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Comment Re:As Jim Morrison said... (Score 1) 1198

if you argue to a woman that you've earned a relationship with her, that's sexist bullshit.

I take your point. Arguing to a woman that you've "earned" a relationship is bullshit. But earning a relationship, in and of itself? I dunno ... because it seems to me the evidence of earning something would be whether you actually attain it.

Comment Re:What the f*$# is wrong with us? (Score 0) 1198

Look, I'm actively fighting this problem (and it is a problem, nobody is saying otherwise), with you. So why are you so quick to group me with the monkeys in our society?

Look, man, if you know you're not part of the problem, there's no point in getting defensive.

Conversely, if you're getting defensive, maybe you should examine your behavior and make sure you're not part of the problem.

Comment Re:As Jim Morrison said... (Score 1) 1198

Geeks are frustrated because they don't have good luck with women. Rejection and loneliness results in the misogyny and creepiness lamented here.

This portion is, in my experience, exactly backwards. The people you're talking about go in with expectations that they'll have "good luck" -- that's where the misogyny and creepiness begin. And when the men in question don't have good luck, then that misogyny takes root.

Aside from that, though, you're pretty much spot on. Men, if you want something in life, whether that "something" is a job, a house or a relationship, you have to earn it.

Comment Re:Having a private pilots license (Score 1) 269

99% of the time that I'm flying a plane, I'm more than a mile from anything else in the sky and at least 1000 feet from anything on the ground.

99% of the time that I'm driving a car, I'm within 50 feet of another car and less than 10 feet from something else I can hit. And my car's not going all that much slower than a Cessna.

It's that other 1 percent you have to worry about.

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