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Comment Re:Please stop (Score 1) 272

they think it's acceptable behavior

They think that because cowards like you keep letting them getting away with it.

Furthermore, why would you believe that is must be other men that must assert it's unacceptable? Women aren't invalids incapable of asserting themselves.

Because the very essence of their sexism means that they will take other men more seriously. Really, its not that hard.

there are some men that actually are cowardly, what good does shaming them for not being "manly" enough accomplish?

Since I was nowhere imputing cowardliness with a lack of manliness, I think we have the nub of the situation here: you are not a coward for not speaking out about sexism, you are a coward because you agree and just don't have the courage to speak out openly, instead just letting the douchebros do the hard work for you.

As the start of this subthread quoted: "The standard you walk past is the standard you accept".

Comment Re:Please stop (Score 1) 272

Do you honestly believe that's all it take to curb that type of behavior?

Point out where I said that.

It would definitely be helpful if more men spoke out, because that would give a strong signal that sexist behaviour is socially unacceptable. If that is so hard for you that you feel the need to deflect when you are asked to do so, I stand by my assessment: you're a coward.

Comment Re:goddammit (Score 1) 322

You and the other Anonymous Coward just prove that the problem is not Pulse, but the fact that you are stupid.

If you run Pulse on top of jack, you can just run your realtime audio apps direct into jack; Pulse has no influence on jack's realtime behaviour if it runs as just another jack client.

So who is the fuckwit now?

Comment Re:Is any of this new? (Score 1) 457

If we allow an Orwellian government to take holdâ"which all of these actions by the CIA are precursors for

Stop being hysterical. Bad as the security complex is, it is nowhere near the levels we've seen in the past in places like the GDR.

Being a watchful citizen and demanding accountability from the government is called for.

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