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Submission + - Hackers penetrate top medical device makers .. (

An anonymous reader writes: Hackers have penetrated the computer networks of the country's top medical device makers, The Chronicle has learned.

The attacks struck Medtronic, the world's largest medical device maker, Boston Scientific and St. Jude Medical sometime during the first half of 2013 and might have lasted as long as several months, according to a source close to the companies.

Star Wars Prequels

Submission + - A Kinect Princess Leia hologram in realtime (

mikejuk writes: True 3D realtime holography is not only possible — it makes use of a Kinect as its input device. A team at MIT has recreated the famous 3D Princess Leia scene from the original Star Wars — but as a live video feed!

It's a great stunt but don't miss the importance — this is realtime 3D holography and that means you can view it without any glasses or other gadgets and you can move around and see behind objects in the scene. This is more than the flat 3D you get in movies.


Submission + - How to get hired as an entry-level programmer? 3

An anonymous reader writes: I received a state university degree in Computer Science. After graduation, I immediately took jobs in QA to pay the bills while waiting for other opportunities, which of course turned out to be as naive as it sounds. I've been working QA for several years now and my CV does not show the right kind of work experience for programming. For all intents I'm probably no better as a a candidate than any CS graduate fresh out of college. But all of the job postings out in the real world are looking for people with 2-5 years of programming work experience. How do you build up those first 2 years of experience? What kinds of companies hire programmers with no prior experience?

Submission + - Microsoft's Let-Them-Eat-Cake SEC Filing

theodp writes: "As a proposed $700B financial bailout prompted tens of thousands of fed-up taxpayers to sign a petition to Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson complaining that 'the wealthiest the best position to pay, are being asked for no sacrifice at all,' Microsoft quietly informed the SEC it was adopting a new executive officer incentive plan that calls for diverting a percentage of Microsoft's operating income to a special pool to allow an extra $20,000,000 a year to be put in a participating exec's pocket."
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Fedora starts updating again after hack

An anonymous reader writes: The Red Hat-supported Fedora Project has started issuing updates to its Linux distribution again, after a hiatus of several weeks caused by a hacker break-in. Late yesterday, Fedora emailed its users to let them know that it would soon issue updates for its most recent Fedora 8 and 9 operating systems. The updates were designed to switch users to a new, secure set of update servers so that they could start using a new set of encryption keys to verify downloads, wrote Red Hat engineer and Fedora project release coordinator Jesse Keating.

Submission + - CBS Files DMCA Takedown against McCain Youtube ad (

StealthyRoid writes: CBS News has filed a DMCA takedown notice over a web ad produced by the McCain campaign. Titled "Lipstick", the ad uses a clip from a CBS News broadcast where Katie Couric, in reference to Hillary Clinton's campaign, remarks that sexism is still a part of politics. The ad is available on McCain's website. This seems to fly in the face of CBS's parent company's (Viacom) stated position on the fair use of their productions, although it's obviously not inconsistent with Viacom and its affiliates treatment of their material posted on YouTube.

Submission + - 24 Hour Laptops ( 1

daveyboy79 writes: This article from the BBC shows HP's new laptop, the HP EliteBook 6930p. Configured with several options, such as the 80Gb SSD and the mercury-free LED displays, allows users to get 24 hours of non-stop computing. It's probably not counting on heavy gamer use, but for mobile users it should be enough.

Journal Journal: Toddler sued by Prince (ok, mother sued by publisher then)

If you thought suing a 12 year old was bad, how about suing a toddler.

The holder of the publishing rights (Universal Music Publishing) is suing the toddler (well her mother) for uploading a video to youtube of her toddler dancing a prince song.

... As a result, she has not posted a single video on YouTube since she received the takedown notice ...


Submission + - Harry Potter Lexicon infringes copyright.

u38cg writes: In a frankly bizarre ruling, Judge Robert Patterson has ruled that the publication of the Harry Potter Lexicon, an encyclopaedic reference to the Potter universe, would infringe on J.K. Rowling's copyrights to the Harry Potter books.

Submission + - The Candidates' Technology Platforms (

Corey Ehmke writes: "Slashdot has previously covered the candidates' positions on technology issues, but how are the policies of Obama and McCain actually reflected in their web sites? From the (technology) platforms that they have chosen to their underlying document types, the two sites could not be more different. Read "Obama is RESTful" to find out what each site reveals about its respective candidate."

Submission + - Managing Large Windows Workgroup With *Nix

Dizzaster writes: I've just started in IT for a software development company that has roughly 100 XP boxes running as a single workgroup. They have various linux and unix boxes running basic network services (dns, apache, samba) in the backend and I've been tasked with both performing a full network and systems audit as well as figuring out a way to centrally manage the network when the audit is complete. In a mixed windows-unix environment that has no central authentication, no management infrastructure whatsoever, and with a zero tolerance policy for anyone even considering a windows domain, can anyone on /. provide suggestions for a unix based windows workgroup administration tool and a way to audit hardware and software on a large xp workgroup without manually going to each and every computer?
The Internet

Submission + - Google Video for Business Launches (

technirvana writes: Today Google is launching a new product for the enterprise market, Google Video for business. Essentially a YouTube for enterprise, it's a new application in the Google Apps office suite and enables workers to upload and share videos inside their organizations. Videos can be shared on an individual, group or company-wide basis. Google sees it being used for such things as executive communications, product training, trip reports, "social videos" for the company intranet. Google Video for business is now available as part of Google Apps Premier Edition at no additional cost (the suite itself costs $50/user/year). Each Google Apps Premier Edition domain gets 3GB of Video storage per user account, with a file limit of 300 MB per video.

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