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Comment Re:anyone know if it works in virtualbox? (Score 1) 200

Virtualbox officially only supports macOS guests on Apple hardware.

Copypasta from Virtualbox's manual:

3.1.1. Mac OS X guests
Starting with version 3.2, VirtualBox has experimental support for Mac OS X guests. This allows you to install and execute unmodified versions of Mac OS X on supported host hardware.
Whereas competing solutions perform modifications to the Mac OS X install DVDs (e.g. different boot loader and replaced files), VirtualBox is the first product to provide the modern PC architecture expected by OS X without requiring any "hacks".
You should be aware of a number of important issues before attempting to install a Mac OS X guest:
Mac OS X is commercial, licensed software and contains both license and technical restrictions that limit its use to certain hardware and usage scenarios. It is important that you understand and obey these restrictions.
In particular, for most versions of Mac OS X, Apple prohibits installing them on non-Apple hardware.
These license restrictions are also enforced on a technical level. Mac OS X verifies whether it is running on Apple hardware, and most DVDs that that come with Apple hardware even check for an exact model. These restrictions are not circumvented by VirtualBox and continue to apply.
Only CPUs known and tested by Apple are supported. As a result, if your Intel CPU is newer than the build of Mac OS X, or if you have a non-Intel CPU, it will most likely panic during bootup with an "Unsupported CPU" exception. It is generally best to use the Mac OS X DVD that came with your Apple hardware.
The Mac OS X installer expects the harddisk to be partitioned so when it does not offer a selection, you have to launch the Disk Utility from the "Tools" menu and partition the hard disk. Then close the Disk Utility and proceed with the installation.
In addition, as Mac OS X support in VirtualBox is currently still experimental, please refer also to Chapter 14, Known limitations.

Comment Re:What device can use 1Tb? (Score 2) 98

p>I also have encountered cameras that only support SD cards up to 2 GB (even though 4 GB and 8 GB cards exist and work elsewhere), yet support SDHC up to 32 GB.

The original SD standard only covers capacities up to 2GB. 4GB SD cards are using 64kiB clusters on FAT16B as a out-of-spec hack.

8GB cards based on the SD standard aren't possible AFAIK, can you provide a link to such a card?

Comment Your choice is absurd (Score 1) 384

The libertarians are totally clueless on immigration. Even among Anglo-culture whites, their is limited enthusiasm for their ideas. Amongst non-Anglo non-whites there almost no support whatsoever.

The libertarians are apparently content to ensure they remain marginal by being all in favor of importing an endless stream of folks who don't agree with them on anything.

Wake up and smell the biodiversity! The evidence is right in front of you.

Comment Deliberately misleading (Score 4, Insightful) 422

You are comparing apples to oranges.

Population density of Denmark: 130 persons per sq km.
Population density of USA: 35 persons per sq km.

He said "Nordic Countries", not "Denmark". It's not hard to understand why you would conflate those terms when we look consider the other Nordic population density numbers.

Population density of Sweden: 21.5 persons per sq km
Population density of Norway: 15.5 persons per sq km

Feel free to explain again how Manhattan's population density in not high enough to secure the sort of internet access pricing that people in Finland enjoy.

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