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Comment On GitHub becoming a critical SPOF (Score 2) 227

The conveniences conveyed by GH are undeniable - ready-made code dev environments with widely-used issue and progress tracking, integration with other project management tools (zenhub, jira) and all in all eliminates and centralizes one's OSS and private project interests.

However, as more and more Internet Infrastucture-ish projects have moved to GH, either completely or in major parts, I've become worried. OpenSSL, several projects, some OSes (Linux, FreeBSD, illumos), and so on call GH their home now, or at least use it in some substantial way. Eggs in Baskets analogies apply, and given the security landscape of things now, one must at least pause and weigh the Pros and Cons of this centralized and trusted repo for so many important pieces of code.

Comment Re:Nexus 6? Sure... (Score 1) 75

I suppose it's *possible*, but since it's neither rooted nor unlocked, it seems pretty unlikely. The only "unusual" thing I did was enable the device encryption. May as well see if I can enroll in the beta program to get the update pushed.

Though what I really wish was my N7 2013 LTE tablet would get updates, still.

Comment Nexus 6? Sure... (Score 1) 75

I'm still on 6.0.1 on my Google Fi Nexus 6. I've been getting the monthly security updates, but have seen neither hide nor hair of 7.anything for my phone. Keep in mind the Nexus 6 was supposed to get 7.0 in October, and it's now December...

Comment Re: Including Nexus 6... (Score 1) 26

Hell, I'm still waiting for 7.0 on my Nexus 6. My wife's Nexus 5X has already gotten a Nougat update (past the initial 7.0). My Nexus 7 2013 LTE last got the August security update to Marshmallow. I suspect that I'm going to have to start looking into alternative ROMs, especially because the Pixel line, which I was hoping to upgrade to, will cost me about $900 to get the storage and resolution I want at middling specs. I'd rather go 3rd party and use my N6 until it dies (hopefully not the way my N4 did, with a smashed screen).

Comment Re:How long until the cheaters take over? (Score 2) 46

The speed bubble is ~35 mph, with a 30 minute timeout. That being said, I've been on flights with wifi, locked into the departing airport, and it's taken an hour or more to get out of the sandbox. Sucked transferring at DIA to BWI and driving home. Jitter really shouldn't play into it for more than a couple of minutes with close portals. Cell tower drift, on the other hand, while helping with Trekker, can screw you on a desk portal for a while (I've drifted 10s of km away sometimes).

Comment Re: How long until the cheaters take over? (Score 1) 46

Yeah, some people where I work really want to have PvP, but they don't play Ingress, so haven't seen the, um, drama associated with COMM, interactions, Intel maps, etc. I keep telling them that it's a Really Bad Idea, because even though they're adults and want to battle coworkers, there are so many bad, bad things that'll happen.

Comment Re:Using while driving (Score 2) 46

Yeah, Niantic may need to implement the speedlock/sandbox they have with Ingress, especially since several interactions require even more attention than "tap, hack". I can confidently hack portals in Ingress while driving (under 35 mph) with no fear of losing control. Needing to spin a pic at a Pokestop is slightly more involved. Needing to toss Pokeballs or battle at a gym is *way* too involved to do while driving...

Comment Re:Sun alumnis (Score 2) 43

You're missing an important distinction - SmartOS is based on illumos, which was forked years ago off of OpenSolaris when Oracle decided to shut that down.

SmartOS is thus illumos, and illumos and Oracle Solaris have diverged a good bit in the intervening years.

Comment Re:PUBLIC STREETS belong to the public (Score 1) 767

Many residential streets in Takoma Park (I live just north of there; and have several friends who I visit in TP) are narrow; with cars parked on both sides and about 1.5 lanes worth of travel space down the middle. When these turn in to alternatives for primary roads because an app told people to go there, yes it becomes a problem, and more than just a quality of life problem.

First off, these streets do not have the capacity of the primary roads that people are bleeding off of, and second, people who are directed to these more constricted alternate routes are probably more likely to disregard any control signage such as stop signs and just roll through them with the rest of the blob, as well as blocking the typically small intersections when said blob comes to a halt. Never underestimate the disregard for general safety or basic traffic laws that people can have when a herd of them are forced to move through an area not designed to handle them.

Comment Yeah... passwords... (Score 1) 637

Whenever I can, a completely randomly-generated password. At work, where, for reasons I can't go into, I need to change it every 3 days currently, a semi-random component and a date-based component, which ironically beats out the "last X similar passwords" check. If they're gonna make my life hell, I'll return it in spades... Also, I have to write down the date-based part, just to remember it for the next 3 days... #imahorribleperson

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