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Comment Re:I'm getting old. (Score 1) 133

But once you go SSD you do not go back.

I have a raid 0 SSD with samsung pros and a regular samsung pro. Besides benchmarks there is no noticable difference unless you sping up 4 VM's at the same time :-) Even then it is only a few seconds.

It is IOPS and not how many megs per second for the user. Speed in bandwidth is irrelevant as a PC needs lots and lots of read dependent on data from other reads in tiny small batches like reading hte registry, loading daemons/services, etc.

Comment Re:Take action (Score 1) 256

Microsoft wants to be like Google and Apple. Every time Android or iOS gets an update there is a big conference, news stories, people shitting bricks if they don't get it within hours of release... It's a big deal, people look forward to the new features.

It works for Google and Apple, but what people really want from Microsoft is stability and consistency and getting out of the way so they can run their software.

Yeah let's look at Apple? They suck with updates too!

MacOSX Yosemite has lots of wifi problems. Mountain Lion was one of the worst releases and broke Adobe CC their bread and butter of Apple users.

Linux sucks with updates breaking Xorg and NGNIX.

I am starting to become a fan of micro kernels again (I know 1990's stuff), but I think an OS is just too complex to go agile. Android is buggy too and a PC is more mission critical than a phone. Even Firefox had lots of troubles when it went agile due to it not being designed like Chrome to be updated frequently.

Comment Re:Laissez Faire Capitalist Here... (Score 1) 203

Remember that not all municipal utilities are not government owned. Most rural and semirural areas get their water and power from coops (where the residents are members, and (nominally) owners of the utility). The biggest problems involved are startup costs (this is where government can play a role in the form of USF grants from fedgov or loans/bonds from states and towns) and the 800lb gorillas (AT&T, Comcast, etc) who will do everything in their power to ensure these projects fail or are outlawed.

That second part is also where government needs to step in, but I'm not exactly optimistic about that.

Comment Re: Take action (Score 1) 256

Frankly that's an irrelevant comparison. Win2k was around with Windows ME, not Windows XP. Windows XP was what we got after they scrapped ME and revamped Win2k for consumers. With service packs, and a little bit of dedication, the experience of Win2k by the time XP came out was not that different from XP. I used Windows 2000 on basically all of my machines until 2007, and never missed XP even once.

I used both. I bought XP for a new build the day it came out. I had 0 problems for years. I had quality hardware from intel. Yes the install was slower but I liked the built in firewall that was UPNP and I recall directX 8 was in w2k while directx9 was in XP.

There was only a year to a year and a half difference and yes XP and 2K were quite close. The only really bad problem for XP was security. SP 2 fixed many issues but man woe is you if you went on the internet without a firewall!! I mean 0wned in less than 30 seconds!

I think Windows 7 was a much better OS in my opinion as it was more secure, threaded, and was gorgeous with little bugs.

But time moves on. The sun unfortunately is starting to set on 7. Windows 10 could have been awesome too if MS did not bundle spyware and fire their QA team and do rapid releasing. I use 10 now except on my work computer and it is lighter, faster, and much more mobile friendly in power usable and touch support and I do dig Hulu and Netflix on my surface and Office 365, but bugs are annoying as hell.

Comment Leaves out the important story (Score 0, Funny) 58

This is nice and all, but it leaves out the important story - what kind of shirt was the spokeman wearing when he made the announcement? We all know, from empirical experience, that this issue is far more important than any mind-shattering science that could have been done that day.

If you can force a rocket scientist, celebrating the accomplishment of a lifetime, to cry and grovel and beg forgiveness on international TV for wearing a shirt, you are not unempowered.

Comment Re: Take action (Score 1) 256

The reason I wrote that is because Windows 2000 was demanding at RTM and had compatibility issues with programs and drivers. XP had a firewall. XP had a upnp one which didn't require grandma to open ports manually. It had Windows Media player 9 and full directX 9c and IE 6 which was the best browser at the time if you can believe that and was finally supported for consumers that was now stable.

Windows 10 seems Ok on very new hardware like my surface pro 3 and homebuilt system. No bsod except on a AMD Radeon 470 install post anniversary update. Driver fix is up.

But bugs keep packing up. On an exgf laptop which has a shitty amd choose from 2011 I kept 8.1 on it.

If it were not for spyware and a QA team it would be a great OS. If they stop update drama and pushing drivers it would be fine. For now I have the pro version with defer updates enabled so I am on CBB business update channel. It is usable for me this way

Comment Re:For the percentage impaired... (Score 1) 83

I appear to have had a reading comprehension malfunction, and I thought OP was stating that "330% faster = 3.3x speed" which is definitely not what he was stating. With regard to your formula, I'll admit ignorance. I did some quick research and have found nothing definitive other than people arguing on the internet. I will not press my point (we've already proven that I am not responding to what people are actually saying, much less correct) but I'm unconvinced as to the accuracy of what you're saying. Can you link to something authoritative so I can cure my ignorance?

Comment Re: No surprise here (Score 1) 208

So they're killing a useful and surprisingly well designed product because it doesn't fit their "philosophy"? What philosophy is that? Write C# for every little scripting job?

That is not true. MS has a video on Powershell DSC which shows IIS using it for administration. You practically need Powershell DSC to do anything automated on IIS farms or Exchange clusters.

Comment Re:There's a better fix for this... (Score 1) 208

Many people replied, most were just silly MS hate...

The suggestion of Wine is not a useful one, running applications like Office and Adobe CC in an emulator (or whatever you want to call it) vs the native OS is not likely to be a great experience.

Why bother, when Windows works fine?

The MS hate here is silly, Windows has issues, but so does Linux, neither are perfect...

You know I was a zealot anti MS guy 15 years ago. Then switched pro MS around Windows 7. Now turning back due to Windows 10.

No Windows did work fine under XP after SP 3 and Windows 7. It does not anymore. Plug in a kindle BAM BSOD. Install AMD Catalyst drivers after last weeks update? BAM need a re-mage to install the driver. Need Powershell DSC ... now need to fire a Windows Server 2012 R2 VM for my labs and certification. This is rediculous.

I would say go Apple, but Apple too has had bugs with updates on MacOSX Yosemite. Wifi is a mess there too@! I just want to give up on any OS regardless. But too many older computers have hardware where the drivers are constaly over written with MS ones that break it! Windows Update keeps getting less and less customizable for the pro users. Last night I tried to setup it for Windows 8.1 style of let me decide when to reboot it. Now the option is grayed out and I just have a time to reset it where it will reboot without asking. WTF.

Will I loose my work? Yes. That is unacceptable and Windows 8.1 just gives a warning and prompts to save at least before it reboots for an update.

Windows 10 is awesome in many ways. But without QA, forced updates, and spyware MS dropped the ball as this could have been the next XP and 7.

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