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Comment Re: What an idiot (Score 1) 270

Not Stockholm. Stockholm is BE HAPPY YOu HAVE a job!

I am advocating leaving if you are not passionate as those are always top performers who are always pleasant when shit hits the fan rather than whine and make excuses.

You can say that is screwed up but it's reality unfortunately. Who wants to be forced

Comment Re:Scorpio (Score 1) 132

First off the specs leaked show it is a AMD Ryzen with an RX 480 underclocked to match performance with an RX 470. No for the parent this is not bad hardware anymore.

So no developers do not have to target PS 4 pro or Scorpio? They just simply make the same games for the xbox One which are binary compatible and up the graphic details and resolution when a higher end console is available. This is quite smart actually.

Also MS is making with game mode DirectX xbox compability (which oddly is very different from PC directX) which means a larger marketshare to port the console to the PC market. The gaming PC market is exploding! Yes, last decade gaming companies obsessed with piracy tried to kill the PC, but the demand is growing if you look at marketshare for the PC again due to the large millennials and lower costs of decent GPUs and CPUs now on the market.

Comment Re: What an idiot (Score 1) 270

Then leave.

I have been there done that. Having a negative attitude and being bitter is grounds for termination.

Even if you try to suck it up your language, mannerisms, and reactions to stresses show someone no one wants to do business with. Guess who then gets the poor performance evaluation or let go? YOU.

Part of being competent at your job is loving your company and what you do. It is part of integrity. Yes, I have experienced bad things both sides from me my employer to myself reacting angrily. At this stage I update my resume and leave. I figured if I do not do it now it will be made for me by HR firing me and now lowering my value as I have to explain in my next job interview why I have hole and went happened at my last employer. Boy, you do not EVER want that! It is a kiss of death.

I have never wanted to do such things as keeping passwords or screwing any employer. Even the ones I left I was angry at management, but did not want revenge. If I ever get to that stage it is sickening to myself, employer, and coworkers and nobody wins in such a situation.

Comment Re:What an idiot (Score 1) 270

O COME ON...SERIOUSLY? You have such little integrity that you actually believe that anyone who has ever been a sysadmin covets keeping passwords or even fantasizes about it as revenge?

You know its been said that the 'measure of a man is not what you do when people are watching but what you do when nobody is watching'...I really hope I never interact with you.

There are still people in this world that have morals/personal integrity that they live by both in thought & deed regardless of who may or may not 'know' they are doing so.

Not only that but if you do have these thoughts then perhaps you should take a step back and re-evaluate your life and line of work? Sounds like it is time to get another job if any employee gets this angry with her or her employer or frustrations with the day to day job.

I have never thought about doing such a thing in the I.T. field. However, I have had angry thoughts about these things on past employers. I quit these jobs as I figured at this point I may not be a good fit for the company culture or position I am in. Also angry bitter negative attitude people are almost ALWAYS the ones who GET FIRED. Even if you are competent if you do not love work then you will suck at it or just be the guy no one wants to do business with. Either way your career at that employer is hosed. Time to leave on your own terms rather than HR for your next opportunity.

Comment Re:Anyone use it? (Score 1) 24

Azure was originally it's own operating system that was distributed based. The MS Server team didn't like it so that is no longer the case .... gotta love politics :-)

Today Azure is based off of Windows Server 2012 R2 and Hyper-V but is a cousin much like Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2 are based off the same exact kernel and most services but have additional tools, api's, and tuning. Their virtualizer is a cousin of Hyper-V too from what I read but is different. The VM tools are identical between the 2 as they share the same code.

You can even download some of the Azure tools for Server 2012 R2 and have a semi Azure flavored distro.

Comment Re: Bradley Manning needs a HOSTS file (Score 2) 380

Yes there is. It's not a right-left test, but there's a near-perfect match between gender and specific neurological features. In a higher than expected number by chance, people who think they are mentally female are female in structural and functional studies. Likewise, people who believe themselves male have a male brain.

I try not to get too annoyed at dogmatic statements, but unless I specifically defer, I have a comprehensive archive of published literature from high-standing sources. Don't rip on me unless you know either my interpretation is wrong (it happens) or you plan on publishing a peer-reviewed rebuttal on each particular of relevance.

The first of those has happened a few times. Let's see if you can bring it up into double digits. Feel free, but remember that you're dealing solely with article facts and my interpretation. Where I used other sources, pick any peer-reviewed paper that covers the same basic aspect of brain development concerned (i.e. neuron type is indicated by chemical transmitter, it is not hardwired into the genome. Doesn't matter if it is the one I used or not. Falsify it. Better yet, falsify it and get the scientist or magazine to retract it for further work.

Ok, you should now be at the point where you accept the data sets I used. That just leaves two options. If the seat of the mind is in the brain, then a female brain must have a female mind, regardless of Y chromosomes, appendages and birty certificate.

The only other option is to falsify that, to argue that the mind is independent of brain. If you choose this, please choose to announce it at a medical school outside the brain surgery department after a very taxing practical, shortly before exams. Contrary views are nothing to worry about.

Finally,You can just let the basis be, the chain of reasoning be, but then you have to accept the conclusion.

Let me know your preference.

Comment IMPOSSIBLE (Score 0) 60

MacOSX ... and now a varient on Linux?!@ Complete absurd.

Only WIndows sucks and gets viruses and malware because it is not bless by RMS nor open sourced. You can run things under root for all your mission critical needs with no firewall at all for Apple products and be perfectly safe. Just ask any Apple fanboy and they will tell you or go on slashdot and ask anyone about security on Linux. It is impossible to get malware.


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