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Comment Re:Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 268

everyone to race to the bottom instead of having the ability (and the financial wherewithal) to be individuals

- yeah, I don't want any single person to benefit from any oppression of any other single person out there. Not one should be oppressed to provide anything to any one. To actually *earn* to be an individual is quite different from thinking you are an 'individual' because somebody was oppressed to provide you with this so called 'individuality'.

Whatever you said doesn't matter to me one single bit, I look at what you write here and I know exactly what sort of a monstrous prick I am dealing with.

Comment Re:Crazy (Score 4, Insightful) 368

I have no problem whatsoever sitting down with people who think transsexuality is totally unacceptable.That includes a big chunk of my immediate family. I just don't let their problems with it get into my head. So things are okay. They don't tell me to change my views, and I don't tell them to change theirs. That's what mutual respect is all about. If you can only tolerate views that agree with yours, your one intolerant sone-of-a-bitch.

People have the right to disagree with you. And you have the right to call them ignorant fuck-tards. See how it works?

Comment Re:So to sum up (Score 1) 368

There are plenty of fantasies that people have that would give them a heart attack if they ever actually got the chance to go through it. Being able to fly like superman? Nice fantasy, but imagine how someone with a fear of heights (or even just a normal person) was standing at the end of a cliff and saying "I can fly - but NO F'ING WAY".

Or fantasizing about rushing into a burning building to save people, or confronting a bomb-toting, ak-47 shooting terrorist, but they know full well they would freeze up in real life.

Or even just something as simple as choking the living shit out of their stupid boss or taking a cattle prod to them, BOfH-style. They might fantasize about it, but they would be horrified with themselves if they ever caught themselves in the process of actually doing it.

Maybe it's Dreis Barf-head who needs to be booted until he learns the difference between reality and fantasy. Or does he also believe that furries are into beastiality?

Comment Re:Adjust your vm (Score 1) 7

Thanks for asking. The eyes are "interesting." The docs managed to save the vision in both, but the left is distorted from the vitrectomy. There's no more room for pan-retinal photocoagulation, and all the work has caused premature cataracts in both eyes. There's neovascularization in the angle of both eyes, so both need to be monitored every 3 months for glaucoma.

The good news is that, while I can't really read with either eye, I can read with both (bit of a pain, but hey, I'm not going to complain). It's amazing how much the brain can do with crap sensors. It's getting hard to recognize people at a distance, read bus stop signs, etc., but I can still walk the dog, and that's more important anyway.

My sisters have been telling me for years to abandon any idea of working in the future, and with the major depressive disorder "upgraded" to persistent depressive disorder with major depressive episodes impacting my ability to concentrate or stay awake all day, I've finally had to admit they have a point. Between that, the Mark 1 Eyeballs continuing to bleed, and basically having to be constantly on the lookout for triggers for another bout of suicidal depression (thinking about work is a trigger , as is worrying about what to do with my life, so I'm kind of forced to tip-toe around the whole thing mentally and just accept things as they are and try not to worry), I'm screwed.

On the plus side, in 3 months I have a series of appointments with the therapist who helped me beat the whole PTSD thing. Okay, not "beat", but understand it and cope with it. The goal now is to find out just what the hell I can do with the rest of my life, because this whole thing is kind of beyond my experience.

Plus I have to prepare to fight my endocrinologist. The guy has been under-dosing me for years, and that definitely contributed to the depression. I never consented to any sort of non-standard treatment, and his misleading me with the blood test results for years was pretty serious. His cancelling the estrogen level test in my last blood test was the final straw - I had told him (after getting hard copies of previous tests) that he was seriously wrong, and that if he didn't up the dose I would obtain more illegally (which I did, and it had a huge effect on my mood and my ability to get minor things done). So now he's deprived me of tool to monitor what's going on because I caught him screwing around, and that pretty much destroyed any trust. It also means other doctors, such as my gp, can't see my current estrogen levels either. So much for second opinion. As far as I'm concerned, he's engaged in both malpractice and negligence.

Problem is, I'm having a hard time putting all the material together because I am having problems concentrating on tasks because of the whole depression thing - sort of a catch-22 situation.

Also just checked, and he never reported the adverse drug reaction to the blood pressure medication that I had to stop taking, which also caused suicidal ideation (and should have raised a red flag when the same thing occurred a few years later when he severely under-replaced estrogen). At least my original report, and the drug manufacturers' report, are in the database, and the US FDA lists 100 similar events. Which leads to the question of how many aren't reported.

