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Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 1) 83

That's how Billy the Kid got off... they tried him for shooting Sheriff William Brady, but he was acquitted because his iPhone was encrypted and they couldn't get at the data. They even tried getting Steve Jobs' great grandfather involved, but the sonofabitch insisted that he didn't even know what a cell phone was, much less how to remove the encryption from one.

Julius Rosenberg also went free because they couldn't decrypt his thumb drive to prove he was spying for the Soviets.

At least that's the impression I get from listening to these assholes whining that they can't spy on all of us 24/7.

Comment Re:That's the last straw: TRUMP IS A TRAITOR (Score 1) 490

I don't think even Donald Trump is oblivious enough to suggest that someone should hack a server that was decommissioned years ago.

I'll agree that man does a fine job of de-calibrating sarcasm detectors, but I just don't understand how anyone can take this seriously. The idea that professional journalists are doing so (apparently it was played as straight news by CNN as their top story) does not pass the smell test with me, and (in my opinion) is just an excuse to manufacture controversy.

Comment Re:Still hasn't learned (Score 1) 114

I don't know why you think they should be able to survive on releasing the same games that exist on two other consoles already. Why would anyone buy a Nintendo system at all?

Nintendo's salvation lies in strong third party support, but they won't be the same games as are on the PS4 and XBox.

Game budgets for PS4 and XBone are enormous. The pipelines are huge, and hard to fill. When you've got that much horsepower, you need a lot more creative staff to make sure there's actually something worth rendering. If Nintendo produces a modestly equipped console that has decent graphics, it will be a much lower barrier to entry.

Comment Re:What's the legal basis? (Score 1) 160

If they're basing this on owning the copyright to the Olympics, this isn't going to work - owning a copyright on the name of a thing doesn't mean that you can prevent anyone from talking about your thing, just that nobody else can sell it. Lawsuits like this fail often - confused people think that they can use copyright to do more than control the right to copy...

They don't have to (and probably don't expect to) win, but they have the power to ruin anyone they choose to that violates their demand (they will simply sue them into the ground, regardless of merits, and their resources will significantly exceed that of their targets).

Comment Re:That's the last straw: TRUMP IS A TRAITOR (Score 2) 490

Your biases have blinded you to the fact that this was humor. I admit that I laughed when I read the story today. This is the same joke my colleagues in Germany have been making to me for the last couple of years ("we don't make backups anymore, if we lose data, we'll just ask you to call the NSA so they can send us their copy")

Trump is a walking train wreck, but your apolplexy over this is just as ridiculous as his candidacy.

Comment Re:Ain't no governor like a republican governor (Score -1, Flamebait) 152

This is a total troll article and complete flamebait. But what else do you expect? When the Left does not in the least believe that fairness should apply to the enemy side? When the media is marching in lockstep, taking its marching orders from the government, what are We The People supposed to do? This is not journalism, it is storytelling designed to advance a left-wing agenda packaged as facts but is nothing but politics. It's sad that the critical thinking skills of educated people can't decode a simple situation like this, but that's where we are today.

Comment Re: Because money (Score 1) 268

Ok, so how do you write laws that apply to a corporation as well?

I'm proposing that criminal laws applying to a corporation shouldn't be written at all. There are more than enough civil laws to go around, and any criminal liability can (and should) be put on the shoulders of those involved.

You're showing a severe lack of legal knowledge. Almost everything is codified to people. A corporation for legal purposes is just like a person. Unlike illegal aliens and foreigners (in America), they can't vote, however.

I never claimed to have much in the way of legal knowledge. I'm not a lawyer, I'm just an IT geek (I promise that is not Phil Hartman reference).

My initial point was to state "people acting together should not have fewer rights than when they act separately" and I stand behind that. That's not legal doctrine, that's philosophy. The opposite outcome in Citizens United would have enshrined just that idea into our wonderful, precedential legal system, and it would have taken decades to undo (if ever it could be).

Comment Re: Because money (Score 1) 268

You mistake me. I don't suggest picking out "one scapegoat" and holding him accountable. I am serious about "those responsible should be held accountable." In your ecological disaster, it's probably NOT just one guy that made the whole thing happen. There's probably one or more members of upper management, scads of middle management, and people on the ground that all MADE it happen (and probably some poor engineer screaming that whatever idiotic idea led to the issue should never be done for the exact reason that led to the problem).

You've also completely ignored my suggestion (WRT "billions") that there are civil remedies for that, and that the corporate entity should indeed be on the hook for those.

I realize you're just an AC, but next time you may want to consider what I actually said instead of just calling me a dumbass.

Comment Re:Big loss of preorders (Score 0) 39

People who pre-order stuff like this don't actually care about receiving the product. They care about the excitement of being a part of something. Go to the store, buy a headset, 30 minutes of excitement, tops. Do the kickstarter or preorder, and you extend this feeling for MONTHS. Moreover if it doesn't happen you get to be a victim and complain loudly in public, something that is denied to most of us because we're usually considered oppressors.

Comment Re:Autos cause 1.2 million deaths worldwide each y (Score 1) 509

Giving control to autonomous cars means giving up control ourselves. This is very scary as it means the car won't go where we want it to go, it'll go wherever it feels like going. Add to this there are lots and lots of people who just LOVE being in control (control freaks, i.e. Hillary Rotten Clinton) and driving a car is one of the ways they enjoy this feeling.

Moreover about five minutes after autonomous cars are finished development, there are going to be tons of restrictions on where they are allowed to go and when they are allowed to do so. Sorry, can't get to your doctor's appointment across town, today is a pollution day and cars are restricted to essential personnel like government bureaucrats. Sorry, can't take you to the shooting range because that's a strong indicator your political thoughts are unacceptable to the media. Sorry, can't go to the lake for the weekend as the EPA has determined that pleasure trips are wasteful. Sorry, can't go to the ballgame as society has determined your high job productivity is essential and risking you in an unnecessary car trip is harmful to all the non-working people that you're supporting. It's all about who's going to be in control - you, or some assholes who don't care about you.

Comment Re: Because money (Score 1) 268

The above is rather nonsensical. In your example crime, there is plenty enough criminal liability to go around, and those involved should (certainly!) be tried and, if there is enough evidence, be convicted for their crimes (the negligent homicide itself, and likely conspiracy charges around whatever led to it). "Auctioning the company" etc can follow as part of whatever civil liability may exist on the part of those who "own" it.

"Corporate Personhood" is not (or should not be) a thing. "Jailing" the corporation is silly. Hold PEOPLE accountable. I'll admit (disgustedly) that our law enforcement organizations most certainly do NOT seem to do this, but that is a separate problem, and the baby should not be thrown out with the bathwater as a result of uninterested or corrupted government stooges.

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