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Missives From Midtown (special for Teh Seal-Wulf)

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  • Mekkab,

    What the fuck are you on dude?

    And none of this "high on life" stuff either. That's utter Bullshizzle.


    • shizzzz, I forgot that /. eats the greater than/less than symbols.

      Oh well.

      • by mekkab ( 133181 )
        A potent combination of capsaicin and caffeine.
        Oh, and human adrenal gland extract.

        Mek Bee.
        • I thought it might involve some Riboflavin and a little hemoglobin (poly-unsaturated to boot).

          Really, this is why we need a meetup! The comedy factor his match-strike-in-dark-room-flooded-with-gas status.

          Or we can talk finance (I'm not trusting this reboot of the Shanghai securities market. You're talking a historically weak and corrupt market that just has a glaze of hype and day-trader newness. I think all it takes is just a small number of managers moving from Chinese securities to commodities or US m
          • by mekkab ( 133181 )
            I'll bet you Full Sums that the gains in my "emerging markets" fund is all fueled by Shanghai (what, are we reading the Grey Lady together, now? Should we talk about NYC school bus route restructuring, too?). I'm bearish in the short, bullish in the long, and finished at the end of the day.

            /and you know I kick my shit off non-carbonated, monsterman.
            • The crazy thing was that 06 was better for Emerging markets while last year seemed to be Europe's year. I still think there is enough up-and-coming in the rest of the Pacific Rim that is usually considered "tapped" (SK, Taiwan) that makes China still something I'd rather have the corps take the risk on.

              You know I got that TimesSelect, kid! I gotta read about all my Real Estate action somewhere's! How else will I know where to be able to drop 250k on a second home?

          /me makes raptor noises. "Beautiful fucking tits, man!"

          • by mekkab ( 133181 )
            Oh the Sister's of Mercy, high tide, wide eyed, sped on adrenochrome!

            +2 points for reminding me of that song!!
  • Man, you're so- cold! I bet you wished they were playing some get-up gabber jam at full blast- hehe, that would actually be kinda cool. But the BoC gives NYC some vital credibility it was in need of (if it hoped to reach the Olympian heights of cool of a Toledo, OH or Camden, NJ). Did you actually do MoMA or (as I usually do) just do the design and book stores? And when she said it was BoC, did you knock a giant display of handblown glass dart holders to wipe the hipster smile off her face? :D

    ApartmentT []
    • by mekkab ( 133181 )
      I'm 18 weeks behind schedule; I ain't got THYME to be curating. I just pop'd my head in while the room was getting done for.

      I was actually looking for a bauble for a friend who's pad I'm crashing friday day when I get evicted, however I think Kate's Paperie might just have the ticket for me.

      She actually wasn't too much of a hipster jerk; her response was "well, I know they're in the Rotation..." [pauses, thinks] "yeah, I guess this is BoC" Obviously right on my wavelength. We can identify it ('why buy
      • so like, fareals n'stuff, can ya'll dumb it down if you ever meetup with me?
        Cause I'm a normal. :(
        • by mekkab ( 133181 )
          Real life convo does not really lend itself to excessive riffing that communications on the e-intertron lends itself to. And real life riffing is typically more straight tangets off of the last thing being said, versus weaving in and out concepts from the current conversation, and one we had last week, and one we had a month before, and one I had with my wife that no one else knows about, etc. Besides, it can't all be a world of in-jokes that aren't really all that funny.

      • Evicted? What sort of crazy operation are you running there in west MoCo??

        Haha. Growing up one of my friend's fathers was real blood Italian. So that meant every once in a while they'd have the extended family over from home. That meant we got to meet classic Italian grandfather. One word and you could get the man aggravated and he'd be talking at you with his hands and everything in that "HAAYWADDAYAKNOWABBADIT-EH?!" way.

        One of my favorite insults now is to do that voice and say "Eh, I fucka you face!
        • by mekkab ( 133181 )
          West 57th, not West MoCo. hotels are not down with you just lazing about. Not unless you feel like forking over a fist full of dollars.

          The Herbie Hancock to get down with is "Maiden Voyage" its some NICENESS- between that, and the Remarc you gave me, that's been my soundtrack for the past two weeks.

          I have more Coltrane than you or your mother can deal with. We should get together...

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