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Submission + - Malibu Media stay lifted, motion to quash denied

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: In the federal court for the Eastern District of New York, where all Malibu Media cases have been stayed for the past year, the Court has lifted the stay and denied the motion to quash in the lead case, thus permitting all 84 cases to move forward. In his 28-page decision (PDF), Magistrate Judge Steven I. Locke accepted the representations of Malibu's expert, one Michael Patzer from a company called Excipio, that in detecting BitTorrent infringement he relies on "direct detection" rather than "indirect detection", and that it is "not possible" for there to be misidentification.

Comment Re:Sounds like Tesla need a MS-style software EULA (Score 1) 93

good luck selling cars with such smart ass contracts then.

It won't be a problem.... Nobody ever reads them anyways. Also, accepting the EULA terms becomes a
requirement not to own the car, But to Activate the software license key which enables the Self-Driving Option.

Don't agree to the EULA, then no AutoPilot for you.

Comment Sounds like Tesla need a MS-style software EULA.. (Score 1) 93

+Class action prohibited And Binding arbitration with Tesla for any accident that occurs as a result of you operating the vehicle, And a restriction that You may not convey any of your dispute rights or capability to sue us to any insurance company or other 3rd party; any claim must be pursued solely by you, with sworn statement that no insurer or 3rd party will have interest in any settlement paid to you for dispute resolution.

Comment Re:Questioning... (Score 1) 93

Are those working at all? What sort of condition is required to make 3 different colision detection systems fail all at once?

How about.... Because of the way those systems work, and the way the self-driving system works.. each of those systems is a single point of failure
in some driving situations?

Meaning if just one of those systems goes offline or fails to do its job properly, then there are some crash risks/emergencies which will not be detected, or the self-driving system will not notice.

Comment Unfortunately (Score 1) 282

0. Upcoming global extinction event due to meteor impact combined with the automation of the workfource, outsourcing everyone, laying off 90% of employees in the next 10 years, and paying the rest minimum wage..... US degenerating to a communist state, Hillary seizing all the guns, ISIS bioterrorists deploying global anti-human microbes, launching dirty bombs and mass-executions, and North Korea nuking us all......

May happen before we get all those cool new technologies. Not to be pessimistic about it..... just be realistic. The world is going to hell amidst other good things being worked on.

Comment Re:And I want to remove all cell towers in major c (Score -1) 159

I am sure that radio astronomers would agree with you on that one, as well as oppose this 'plan'

I also oppose this plan, because while it may be beneficial for some communications, It is harmful for others.

ALSO, this is putting environmental conditions at risk.... who knows what the long-term ramifications will be.

Furthermore, altering the earth's atmosphere Or otherwise attempting to jam communications should NOT be permissible methods of messing with an enemy.

Comment Re:And so continues.. (Score 1) 426

Any decentralized solution where an https server knows how to decrypt your friends' data so you can see it in your browser is neither decentralized nor secure.

You can make the decryption of actual text occur within the browser using Javascript Crypto libraries.... Use digitally-signed scripts, Or by using an app.....

It's not a complete FB replacement, unless you can view the content in an Android / iPhone App.

Just consider about how the inconvenience of a native application is likely to hinder adoption.
Also, many organizations don't let users install a native application, out of malware concerns.

Comment Speech to text (Score 1) 290

Quartz today argues that perhaps voice notes is the best alternative to emails

My phone has this cool new feature that lets me automatically convert Voice notes, and Voicemail in particular, directly to text, and e-mails it to me,
so I can read it in my Inbox. Works great. Highly-recommended. For those annoying times when telemarketers leave voicemail, or some co-worker hasn't learned to e-mail yet.

Comment Re:TISP (Score 1) 160

But because it is in a tube, it is much easier to fix.

Yes.... and because it's a tube, you can probably schedule regular preventative maintenance to help make sure mice don't get in; in the first place.

I'm thinking seal completely; pressurize the tube and maintain a slight pressure at all times with an inert gas which is either not breathable to critters, or contains repellents, or enough pesticides to ensure nothing gets in to chew on the cables.

Comment Re:TISP (Score 1) 160

until you realize that is the perfect transportation mechanism for rats and roaches to infiltrate every part of your city.

Put a wall in the tunnel every 2500 feet or so, requiring a small penetration for each cable passing through, and add a drain to the lowest section of each segment.

There aren't many critters that will live in a small box containing nothing (except cable) to eat, and if all access is sealed under normal conditions, then it's no good as a temporary shelter for most critters either, as the tunnels are likely to be at ground temperature (E.g. 40 or 50 degrees F, which is not conducive to roaches, and rats would either starve to death, or cause a fibre cut, resulting in the town sending the exterminators....).

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