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Comment Re: Better be ready to be beat up when layed off w (Score 1) 530

So then you are looking at specialized equipment thinking it can replace a human at a generic job? I think you are doing a couple of things wring here: underestimating our desire to build generic robots while overestimating capacity of specialized equipment to replace people at generic jobs within newer companies that don't have the capital to acquire or build very specialized equipment. In either case I think my points still stand, if the equipment is too specialized and expensive, humans can compete if they can provide quality, if the equipment is so general purpose and ubiquitous that anybody can afford it with a few months of pay, then people would be acquiring it to rent it out to businesses or to do jobs just like the owner operator truck drivers of today.

As to taxes and regulations, obviously they are making human labour less competitive compared to capital, is this even a question? A robot will not sue the company for 'wrongful termination' or for 'sexual harassment' or anything else for that matter (regardless of the merits). Regardless of what /. says, robots will not form unions,there will be no mandate for payroll tax or minimum wage or medical insurance, etc. These are government inventions that make people uncompetitive against labour.

Comment Re:Godspeed, John Glenn (Score 1) 83

Some people waste their lives, or never really accomplish anything. John Glenn was not one of those people.

I heard a variation on that that went something like, "Most people wonder if they've made the world better than they left it, a Marine is not one of those people."

Semper Fi, Colonel, you are relieved of your duties.

Comment Re:Godspeed, John Glenn (Score 1) 83

I assume you were also a US Senator, an officer in the USMC, a US Navy test pilot and flight instructor, and a war veteran. This short list of accomplishments is far beyond being "meat in a can".

He was also the first person to complete a transcontinental flight that averaged supersonic speeds. He had to refuel at subsonic speeds but the average speed through the coast to coast flight exceeded that of a typical rifle bullet. That is not an easy thing to do and is something for the record books.

He is also the oldest person to date to go into space. He was a "payload specialist" where one could argue he was the payload. You might argue this accomplishment is simply being "meat in a tin can" again but just living to be 77 is an accomplishment, and he went into space at that age. If you live to be that old, and are willing to climb into a tin can that accelerates at about 9Gs, and live to talk about it for nearly 20 years then you might have some standing to claim this is nothing to celebrate.

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 1) 555

She didn't even have to pick Bernie; there's other not-so-establishment people should could have picked out of the Democratic party. Elizabeth Warren for one, would have been an interesting choice as then they'd have had two women on the ticket, with the VP pick at least being fairly popular among the progressives and Bernie voters. I honestly think even doing this would have won her the election, as it probably would have brought more young voters to the polls, hoping that Hillary would croak early on leaving Warren in charge.

Comment Re:We knew this going in (Score 1) 555

Sorry, no. She royally pissed off all the Bernie voters with that move (plus hiring DWS). This election was basically about establishment vs. non-establishment. People who wanted a big change were screaming for either Trump or Bernie, because they were both non-establishment. Hillary did absolutely nothing to get the Bernie voters back on her side after winning the primaries (or is it "winning" the primaries?), except getting Bernie to stump for her which just wasn't enough after she picked the most pro-establishment democrat she could find to be her running mate. So lots of Bernie voters either sat out the election, or voted 3rd party, or possibly even for Trump.

Of course, Trump seems to be picking a bunch of establishment people to surround himself with (including his VP), but that's another issue. I never said the anti-establishment Trump voters were smart.

Comment I hope AI can make coding redundant (Score 1) 41

We should hope that AI can learn to code and do it well enough that I could converse with it in a human language, define the problem as I see it and it would immediately (it would be immediate, right) give me a number of ready solutions to pick from. The amount of new product development that could take place would be staggering, we could quickly realise any idea, I hope that the AI would be good enough at that point to do user support and maintenance for the selected solution.

You, guys, are basically looking at it all wrong. Why shouldn't we desire to have systems at our disposal that would be good enough to create software (and at some point hardware) that we could 'program' by explaining high level requirements to a machine? The machine would have to ask more questions, the testing would reveal problems, the machine could do support and maintenance. I see this as a huge net positive, not as something that would hurt us but as something that would save us from decades of sitting on ass, getting less and less active over time, going blind from the screen... And we could never achieve everything we needed anyway at the speed of a human coder.

Comment Re:Apple PAYS for your SS, Medicare, Welfare and W (Score 1) 168

No, US bonds are the definition of ponzi scam that even Madoff would be awed by. U S A cannot return the borrowed VALUE of the money, that is what the Fed and the rest of the central banks are involved in, global inflation, writing off the debt without admitting the technicality of the default. The actual USA debt is all of the federal, state, municipal, corporate and personal borrowing that exceeds 221 trillion dollars and cannot be repaid under any circumstances.

Comment It must be nice... (Score 2) 20

It must be pretty cool to be in a position where you can commit fraud against ~2.8million people, sit on the proceeds for several years; and then settle the whole matter for 'compensation' that, at worst, might wipe out your original profits on the fraud.

Not quite as good as impunity; but perhaps an even better mockery of the perception of 'justice', since the whole process gets to play out as a pitiful farce, rather than just being ignored.

Incidentally, why is it that, given the American propensity for a good spree killing, you never hear about unpleasant things happening to the people behind schemes like this? Occasionally somebody shoots up their workplace and kills an immediate supervisor or the like; but nobody ever seems to go any higher up the food chain.

Comment Re:Replacing CMD (Score 1) 84

Furthermore, you overestimate how difficult it is to obtain a valid certificate. All I need to do is own a domain.

This is true of TLS but not of code signing. There's no counterpart to Let's Encrypt ($0 for 90 days) or ($15 for three years), as far as I've been made aware. And a TLS certificate works across all major platforms, unlike an Authenticode certificate that works only for Windows, not for macOS or anything else. Apple is the only CA on macOS, and it charges $99 per year for a certificate that passes Gatekeeper.

I have a feeling I missed something important.

Comment Re:Going to the theater is a pain. (Score 1) 274

The fancy theater you speak of sounds great, but remember a lot of people don't live near one of those. And it still has other problems, including both the ones you mention and also the ones typical to any cinema: you can't pause or rewind or bring your own food.

If you have a whole group of people, that seems like a perfect time to ditch the theaters altogether and find a DVD/BluRay/streaming video you all want to watch instead, and have movie night at someone's home. It's a much nicer experience if you have a nice group of people you get along with, since you're just around them and not any strangers who'll just ruin the experience. Plus you can have a potluck, make dinner for everyone (easier when you have multiple people willing to pitch in in the kitchen), etc.

Comment Good News! (Score 3, Insightful) 41

"But in the short term, AI will most likely help you be more productive and creative as a developer, tester, or dev team rather than making you redundant."

So, in the short term it'll make some of you redundant, with the 'more productive and creative' picking up their workload until the bots can finish the job. Sounds good.

Comment Re:I Would Rather Go To Theatres (Score 1) 274

I had a bad experience back in 2007 watching JJ's "Star Trek" and my movie-viewing (in-theater) went way down after that.

I had a bad experience watching that movie, too, but it was because of the deliberate lens flare that some moron thought added to the realism and wouldn't destroy the illusion of reality. Every time you can trivially recognize that "there's a camera involved" you lose.

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