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Journal mekkab's Journal: Fab Fore-y, we hardly knew ye 23


Here comes the entries whining about it being quiet around here.... waaah waaaah the circle is dying waaaaaaaaah....

Awww, shut the fuck up.

We, the Fab Fore, confirm it: The Circle is Dead. Good riddance, we piss on it's grave. This "circle" as you call it is nothing more than co-dependent, neurotic, sycophantic suck-ups enabling each other in a virtual kumbaya singing campfire. Here's a hint: try telling people what they really need to hear:

That there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

And it's a train.

And watch your karma fall. So much so, that we're going to be taking a break from being the ultimate in trollness for a while.

But we've learned some lessons - you can tell a lot about your "friends" by how they treat your "foes", and wearing the mantle of a troll is a mind expanding experience.

So, We'll leave you, for now, with a few parting shots for our "fans".

to bethanie: Quit being such a bitch to people
to btlzu2: Quit listening to "music" by whiney british douchebags
to Captain Splendid: You're not a Captain, and you're about as splendid as a root canal.
to FortKnox: You expressed a desire to be like us and tell people what you really thought. What's stopping you, cowboy?
to Jeremiah Cornelius: You're a wacky far lefty, but at least you have good taste in women.
to Mantorp: Who the fuck are you?
to Marxist Hacker 42: Quit blaming others for your failures
to mekkab: Go back to Fark, you moron.
to NeeNee3: We still think you're a babe.
to Profane Muthafucka: Go frame yourself, you fucking wanker.
to Real World Stuff: Announce your non-troll account. We dare you, you homo.
to Rolyat69: Post more pics, dumbass
to Roody Blashes: Hey where the fuck did you go? You left? Maybe you're not such a dumbass after all.
to Shadow Wrought: Stop with the puns already.
to Short Circuit: We got your Rosetta Stone right here, pal.
to Some Woman: What are you, some kind of masochist? Oh wait, that's it: the 'prude' is an act, and you're secretly a dominatrix. or a lesbian.
to StalinsNotDead: thanks for the subscription, we'll be back. You'll probably get foed for helping us out.
to TopShelf: Thanks for the karma help. See above about getting foed.
to weierstrass: Who?
to WilliamSChips: Go away, you wannabe little poser.

And rest assured, if this godawful "circle" ever comes back, we will be there to mock it.

And with that, I'm off to continue Farking -->

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Fab Fore-y, we hardly knew ye

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  • Are on my short list for being members of Teh Flab Foreskin.

    Specifically Roody, RxWxS, and PropaneMudlover.

    But hey, what do I know? I didn’t even warrant a mention.

    Fuck [] ’em []. Right in the goathole [].
    • I'm not part of this abortion. Thanks for consideration.

      Interestingly, there are only two people associated with this whole thing that refer to me as RxWxS, red and one other. Go figure.
      • And that “one other” is where I picked up the abbreviation RxWxS from. I’ve always assumed he’s Roody Blashes, but haven’t talked to him in a while so I’m not sure if that’s correct or if he really is one of the Fromen.

  • I have the odd feeling I've managed to completely miss some context here.
  • Why do people have to flame out when they "leave" a web site? If they're tired of reading it, why not just stop?
  • No, I mean my cock.
  • ... who is vaguely disappointed that I didn't warrant a mention?
    • it's sad - but every time any list like this comes out i immediately scan through to see if i made it. only once so far. but it was a really cool and nice list that sam did - so that was all right.
  • You fuckity fuck! I am one of the original zoo members!

    I need to be more of an arsehole apparently!
    • Naturally he didn't mention me out of fear.

      Hey! Stop laughing!



    • Are you his fan? He only did his fans, because we are the members of the Dumbasses of America exclusive club.
      • by Com2Kid ( 142006 )
        Yes I am as a matter of a fact. :-D
  • you pinko bastard.

    i'm unaware of the source of this venom, but i wanted to participate.

"You need tender loving care once a week - so that I can slap you into shape." - Ellyn Mustard