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Comment Re:Well (Score 2) 47

If huge corporations such as Facebook and Google can fall victim to scammers, who are we to even try resisting?

A company's large size actually works against you, when it comes to protecting against issues like this ---- the more people you have,
the harder it is to effectively communicate a message to everyone and mobilize all the important parties against a threat....
  Instead of being agile and able to adapt, you need to rely mostly on written policies, putting systems into place, and training staff in advance.

If your company was smaller (Unlike Google), then you can probably put new systems into place and modify existing IT systems to more quickly detect and respond to issues.

Also, if your company has only a few million in the bank, it's unlikely that $100 Million will be stolen from you

Comment Re:Poor design (Score 1) 203

You can't store 256 in 7 bits.

Yes you can. Raw data values have no inherent interpretation, which is why there are different ways of coding binary values such as BCD and the Graycode. You can take the most significant bit and say that this particular bit, If set to True shall be interpreted as 4 times the original value, instead of 2 times the original value. Or you can say this field contains quantities between
  128 and 256

Comment Re: Poor design (Score 1) 203

There are a lot more people below the age of one with bank accounts than over 117.

People below the Age of 1 don't get Bankcards or control of their own bank accounts, however.
ESAs require a named "Responsible individual" who is at least 18 years of age, And a custodian..... The account does not really belong to the person; the account belongs to the ESA trust that is "For the benefit of X" person.
Because if no bankcard, and because they're administered by a custodian, these accounts wouldn't run into age-field related problems anyways.

Anyways.... There's no reason banks should need a stored variable that contains someone's age with any number of bits; it should just contain the date of birth for security and minimum age verification reasons.

Comment Windows bloat is not in Image metadata (Score 1) 133

The couple of kilobytes per file for some XML stream is minuscule and immaterial, a few
megabytes per computer. MS is smart to not step over a dollar to pick up a penny.

The REAL bloat comes from Executable code modules' executable code, lack of a proper package management system for DLL dependencies And keeping around multiple preceding revisions of each library with SXS backups as a system is updated by Windows update, or keeping unnecessary libraries around as software is uninstalled; However, on the plus side.... programs suddenly stop working from missing/incompatible DLLs less often.

I suppose art becomes more important in Windows10 as the interface gets more complicated and uses more image assets in it, but NOT the XML metadata. Not when the XML uses 1 kilobyte on a 1 Megabyte plus image file.

Comment Re:Do we really need more people? (Score 1) 185

1. Saving prematures whose parents already have decided they want it.

If the treatment proves effective, then it should become a required treatment, when the kid's life can be saved; Also, if a mother wants to abort her pregnancy early, because of her right to choose what happens with her body, then this treatment should also be mandatory to attempt to save the life of the kid --- If effective, then her offspring can survive, even if she decides to stop being pregnant. Conflicting rights dilemma resolved!

Comment 5th amendment applies to testimony only (Score 2, Interesting) 31

The United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said: "Mr. Levandowski argues that he is entitled to relief under the Fifth Amendment because production of the unredacted privilege log could potentially incriminate him.

The privilege log is a DOCUMENT.
Since when did the 5TH Amendment apply to Documents or other Tangible written evidence, Ever?

As far as I know, if you commit a crime and write something about it in your private diary, then Yes, the police ARE allowed to use it against you, and you can be prosecuted in court based on this evidence. Hell..... they can even use it against you if you make a note about it on your smartphone and secure it with a passcode. Courts have ordered people to hand over their passcodes.

So why would the guys at Uber think this would go any differently than the well-established standard that once a piece of information is made into a tangible form, whether written to a piece of paper, Or saved to a hard drive, the 5th amendment does not protect the medium from seizure, analysis, and compulsory decryption if necessary to access the info, And the 5th amendment no longer protects the information once recorded?

Comment Re:Poor life decisions (Score 1) 352

I'm all for personal responsibility, but do you have any idea what a simple 1200 SqFt home goes for in this place?

In this overcrowded space, 1200 SqFt dedicated to your use is NOT simple, that is a Luxurious home that only the rich can afford. The price is high BECAUSE the demand is high. The simple answer is: Eventually the cost will be so high that you're financially justified in spending more $$$ on commuting, telecommuting, or working someplace else.

High demand and low available space EQUALS High Price or Exhaustion of supply. There's no getting around the fact that supply is limited........ If government tries to subsidize people with six-figure incomes, they'll just wind up raising the price even more, at least for the people with barely enough income that they no longer qualify for the subsidy.

The high price is how the markets respond to the shortage to tell you that you should move elsewhere, And
the high price that developers can charge for rents/sales also justifies developers consuming larger and larger amounts of resources to try to squeeze in more people, whereas, without that incentive there would be less total usable housing.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 4, Interesting) 198

No, he didn't. He had some credentials, both his own and some stolen. Nothing was "hacked".

It wasn't hacking. It was abuse of privileges. The crime would be possible attempts to falsify access logs (By rerouting through backup system and fraudulently using a co-worker's account) and expropriate proprietary company information.

Comment Re:Future of Yahoo Mail? (Score 1) 72

I wonder what the implications will be for Yahoo Mail once Verizon finishes acquiring Yahoo. Aside from accounts,

Well, in response to the security breach, I already registered my own domain name and started
migrating away from Gmail and Yahoo and using them only as a backup. I for one hope to be completely off of and long before Verizon closes on their acquisition.

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 1) 266

You are absolutely right, it does fucking matter. It matters that this kid is now going to be raised by people who despise them

Their action against the clinic does not mean they personally despise the kid.
After they get their payout, they have the choice, if they want to stick with raising the other person's kid that they got,
and very much loving their kid as a cashcow.... COUGH. Or they might pursue their dream and go through the process
again (Probably with a different clinic), and then raise two kids, one theirs, and the other their adopted.

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