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Comment Re:In our vision of the "new" connected world: (Score 1) 421

So basically like most people's phones then.

For me the issue is that it wastes energy and that sometimes things go wrong and I need to hold down the power button to force the device off. It's especially handy when the police demand you hand your devices over and you want to ensure they are fully encrypted and not vulnerable to Thunderbolt/DMA attacks.

Comment Re:Ah, minimialism (Score 1) 421

Apple has a history of removing essential buttons from its hardware. Remember when they started using slot loading CD drives with no eject button? Must have been around 15 years ago now. Of course, it immediately caused problems, the computer would crash and refuse to eject discs. I recall that certain copy protected music discs would get jammed in too.

Not having a physical power button, combined with a non-removable battery, seems like a great way to get a crashed machine stuck on until the battery runs flat. Hopefully you didn't need to do any work for the next 8 hours, and the power management is still working to protect the battery from over-discharge.

Comment Spoofing? (Score 1) 10

If the messages are unencrypted, are they not authenticated either? What's to stop someone spoofing messages that induce the operators to shut the plant down? Or even worse to take some course of action that damages the plant with the wrong action, or by ignoring warnings they think were cancelled?

I'm sure the regulations say they should check, but we know how often those are ignored in this industry.

Comment Re:Just like China (Score 1) 372

Yeah, that is the kinds of delusions progressives always have

Oh really. I guess my senses are bad and yours are good.

[Mad Max] That I don't have a problem with.

Why should I care what YOU want?

Social Darwinism was something advocated by progressives.

I don't know who originated the concept, but the Ayn Rand types have currently embraced it.

with deep and corrupt ties to both Democrats and Republicans.

Getting rid of gov't doesn't stop sneakiness and cheating and competition-killing oligopolies. If anything, it increases it.

Comment Re:Just like China (Score 1) 372

Ultimately, the failure is always a failure to limit government power. Governmental power will always be abused

What's the alternative? Giant corporations would then replace all the functions done by government, and be mega slimy and dishonest.

In China one milk company poisoned infants to save a buck. What would stop them otherwise? Mass social Darwinism? It would then be 3-eyed Mad Max's with gated communities.

Your argument seems to be that since Bob is influenced by the Devil, you might as get rid of Bob and let the Devil do his job directly: Bob is merely a wasteful middle-man. You deserve an Enron power supply and a Comcast doctor.

Comment Clinton too narrow a focus. (Score 1) 372

Both are plutocrats and we've almost always had plutocrats as candidates. It's not just a "Clinton thing". I find it hypocritical that so many conservatives suddenly "care" about the croniness in crony capitalism. (Remember Halliburton's no-bid contract, and Boehner's tobacco-cash envelopes?)

Hillary (and Trump) are merely a symptom. If you keep focusing on symptoms you'll never cure the disease, and possibly make it worse. Hillary just happened to get heavily X-rayed in public this time.

Trump blatantly and proudly admitted to bribing most of the candidates on the debate stage in one of the GOP debates. He ain't no angel in that regard. Being the briber instead of the bribee is not a big difference in my book. We live in a bribocracy.

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