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Comment Re: Bullshit. (Score 1) 34

"Using a chat program to hide " doesn't even make logical sense.

It does if the chat program using public key encryption between the users. In that case even the mediating servers don't have access to message contents.

The scheme is flawless -- but then it almost always is unless it's devised by a total ignoramus. What they get you on is implementation.

Comment Re:isn't this pretty straightforward? (Score 1) 315

I'm a computer scientist, german universities usually don't offer software engineering courses.
Actually I'm not sure what the exact distinction between both terms would be (in german both terms translate to the same term)

As you probably have guessed: I worked mostly at the university and skipped the classes :) that is why I'm a highly educated professional. Why you imply you think otherwise is beyond me.

I oversee your insults, as you are just a young Padawan.

Comment Re: C and C++ (Score 1) 630

I appologize if you missunderstood my question.
Obviously you are giving a damn ...

Anyway, I really wonder why would one who has a C++ compiler by default on his computer woukd use C's I/O or strung library when he can use C++ ...

But perhaps you wanted to say you use only the C subset of C++ and a little bit of its libraries ... I don't know, hence I asked.

db <- my newly invented smily for namaste / sawadee khrab.

Comment Re: theodp (Score 1) 198

I don't know about your country but here you learn Chiropractics in an university.
Or in other health/medical schools where you learn something like physiotherapie. I guess you are mixing up Chiropractics with something else.
Chiropractic is NOT a branch of orthopedics.
Yes, it is. I suggest to read the relevant Wikipedia article ... orthopedics is an umbrella term refering to everything regarding bones an sinew. So Chiropractics and Oesteopathy are both branches of Chiropractics.
In other countries, it is a branch of massage, though (e.g Shiatsu in Japan). (facepalm)

But perhaps you are illusional because both founders of that branches where wackos and thought they could heal infections, cancer and other stuff, and hence you are neglecting the parts of it that works very well.
E.g. setting a dsilocated joint. Your experience if I set a dislocated shoulder or a Chiropracticer or an Orthopedic will be the same: as we all will use one of the three standard techniques ... facepalm again.

It helps to know something about the topic you post to ... just an idea.

Regarding your hint about 'scientific' ... no idea to what you aim. There are thousands of studies and in Europe all countries/health insurances pay for consultation of a Chiropracticer ... after all it is a title you only can aquire via a state sanctioned school or university study, resulting in a certificate or a diploma or even a PhD, med.

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