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Comment Re:Make Them Bleed (Score 1) 383

No, you're an entitled little shit who wants to use services without paying for them.

You could have just paidd the fine. Instead you contested it, or were late, or for whatever other reason you involved the court system, as is your right, but now you are unwilling to pay for that service. Let me guess, you're one of those "taxes are theft" bozos?

Comment Re:an unpopular opinion. (Score 1) 279

socialism is about State power

See, and here is where you prove you're an idiot. Go read some Proudhon, or Bakunin, or Kropotkin, or if you want to stay in the US, Goldman.

There is a whole lot more to Socialism than just Marxism-Leninism. But of course, you being an idiot with the political sophistication of an invertebrate wouldn't know any of that. You, a PhD? From what diploma mill did you buy that, moron?

Comment Re:an unpopular opinion. (Score 0) 279

I'm a Socialist. I know about the Frankfurt School. Which you obviously don't.

'Cultural Marxism' is an easy shibboleth: it invariably indicates someone with a sub-Breitbart level of political sophistication. Also known as 'an idiot'.

Comment Re:Pushed into comunism (Score 1) 279

I have some sympathy for Fidel because at least he wasn't Batista. But the narrative that makes him a mere plaything of forces beyond his control, as in 'he only turned communist because he got forced' does not square with my impression of a forceful man who was willing to do without support if need be for his cause.

Whatever you say of Fidel, character he didn't lack.

Comment Re:Pushed into comunism (Score 1) 279

There really is enough evidence to cast at least doubt on that theory. The more accepted wisdom is that he did harbour strong Marxist sympathies and that the US opposition to his revolution was a good excuse to implement Marxist policies.

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