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Comment Re:So, the gist of it is... (Score 1) 100

[burner phones]...Load them up with tantalizing information that wastes a ton of investigation time...Emails about stuff supposedly buried in parks, or sunk in lakes at specific GPS coordinates. Treasure-map fantasies

"Bob, that was slick how you snuck tiny chips with Snowden's current address in Trumpo's hair."

Comment Re:Intel creates tether (Score 1) 8

seeing their profits go bye-bye in an IoT world

The demand for computers of ALL sizes is growing. Desktop PC sales may be flat, but server demand is growing, and x86 is still the best server chip.

However, the ARM architecture & licensing terms have largely democratized CPU manufacturing such that Intel does have more competition biting at their heels.

If there is a market for "big iron" AI servers, Intel wants to be part of it.

Comment Re:Plutocracy (Score 1) 299

I was under the impression it is under the FCC's remit, as they regulate telecommunications businesses. But either way, if it's just a "We think it should be under this agency's jurisdiction, not that one" thing, then that's at least not terrible.

Like the sibling post however, I'd like to see evidence the FTC will actually step up to the plate on this.

Comment Re:Plutocracy (Score 1) 299

Because, in my experience, libertarians - both self described, and described by the dictionary - would generally rejoice about any reduction in regulation, arguing instead that somehow consumers and ISPs can just sign contracts that agree to the levels of privacy they want.

In the real world, that's bullshit, because you have to hope that an ISP with a service and price level that's acceptable would consider it worth offering.

Comment Re:So, it's not only the Russians that hack, huh! (Score 1) 97

Just to be clear: you think the CIA doesn't spy on anyone with modern technologies, and you think this because the media didn't report it?

First: Are you aware what the CIA is? Or the NSA?
Second: Do you really read newspapers? I mean, there's this Manning person, and another guy called Snowden, who passed quite a bit of information to the newspapers during the last part of the last decade, and first part of this one, about how groups like the NSA work. Did you not read those articles?

Look, I'd point you at some links, but why not just hop over to, and do a quick search. You'll find quite a bit of news you apparently missed.

Comment Re:Plutocracy (Score 1) 299

This is a group of people who are STILL fighting net neutrality. They want to be subjugated by corporate overlords.

Often they believe "the market will somehow find a way". The microcomputer making the IBM monopoly irrelevant is one example. However, that could take decades or more to play out. Big oligopolies collude to squash or buy away any little company that threatens their empires.

One of the reasons IBM didn't squash the microcomputer market is that they were already under legal pressure for their monopoly. Thus, government oversight helped spark the microcomputer revolution.

If they were left to be, they probably would have squashed Apple, Tandy, Commodore, etc. using patent lawsuits and product flooding. (The patent lawsuits don't have to be valid to be damaging. They merely have to slow down, drain resources, and hurt the stock of the smaller guy.)

I believe in the power competition, but oligopolies often squash it.

Comment Re:Plutocracy (Score 1) 299

All systems of government decay into plutocracies over time.

I'd shorten that to "All systems of government decay". All countries and empires eventually fall one way or another, based on history (invaders, corruption, in-fighting, apathy, etc.). That doesn't mean we should at least TRY to delay the inevitable.

Comment Re:Plutocracy (Score 2) 299

Seriously, is there an actual reason for this that isn't corruption or some kind of libertarian ideological nutcasery?

I try not to take these things at face value, but everything looks like blatant corruption from here. It might give me some faith in humanity to know there's a good reason beyond "Ayn Rand would approve, and so does my wallet."

Comment Re:It's the economy, etc. (Score 1) 181

A 2017 Ram 1500 base truck is about $26,500 MSRP,

Have you driven the Ram? There's a reason why it's the least popular truck.

A Ram Promaster 1500 (based on the large Fiat van chassis) is around $30,000 MSRP.

It is a complete fucking shitpile. Every review of every model of Fiat Ducato (by any name) shows that it is underpowered, handles like dogshit, and is the least reliable vehicle in the segment.

FCA is circling the toilet bowl for a reason. Expect them to get bought out by VW within the next five years, because VW is going to need a new partner.

Comment Re: It's the economy, etc. (Score 1) 181

It's really odd to blame Trump for the current state of the economy.

That would be odd. It's only due to your poor reading comprehension skills that you think that I'm doing that.

He has been in power for only 2 months.

So? He has already made sweeping policy changes and more to the point, taken credit for bringing jobs back to America which are in fact not coming back to America. If he wants to take the credit, then his athletic supporters can be reminded of the fact that he has done no such thing.

Democrats have been delaying the confirmations of his nominees for various administrative positions, too, which has limited what he had done and can do.

Yeah, they've managed to delay some Russian employees from being placed in our government. Good on them.

The current economic problems aren't because of the administration that has been in partial control for only 2 months. These are problems thst go back to the last two administrations.

Trump claimed that he would make deals with the automakers to bring jobs back to America. But the jobs are leaving America. Exactly the opposite of what he promised is happening. And some of them are leaving specifically because Trump has become president. Notably, trust in American services is at an all-time low, and people are being dissuaded even more strongly from traveling to the USA than ever before by his travel policies. It's not just these muslim bans, or the muslim laptop ban for that matter, travelers from many countries are reporting having their laptops imaged and the like. Trump is having a chilling effect on America.

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