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Comment Re:Anything incriminating? (Score 1) 422

it was the *DEMOCRATS* who refused to sit some delegates simply because they were the wrong sex

Yeah, the Democrats have a policy concerning equal numbers of each gender which the Vermont delegation initially violated. Not seeing an example of sexism here, but an attempt to avoid it.

"Racist" is thrown out by the left so often it no longer has any meaning.

I'm pretty sure it does, it's just a sizable number of the right, particularly the alt-right, both understands that "being racist" is considered bad, but that they have no problems with a society that deals black people the short end of the stick, that they have an irrational fear of brown people, and even - in some quarters, most Republicans don't fit into this category, but many on the alt-right do - that they're worried about the influence of Jews.

Comment Re:Anything incriminating? (Score 5, Funny) 422

Dunno, I went through them, and the only emails I saw that looked kinda shady were between her and an apparent long time friend with a pseudonym of "" where she appeared to be orchestrating some attempt to hijack the Republican nomination by having her friend win the nomination. Apparently "Yugedeal" would spout a lot of the kinda racist, sexist, what-liberals-think-Republicans-like crap before the nomination, insulting most of the party's big wigs (leaving them in disarray) while attracting support from the grassroots, and then reveal it was all a hoax the day before the election.

Not sure what came of the plan. The last email in the thread was just a "Good luck today Don!" sent June 16, 2015. I assume from the silence since that nothing came of it.

Comment Re:Amazon 'marketplace', wish I could disable it. (Score 3, Interesting) 333

You can't do it account wide, but you can do it on a per-search basis. Near the bottom on the left, once you've chosen a department, you'll see a "Seller" section. Curiously Amazon has itself listed as both Amazon and, I have no idea why.

Comment Re:Requirements (Score 0) 164

Same reason as he'd be obsessed by systemd - he's not a real system administrator, or if he is, has managed to get in with very little of the required knowledge and experience but can talk a good game in front of the boss.

I love the idea that he thinks any businesses out there are running RHEL on large numbers of desktops.

Comment Re:So thank you Donald Trump? (Score 1) 644

I'd imagine he'd be sitting it out, declining to endorse or oppose Clinton given whomever the Republicans would have nominated, it would almost certainly have been someone further from Sander's goals than Clinton. To the best of my knowledge, Sanders has never campaigned against the eventual Democratic nominee during his time in politics.

Trump is particularly bad, and Clinton was willing to allow the conference agenda to include some sops to Sander and his supporters for the eventual Democratic platform, so Sanders isn't sitting it out.

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Comment Re:He is lucky he did not get shot on the spot (Score 1) 235

FWIW, and I'm not sure I want to enter this shit show, it's a list of deadliest jobs. There's no such job as "amateur pilot". It's about professional airline pilots, "Professional" without have been redundant.

You'd have been on stronger ground criticizing him if you'd mentioned that it referred to pilots and flight engineers, not just pilots.

Comment Re:Quit it already! (Score 1) 470

What is the point of doing GMO research, then? Or is everyone going to be using 25 year old crops?

You seem to be going a little overboard here. First, you assume that everyone does it to get a monopoly. The other is that you believe there is no value in a 20 year monopoly.

Academics will quite reasonably do GMO research because it produces useful results.

Monsanto and others will quite reasonably do GMO research because they believe they can produce products that are sufficiently compelling to farmers to ensure those farmers will pay a royalty that will more than cover the costs of research, even if limited to 20 years.

What's the problem here? Neither situation is a problem. Moreover, both scenarios leave with the world a better place.

Submission + - US Efforts To Regulate Encryption Have Been Flawed, Government Report Finds (

An anonymous reader writes: U.S. Republican congressional staff said in a report released Wednesday that previous efforts to regulate privacy technology were flawed and that lawmakers need to learn more about technology before trying to regulate it. The 25-page white paper is entitled Going Dark, Going Forward: A Primer on the Encryption Debate and it does not provide any solution to the encryption fight. However, it is notable for its criticism of other lawmakers who have tried to legislate their way out of the encryption debate. It also sets a new starting point for Congress as it mulls whether to legislate on encryption during the Clinton or Trump administration. "Lawmakers need to develop a far deeper understanding of this complex issue before they attempt a legislative fix," the committee staff wrote in their report. The committee calls for more dialogue on the topic and for more interviews with experts, even though they claim to have already held more than 100 such briefings, some of which are classified. The report says in the first line that public interest in encryption has surged once it was revealed that terrorists behind the Paris and San Bernardino attacks "used encrypted communications to evade detection."

Comment Re: Content (Score 3, Informative) 316

5800kbps is half of a DVDs bitrate

Not in practice, no. This might be why you're having problems believing that modern streaming is any good.

10Mbps is the maximum bitrate of DVD, not the average. Generally the average is around 3-4Mbps (if it wasn't, you wouldn't see any single layer single sided DVDs containing more than 80 minutes of content...)

But it doesn't stop there. That 3Mbps stream doesn't just include the video, it includes the audio. And on most DVDs, that's the core 5.1 stream in DTS (either 768kbps or 1.44Mbps) and/or DD (around 384kbps), plus the Spanish version (usually at least 384kbps), plus the director's commentary. So around 1-2Mbps of that 3-4Mbps (up to half!) is audio - and mostly redundant audio!

And the video... well, the video is compressed using MPEG 2 on a DVD. And MPEG 2 is difficult to optimize. Just look at the supposedly black background on the closing credits for example,

Now, with streaming, they've changed the codec to H.264 for the video, which addresses more causes of artifacts than MPEG 2. It obviously depends on the content, but bit for bit, the general consensus is that you can easily get equivalent or better quality out of H.264 over MPEG2 for half the bitrate.

And with streaming, they're only streaming one audio channel. They only need to stream one, as they already know which one you're going to listen to. So instead of including 1-2Mbps of audio in the stream, they only need to include 384kbps (less if you're listening in bi-speaker stereo.)

All of which means that they can go for a much lower streaming speed than you'd expect based upon extrapolating DVD video rates, and achieve much, much, higher quality.

I'm not going to argue that it's Blu-ray quality: when streaming, there's obviously the risk that your available bandwidth will drop and force the video to pause (Vudu) or drop to a lower quality (Amazon), but I would argue that, when I've watched videos without temporary bandwidth problems on, for example, Vudu (which doesn't implement dynamic bandwidth/streaming quality), the quality is good enough that 99% of people will never be able to tell the difference. It's a shame the Roku doesn't contain a hard disk, as it would be nice to tell the system what movie you want to watch, go off and make something to eat, come back, and watch it, knowing there's no risk of temporary bandwidth issues causing problems.

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