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Comment Re:Planned obsolescence (Score 1) 290

My Honda Accord has a right side mirror camera. It displays your blindspot in the centre screen when the right signal is on so it can't be illegal here in Canada.

That said it does kind of suck. I like having it but on a sunny day it's pretty useless due to both the camera and screen getting washed out. I use the mirror more than the camera still.

Comment Re: A disturbing setback (Score 1) 337

Anonymous polls from where? You're going to have to give sources on these figures because the only research I have ever personally seen reporting these outcomes have basically been checklists on what not to do when you want useful results. I'm sure an anonymous poll from the huffington post will yield totally legit results for such a question.

Comment Re:Please help me understand (Score 1) 485

Beards and breasts are not the same despite sharing many common letters- got it. More seriously: just because two things are both secondary sexual characteristics does not mean they are the same in any other aspect. If many to most large cultures consider something sexual there is likely a reason for it.

Comment Re:Please help me understand (Score 1) 485

So no, you can't name any large scale non-western societies. Why didn't you just say that?

And once you get into the Amazon or to more remote African tribes, no-one cares except for the missionaries.

So you agree that men should let their knobs fly free? Women's breasts are sexual. You can only argue otherwise from complete ignorance. And it would seem that large societies tend to prefer people to cover up their sexual organs under most circumstances. The why on that would be an interesting discussion. It likely has to do with reducing competition and increasing cohesion because of that blah blah blah. That preference existing is, however, a fact. And it is not something uniquely from the West unless you count pretty much anything east of Europe to be the West. But then you'd just be an idiot.

Comment Re:Please help me understand (Score 1) 485

because women's breasts are fetishized in western society. That's not a natural thing, there are societies where it isn't the case.

Can you name one large scale non-western society that doesn't? Western cultures are over-all the most open about topless women but that doesn't mean it is not sexual. Women's breast are a sexual signifier; trying to deny it doesn't make it stop being so. Clothes in general are "not natural" but somehow I doubt you're advocating men should be running around with their wangs out.

Comment Re:Fuck anyone with a penis! (Score 1) 265

Attempting to be derisive toward me doesn't make your point better. Your statement wasn't that complicated; it was easy to understand what you meant. "Ignore what he has to say because he is underhanded." You actually said, in plain English, to ignore his arguments. Then claimed he makes logical fallacies and is underhanded. That was the only substance to what you said.

You attacked the person and told people to ignore the argument. I am not sure how much of a better example of an ad hominem it could be. What, exactly, do you think an ad hominem fallacy is?

Are you trying to convince others here or just reassure yourself?

Comment Re:Fuck anyone with a penis! (Score 1) 265

Saying somebody is underhanded and therefore you shouldn't listen to what they have to say is pretty much the definition of ad-hom.

I've always been a little curious as to whether you are aware of the extremely transparent semantic misdirections you try to use or if you actually believe them yourself.

Comment Re:Bullshit conclusion (Score 1) 386

"Consciousness" could easily be a feedback loop that adjusts the difference engine that makes the pre-programmed responses.

You react to stimulus. Your consciousness evaluates if it was a good/bad reaction and the process makes adjustments. Consciousness may be an emergent property of a strong feedback loop and not of free will.

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