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Comment Re:Horse Hockey (Score 1) 758

If 500 eyes looked thru 30k of my emails they'd find POTENTIAL inconsistencies in my statements also that could be compiled together to make me look bad. I've had shit like that happen before when somebody was hellbent to get me fired because they wanted my position.

she changed her story several more times [on device quantity issue]

Do you have evidence of this to present?

It's now clear that that explanation was pure, deliberate fiction.

Sorry, but it's not clear to me. The scenarios I laid out are plausible. You have not logically proved them impossible. Take some logic courses.

The FBI director says that her assertions about having asked for and received such approvals were "untrue" - they never happened. It goes on and on.

It has not been proved beyond a reasonable doubt she was not given verbal approval. Verbal approval is not recorded. A criminal prosecutor would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she never had received verbal approval. That's a really tall order if you stop to think about it.

Anyhow, those are issues about State Dept. policies. State Dept. policies are NOT law.

You've presented zero evidence of your assertion that the current administration is not prosecuting due to bias. The past case history challenge the Director gave and I reminded you of still stands.

Nobody has been successfully prosecuted for 50 odd years for merely being sloppy with classified info (except perhaps a no-name dude who can't afford decent lawyers.)

O has not been in the Whitehouse for 50 years so you cannot blame the 42 year gap on him.

Is someone so spectacularly incompetent, careless, forgetful, and unable to judge the hiring of underlings to the point...

Like I said above, if an army combed thru 30k of my emails, they'd find a handful of typos and mistakes also. The problems directly attributed to H by the Director were small in number. That's within the normal purview of human error.

Perhaps she should have asked for assistance in reviewing messages.

I'm not saying she's great, but The Donald has shown no propensity for details either. At least H knows how to be mostly careful with speech. The Donald not shown he's careful with ANYTHING.

It's a choice between C- and F.

GOP should have ran Kasinich, but they flubbed it for the Carnival Barker.

Comment Re:Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 1) 152

There are 2 huge problems with Netflix:

1. The elephant in the room is that Netflix simply can't afford the +x% licensing renewal contract costs. Its days are numbered. This is why every year it has fewer and fewer selection.

No shows = No subscribers. No subs == No income. No income == bankrupt or get bought.

Netflix needs to secure a couple of sitcoms to survive:

  * Big Bang Theory
  * Friends
  * Seinfeld

2. The other BIG problem with Netflix is self-censored results:

a) Last night I did a search for "Expendables 3" on the iOS version. As I type in expen it will list "Explore titles related to" with "The Expendables 1, 3, 2" (yes in that order) but then it shows ZERO results. Instead it shows "Redemption" and "Blitz". WTF? I want Expendables -- either on Streaming or Mail order. Instead I get neither. *FAYUL*

How about showing me the movie I _actually_ want, even if you currently don't have it, and let me vote on it so you guys have a clue how many people actually are interested in it! /sarcasm Gee, what a crazy concept !

b) Search for: Soldier Blue . This is a interesting 1970 political commentary classic with a very young Candice Bergen. NADA. ZILTCH. WTF? How can I provide feedback if you don't give me the option???

Netflix changing their 5-star system to either a thumbs up/down was also another retarded decision. If you have a "legacy" account you see 5 stars, but if you have a new account you only get the new two dumb choices. Gee, thanks. How about letting me set this as a user preference. The back-end already supports it.

Netflix is either going to go out of business or get bought (for pennies on the dollar) in the next 5 years. (I'm predicting the latter.)

> Netflix is the first media company with the business model of "Give the customers exactly what they want."
> They are in the business of TV wish fulfillment, and nobody has ever done that before.

Not exactly. While technically they are older (1997) then Tivo (1999) they didn't start streaming until 2007.

Tivo created the idea of giving customers "My TV, My Time". Netflix didn't have the high speed internet infrastructure to continue it until ~10 years ago.

Everyone is fighting over a piece of the pie. I wouldn't be (too) surprised to see one of the big cable companies buy it. I'm kind of surprised Google hasn't bought it yet as they could tie in their YouTube branding.

We'll see.

My Device, My Rules. Fuck off with your ads.

Comment Re:You made the bed. Now sleep in it. (Score 2) 224

I don't think anyone serious is pointing to this as proof of climate change though. At most they might claim it is a symptom of it. It's an important distinction, because one side is saying "this is likely to be the result of climate change" and the other is saying "this one event proves that climate change isn't happening".

Comment Re:That's 129.2F if you're interested. (Score 3, Insightful) 224

One nice property of the system is that 0F is often dangerously cold, and 100F is often dangerously hot.

Surely that's more applicable to Celsius. 0C is the point at which water freezes most places, forming dangerous ice. It's also close to the point where you can start to experience severe health problems due to the cold if you don't take care.

100C is the boiling point of water. the point at which it starts to become steam that can burn you and at which contact can do severe, lasting damage to your skin. Well, okay, 80C+ is pretty bad too.

The other big advantages of the 0C and 100C points are that you can use water to calibrate your sensor reasonably well, by simply freezing or boiling it.

Comment Re: Slant eyes are a serious threat to the free (Score 1) 142

It's one of those words that is usually intended to be offensive, so probably best avoided unless you want to be misunderstood, even if there isn't quite the same history associated with it as there is with "nigger". In any case, the GP just got their dig in a bit too early. Moderation takes time, and a few minutes after they posted the cracker remark was down at -1 too.

Comment Re: Not as big as... (Score 1) 142

It's an aircraft. The shape is dictated by physics. Not everything in China is a copy.

If you want to explore this idea though, I'd point out that the current Ford Fiesta looks like a cheap imitation of a Honda crossed with a Hitachi power drill. I doubt Ford stole the design though, they just took inspiration from similar cars and had their hand somewhat forced by things like European safety regs dictating how much distance between the engine block and the bonnet there has to be.

Comment Re:Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 1) 152

Hopefully traditional TV channels will die and all we will be left with is Netflix and a few others, offering all content to all regions of the world and investing in quality programming. It really wouldn't hurt to thin the herd a bit and stop giving any money to people like Fox just so they can cancel anything that looks good.

Comment Re:Hard to fathom they would actually build cars (Score 1) 126

Historically Apple haven't made most of the components in their systems anyway. They bought a CPU company (although not an actual fab, they just do design) but that's about it. Everything else is off the shelf or slightly customised for Apple but basically standard stuff, with a shiny Apple case wrapped around it.

So chances are their car will be mostly just parts from established manufacturers with an Apple shell and high level software.

Comment Re:To Be Lied By Bob Mansfield (Score 5, Funny) 126

A special Apple only charger. Fingerprint door locks, that brick your car if you need to replace them. A big iPod scroll wheel for steering. No left indicator, you can just buy a dongle if you need to turn left. Glass covered bodywork that looks amazing until it scratches and shatters, so naturally everyone will buy ugly 3rd party bumpers to protect it. Apple Maps as standard (that's the joke). The iCar 2 will be 0.03mm shorter, with a Plus model offered if you need space to carry any shopping or passengers.

Naturally there won't be a 12V power socket, just a Lightning connector that also charges the car and is where your seatbelt plugs in to. After a couple of years a software update will reduce its max speed to 30 MPH, to encourage you to upgrade.

This is going to be a comedy gold mine.

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