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Comment Lunar junk (Score 1) 42

If these kinds of projects become more common, is there a risk that desirable landing zones on the moon will become junkyards of project flights and expired landers and rovers?

I'm guessing not, since the moon is about Asia's size in terms of surface area. But maybe due to all kinds of reasons some zone on the moon is easier to hit or more desirable to land on, actually making it something of a problem.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 44

i was lucky enough to be getting my CCNA back in 01 at the same time the school was going to throw out its c64 equipment. i brought home pretty much an entire mini lab, a dozen c64s, a c128D 2 monitors, a dozen diskdrives a 300 baud modem and 2 tall dressers full of manuals another full of software. not to menton joysticks and game pads.

i still have it all 15 years later,

Comment Re:How does this compare to 3d-xpoint stuff? (Score 1) 139

It's funny, but I could have sworn I read Intel actually demoing the technology at a media event, that it was already production ready and that it was beating NAND in all the significant measures, density, speed and durability.

The chatter was that it was *so* good that it was being considered as potential augmentation for RAM, allowing for huge RAM cuts in lower end devices since swapping to it would be largely indistinguishable from actual memory access on low end systems. Marginally believable as I have two SSD Skylake laptops running Win 10 with only 8 GB RAM and I've never gotten the itch to jack up RAM amounts because even generic SATA SSD makes paging transparent enough.

Or it was the next fast tier in enterprise storage, which, IMHO, has to be dreading the rise of cheap 3D-NAND largely obsoleting their tiering sales pitches and forcing primary flash storage down in price. I'm sometimes of the opinion that the latest hyperconverged trends have nothing to do with platform vendors aiming at SAN vendors but hardware vendors looking to boost profits by overselling compute by repackaging it as hybrid compute + storage.

I think the other oft-mentioned thing was that 3D Xpoint was actually going to debut in some kind of ultrabook design in Q1 or Q2 of 2017, so it wasn't necessarily going to be a technology dribbled out at high margins to enterprise markets before reaching pro-/consumer levels -- ie, someone had decided that it was all-around good enough that they could just gut the existing NAND market at once. Maybe that's just led to wishful thinking on my part, the idea that there really was a next big thing available universally and able disrupt the entire storage market.

Comment Re:Logic Says It Should Be Legal (Score 1) 350

so because people are stupid and school nurses cant figgure out how to inject a needle..... and because the failed drug war.... we cant have nice things ??

maybe we could you know, train a nurse to inject? i mean thats one of a nurses main jobs in the real world. as for the drug war part, the clear answer to that is thats a copout and not a real excuse to prevent cheaper life saving measures

Comment Re:IP law is not involved in this case (Score 3, Insightful) 350

it would be nice if we stopped blaming the republicans for the government shut down because its frankly unfair as if we remember why the government shut down it was because obama refused to delay they obamacare website because it was not ready to roll out..... obama refused to do so and threatened shutdown if he didnt get his way

the website went live and it failed and had to be pulled offline anyway because surprise!!! it wasnt ready!

the concept of this being a republican shutdown and not all on obama for not listening to the facts is laughable

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