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Comment Spend the money on the panel (Score 1) 507

Just my opinion - Like mobile phones and tablets, you are at the mercy of the manufacturer to provide updates to the installed OS - and that the OS will have a good ecosystem of apps. In addition to that you need to consider that after only a year or two you can expect the manufacturer to potentially stop issuing updates and even deprecate functionality. My next TV will be purchased on panel quality and hardware features such as amount of HDMI ports, power consumption and other physical attributes. If the smart features are good then i will use them - but for the most part my PS4 & Chromecast will provide most of the features a smart TV offers. N

Comment Re:Isn't that your failure... (Score 2, Informative) 383

Rinse , Recycle, Repeat. This is a tired argument and while once it may have been a legitimate one its really no longer the case. I am constantly amazed that with windows you usually have to install bloatware and over engineered apps when installing drivers for a new hardware peripheral. On Linux it is about as plug and play as it gets , often requiring no additional installations at all.

Comment Bitwig + Renoise (Score 2) 264

I use Bitwig Studio and Renoise as my DAW's of choice. Hard to beat really I use a Scarlett 2i4 and have a bunch of hardware . Arturia Beatstep , Korg minikeys , Waldorf Blofeld. Never had any issues getting it to work I use Ubuntu for the desktop. Neither DAW are open source but both have a thriving community .I'm happy to support vendors that support Linux. You can hear some of my stuff here. http://www.soundcloud.com/poly... No Mac or windows machines were used on any of my tracks.

Comment Whats the build quality like? (Score 1) 216

If their bagless cyclone vacuum is anything to go by i would expect freezer shelves that become brittle over time requiring replacement within months of purchase and accessories that dont work or dont seem to be designed with any particular purpose in mind. Smart or not , I will be looking at other manufacturers when it comes to replacing our Fridge-Freezer. As far as i am concerned - im done with broken shelves and drawers, build quality is my number one priority. Any advice on that particular matter would be welcomed.

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