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Comment Re:Far from it (Score 1) 299

Sadly the highest demand will be for the sexiest bots, so I fear your cherry 2000 will be among the first to enter the arena.... you will receive compensation from the AmChiCan world government of course, but it will not soothe the deep ache in your soul for the hyper perfection and sexual delection of the Cherry 2000.

Comment Re:Why stop at $50? (Score 1) 184

I assume they have done some market research and think that $50 would be the price point that would make them the most money. Fair enough - they are a business, they have every right to set prices where they want, and consumers have every right to choose to purchase or not at that price.

$50 is more than some people can afford, and insignificant to others.

Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 1) 57

I understand what copyright is intended to do, but I see little evidence that a 90+ year term and other onerous terms are means to this goal. Patents give us a good example of actual stuff being created with 1/4 the term - it's hard to imagine that artists would significantly change their motivation given a 15, 50, or 90 year window. It's very hard to argue that a law which prevents you from building upon another creative work for an entire human lifetime is advancing the useful arts. Rather, it seems like an abuse of government power by an elite.

And of course, as Google points out, the search index could not have occurred under such a regime. I shouldn't have to sell you on the usefulness of internet search on society vs the promise of more Rihanna songs or Transformer movies.

Comment Brilliant! Wait not (Score 1) 83

the iMessage client on Phone1 (sender) should be attempting to contact Phone2 (recipient) in the background asking them "have you been actively connected to iMessage in the past X seconds?" and if it does not get an immediate answer of "yes" from Phone2 it should be sending over SMS.

Wow, I love your universe where no phone loses power or connectivity ever...

That said, the system DOES do that. If my phone is somewhere I can't get data I get messages via SMS instead of iMessage. But if the system just doesn't know what happened to the phone, it has no good way to know it should give up on iMessage forever and some very good reasons not to send it via SMS (because that costs Apple real money vs. queuing the message up on iMessage to send out as devices connect).

The whole system is a lot more complex than you are thinking it is, it does handle real world failure cases very well. Just not complete disconnection, erring on the side of "they may still want to use iMessage" and like I said I think that's good call because there are other ways to use iMessage other than just a phone. If you even reset a phone (like you should do before sale or transfer) it will even know that number should be disconnected from iMessage...

Comment Re:Well yeah (Score 1) 299

I don't follow the logic. If no one is buying stuff, then it is true that the robots aren't needed. But if people are buying stuff, then the cheapest way to do it would be the robots, so they would be used. They may or may not "put themselves out of business", but there's still no room for humans.

Comment Re:Don't support Bethseda or id (Score -1, Offtopic) 36

Right, which is why I won't buy anything from Oculus given Palmer Luckey (their illustrious founder) bankrolling a pro-Trump shitposting group during the election cycle.

Do you litmus test every product you buy to make sure its execs agree with your political views before you buy from them? Because I don't. But, then again, I'm not some 3-year-old child throwing a temper tantrum because his candidate lost.

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