Oh well, a bit of consumer activism might not keep me out of trouble, but I will keep me occupied - if I can get my sh*t together enough. Unfortunately, this post has pretty much exhausted my attention span :-(

Comment Re: Not everyone is happy... (Score 1) 105

What happens if you can't find the heirs? The code has to be abandoned, rewritten from scratch, or otherwise replaced or superceded. How would a stranger contact your heirs, given only your email address? Given that plenty of people don't have an email address that consists of only their proper name, you're going to be looking at a lot of potential candidates for email addresses of heirs. And it's not like you can just shoot off an email to the dead person and expect their heirs to answer it.

Comment Re: Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 268

And you're so fucked up being unable to understand that UBI, properly designed, includes claw-backs as your income rises, so that most people will actually not be net beneficiaries of UBI schemes. So, everyone gets the same amount, but most people end up with that same amount clawed back at tax time, along with their regular personal income tax amount. And the UBI is a taxable income. If your total income, including UBI, exceeds the basic exemptions, you're also going to be paying tax on it.

Here, I'll make it simple for you with some numbers. If everyone gets a basic UBI of $800 a month and a 50 percent claw-back, anyone earning $1600 a month ends up having to give back all their UBI, as well as paying tax on that $1600 a month of earned income. So anyone earning more than $19,200 a year doesn't end up costing the UBI scheme a single cent.

It can be made to work. It has been made to work. It's all in how it's implemented.

Besides, I don't see you offering anything better. Either do so or STFU, because you're not contributing to improving the situation, you're just making noise.

Comment Re:Our Future. (Score 1) 268

The experiment with UBI in Canada in the '70s proved that people WILL try to better their situation. Because of a less precarious home situation, more kids finished high school. Hospital visits dropped - which in a publicly funded single payer system means additional savings. Crime went down. People could work part-time and only a portion of UBI was clawed back as their earnings went up - not dollar for dollar - so they had incentives to work part-time in the hope that it would lead to full-time jobs.

It's all in the design. Bad design, bad outcomes. Good design, good outcomes, healthier population with increased employment. We're going to have to do it anyway. Besides, how many of the 0.01% who inherited their privilege could survive a week at a regular joe or jane job?

Comment Re:Adjust your vm (Score 1) 7

How about you give it half of ram? Make sure the execution cap is set to 100%. Also, in the initial setup, don't make the disk allocation dynamic - there's extra steps involved in every disk i/o. Also, give it more than the default amount of video memory - the default will kill everything that goes to the screen, given that linux can make use of that extra memory to increase video performance. Disable remote desktop server and video capture, Disable sharing the clipboard and drag-n-drop between the vm and the host os.

You can check if you've got the extra vm files installed by checking under settings-usb-usb 3.0 (xHCI controller) enabled. You really need this enabled even if you're using a usb 2.0 device because there's other stuff that comes along for the ride that affects overall performance.

Running linux applications seamlessly on the windows desktop looks cool, but absolutely kills performance.

And of course, worst case scenario, install another distro. If you can't play aisleriot full-screen without lag on the mouse, there's something not right. I have no problem with opensuse on a cheapie ($400 3 years ago at the drug store) 8gig laptop, quad core 8 thread with 4 gigs ram, 4 cores, 100 gig fixed vm disk allocation and 64 meg devoted to video - but the latest ubuntu completely refused to even display, and running with dynamic allocation sucked.

Hope I didn't miss anything - blew my "good" eye again this morning.

Bonne chance.

Comment Re:Maybe not... (Score 1) 85

She left the country after hiding in Quebec under another name. But yes, her and Paul Bernardo are two people, who if they were on fire, nobody would bother to waste the piss to put it out.

My problem with the whole thing is the same as with Dr. Guy Turcotte, the cardiologist who killed his children. There are some crimes that, even if intentional and premeditated, you really have to have more than a few screws loose to have committed. They simply go beyond all understanding. You can't fix sh*t like that. Ever.

All you can do is acknowledge that such people exist - trying to understand them risks becoming like them - seeing the world through their eyes and thinking "I can see how someone can think that's a viable course of action."

I wonder if, in some deep recess of their minds, they don't know the true evil of what they've done, or if they're totally, totally self-absorbed. Even Judas killed himself when he realized what he had truly done. I don't think these people will ever let themselves be honest with themselves. They can't. It would be too destructive, seeing what they had done with the perspective of others. In a weird way, it's probably more merciful that they don't. Who would be able to live with the knowledge they had done something like that? The guilt. The fear that it could happen again. The certainty that there's something fundamentally repulsive and wrong and monstrous about how you think.

And for the rest of us, "there but for the $GRACE_OF_DIETY_OR_WHATEVER go I." We know what seemingly normal people did under the nazis. We know that under the right circumstances, most people will follow orders, follow the crowd, and are capable of brutal behaviour, and that the ones who are so rigid that they say "I'll never do that" are the ones most susceptible. Humans are scary shit!

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