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Comment Re:But then who audits the auditors? (Score 1) 163

The auditors usually won't need access to open-ended person search tools, they mostly just check existing cases.

And the top-level auditors (auditors of auditors) should probably be rotated and/or lent cross-agency so that a bad apple doesn't have time to spoil an entire agency.

Nothing is 100% foolproof; it's a matter of reducing average risk.

Comment Reverse Competition [Re:Clearly Samsung's QA dep (Score 1) 118

When I complained to the store (Sears) they said that all washing machines are made that way now [90's]

That's a really dumb justification for suckage. "Sure, we suck, but so do our competitors now." I see now it's not just limited to telecoms and presidential candidates.

I suppose the appliance makers could argue that power-saving regulations limit their ability to make the "big iron" washers you talk about. Some of the older stuff from say the 50's were tough, stable, lasting, and easy to repair, but were also power-hogs.

By the way, our semi-old washer only has that problem if you wash big items like winter blankets or jackets. One has to be home to monitor it during such, else it dances around the garage. Being in a warmer region, it's usually not a problem.

Comment Crap! (Score 1) 100

I have stocks in both UPS and FedEx. Thumpo!

I purchased both of them during the dot-com bubble. I was itching to get in on the "dot com profits", but did feel the companies were overvalued. My reasoning was that the Internet as a whole would continue to grow, but that existing companies were individually too unpredictable.

Thus, I looked for stocks that would grow as a side-effect of the Internet rather than direct Internet stocks. I cannot say all my stock picks were good decisions, but this set in particular mostly was.

Comment Cost of Infrastructure? (Score 1) 100

If this is actually implemented will be interesting to see how much they save in a few years-- especially as they will end up re-building the existing infrastructure.

The article didn't mentioned it but I'm also curious if they start using their own electric vehicles as well? (Similar to how Google has backup DC power to their servers.)


Another illustration of Google's obsession with efficiency comes through power supply design. Power supplies convert conventional AC (alternating current--what you get from a wall socket) electricity into the DC (direct current--what you get from a battery) electricity, and typical power supplies provide computers with both 5-volt and 12-volt DC power. Google's designs supply only 12-volt power, with the necessary conversions taking place on the motherboard.

It will also be interesting to see how Fedex and UPS respond to this.

I wonder if Amazon will pass along any savings to customers?

Comment Re:Simple fix, just requires money (Score 1) 163

I asked "isn't anyone watching", she replied: "yeah, that's my job".

Auditors should also be subject to audits.

Although there's sometimes legitimate reasons for their illegitimate searches....Many officers are not allowed to associate with known criminals.

Then their search-log should say, "Checking personal acquaintance due to NAWKC rules."

Comment Re:Simple fix, just requires money (Score 1) 163

How about those who fail audits go to prison

"Fail" is not Boolean. "Grade" may be a better term. For example, a poorly written search justification with not enough detail or ambiguities. I don't think it's fair to outright fire or jail somebody for bad writing, unless maybe they don't improve after being warned.

Comment Re:Short sighted (Score 1) 109

Employees say the move was rejected by Ms. Mayer's team for fear that even something as simple as a password change would drive Yahoo's shrinking email users to other services.

At my company we call this "stepping over a dollar to pick up a nickel".

My co is so clueless they step over both.

Seems playing with lightning releases their endorphins.

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