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Comment Re:Had similar issues in NH, but we are winning a (Score 1) 69

a lot of liberty-minded individuals

That's a nice euphemism for 'a bunch of freeloaders who want all the advantages of a modern state but refuse to pay for it'. Don't believe me? Then why is the first reason the Free State Project puts up on its list taxes?

Nothing to do with freedom, unless it is the freedom to be a moocher on what others built.

Comment Re:You really don't. Dealing with morons is frustr (Score 1) 294

On the contrary, I think Linus is a very sane person. I think in time he will see that his attitude is damaging to his vision of the kernel and that when he comes to realise and step beyond his own behaviour he will be much more effective - as will the people around him because they won't have anxiety interfering with their coding.

Linus already realises that. I read the LKML daily, and real outbursts are pretty rare. Most of the time Linus is pretty understanding about mistakes, errors, and faults in procedure. The outbursts make the news because they are highly amusing.

Comment Re:No surprise here. (Score 1) 221

Moreover, this was inevitable. ISIS, for all its propaganda, was nothing more than the Sunni kicked out of Bagdad, and they wanted it back.

Propaganda only works for so long. Beyond a certain point you have exhausted your pool of volunteers who don't look at what exactly they're fighting for, and at that point your terror-based propaganda starts working against you.

Comment Re:Everyone knows Hillary Clinton is a criminal... (Score 0) 380

I am not supporting my candidate. She is not my candidate, which you would have known, had you not been the usual right-wing fuckwit too stupid to breathe without their Leader telling them to.

The public record you speak of shows Hillary being exonerated on almost all claims. It's only the sort of idiots who live in Breitbart and Infowars echo chambers who think otherwise.

In case the insults hadn't clued you in (of course they didn't, you're a rightwing idiot, after all): I'm not interested in debating you; you are far too stupid to do such a thing. So fuck off already.

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