locked into a carrier is not a good idea. Not only for the problem of movoing to an area where the carrier for your computer has lousy service. The idea is being pushed to aid business travelers who hate having to hunt for wi-fi access. In the US one of the big four will cover most metro areas, but what about the rest of the world where, travel 20 minutes to another country and you have to choose a different national carrier.

If locked to one carrier the answer is no. Micro$oft needs to implement this with changeable sims. Add that feature to a larger antenna than you can fit into a phone and allow it to act as a hotspot as well and you have something of value. Well except for those afraid of a little telemetry. But for the other 99% of customers it would be a great Idea. Especially if I can get it on a large data cap plan (or true unlimited data like my Sprint account) without breaking the bank each month. If data caps are the norm then let me go into the store and adjust my plan for the month or even the week to allow for more data for a short term when needed.

It has to be able to switch carriers and do it quickly and easily. No Sprint in this area, Let me pick up a pay as I go Verizon SIM, or AT&T SIM, heading overseas I can swap in the local sim of my choice .

Comment Re:Terrible decision, regardless of patent feeling (Score 2) 100

Actually they can. That is the power of checks and balances. Congress writes the laws, The President signs and enforces the laws, and the Court determines whether the laws are valid. You are claiming better knowledge of how things work than all 8 Justices. It was a Unanimous decision by a very divided Court. Guess who we are going to trust, some random internet poster, or the SCOTUS ruling in unison.

Comment Android Fans beware! (Score 0) 44

How long until the first iDrone strikes beging? They'll start by taking out, the most vocal critics of the Apple Universe (Appleverse). Before long anyone holding a non-iDevice will risk being a target. Apple won't seek to establish a monopoly on the business side, but will on the buyer side. Nobody will dare touch anything else. ;)

Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 1) 414

ISIS is not a country, they are an organization that has declared unilaterally that they have established a caliphate over the territory they control, but that territory is part of established nations who are fighting very hard to take that land and territory back. No nation has recognized any such new country or their borders. They are not a country, and they are losing the territory they control.

Comment Re:Don't give him ideas (Score 1) 555

Sorry about getting hooked on multiple felony counts of mishandling classified information. Protecting the secrets of this Nation is something I find rather important, especially for the person sitting in what is basically the second most important position in this nation.

As opposed to someone who is sometimes mean to people. Trump was not my ideal candidate, but he was far better than the Queen of Corruption.

Comment Re:Don't give him ideas (Score 1) 555

The one that prompted me to turn the alerts off for was the father supposedly kidnapping his children. What really happened was the father was out doing something fun with the kids, as the mother was filing for divorce and a restraining order. Once she got the order she immediately filed a child abduction report with the police and the Alert was sent out. The father was clueless as to what she was doing, (well he expected divorce papers soon, but not the rest). That was the final straw, if the system is going to be abused for hostile divorces then it is worthless.

Comment Re: Valid (Score 1) 590

Being interpreted as it is written does not preclude technological advances. Nor does it preclude updating the document via the established method of amendments. It is very in touch with today, the areas where it is not have been amended (end slavery, granting voting rights to women etc.) In areas where advancing tech does not matter, sailing ships, buggy whips, whale oil lamps, firearm advances, advances in methods of spreading speech etc... it has not needed change and thus has not been amended.

Comment Re: Valid (Score 1) 590

Nice stereotyping of all Americans. Many in fact do like the Bill of Rights as written, all of it. But continue to just assume that everybody only wants to keep parts of it. I voted for Trump, but he's flat wrong on how to treat burning the Flag. That is a protected form of speech. And it should be protected. I like the freedom of speech, I like the freedom to peaceably assemble (riots and blocking freeways is not peaceable) I like the freedom of religion, that there is no state endorsed church. I like the right to keep and bear arms and the rest of them. I wish the 10th was still respected as it should be.

Comment Re:Second to announce being first. (Score 1) 249

I haven't seen any claim or movement by Trump towards a single party state. Or any intent by him to seize permanent control. Nor is there any support by either side or in either house of Congress for such.

I could go on, but basically you are using your imagination and frustration at his victory to impose visions of Hitler over him. He is not Hitler, not even close. He doesn't have the power of personality or single-mindedness of conviction to be a Hitler. But even if he were the structure of our government is not one that would have allowed Hitler to seize supreme control as he was able to under the very flawed structure of the Weimar Republic. And it will not allow him to seize greater power, President Obama was continually blocked in his efforts to exceed his constitutional powers.

Further the majority of his support was not actually in support of him, but outright opposition to the assumption that Hillary deserved to be crowned, that it was her turn simply because she was Hillary. We saw how the Democratic primaries had been blatantly rigged to crown her.

So that isn't Trump to a T. He's a successful Businessman who turned a few million from his father into Billions who now wants to try his hand at politics. And he wasn't part of the political establishment. So we put up with his many flaws and gladly chose him over the Harpy knowing that Congress and the Courts will keep him in check.

Comment Re:a breakdown of how this works during our electi (Score 1) 286

Would it have been closer, or would it have given him a greater lead, costing him some electors in some states but granting him electors in CA and NY from those congressional districts outside the big cities. The "By County" map is very, very red. But thanks to WTA, NY an CA were solid blue blocks of electors Hillary didn't even need to campaign for. Of course many of the solid red states would have sent her electors (TX, PA and the like) but based on the by county map I wonder if he wouldn't have won an even greater landslide in the EC.

Comment Re:Experiment failed. . .. (Score 1) 143

Actually Chobham armor did/does need to be stolen as it is (as of last time I looked) classified in the exact composition and manufacture processes.

The example I gave of the stuck tank had two shots with Sabot penetrators bounce off the front glacis with just grooves in the armor. The third shot was a side shot right into the ammo compartment, and the blowout panels worked as designed, unless the loader had just happened to have the ammo door open at that moment the crew would have survived, while the Iraqi crews would die from such a hit (actually they died in just about any hit).

As to the use of machine guns. First any tank is vulnerable to infantry that can hit it from the sides in reduced mobility and visibility conditions found in urban warfare. Thus doctrine is for Tanks to be supported by Infantry and vise versa. Either alone is at risk from the other. In pure Tank on Tank you don't want infantry around as their softer vehicles are just more targets. But in a more complex battlefield they support and defend each other.

Second the way that worked was by hitting externally stored fuel in the turret bustle rack. That burning fuel then dripped into the engine compartments destroying the engines. Carrying fuel in that manner was not doctrinal and that practice was stopped. And that practice was actually copied from the externally mounted fuel tanks the Russians have long used on their tanks.

You say the M1 is not that good, but it's combat record says otherwise. Of modern Tank designs, only the Merkva has a more established combat record. And it uses the same (or very similar) composite armor.

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