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The Internet

Submission + - Congresstastic - Telecoms Under Scrutiny

psyph3r writes: "I ran across a short article talking about communication companies and the recent congressional call to investigate the business practices of companies such as Comcast, Vorizon, and AT&T. It's am interesting read

"Congress is reacting to mounting complaints about telecoms and their unnerving "power to discriminate against content". In almost every facet of our lives, telecom companies have complete power over our infrastructure. Today, fastsilicon.com talks about this investigation on compan"
The Internet

Submission + - Gartner: Five reasons to avoid Second Life

An anonymous reader writes: Businesses that rush blindly to set up shop on online virtual worlds are opening themselves up to significant risk, according to a warning issued by Gartner. Gartner singled out Second Life as an "uncontrolled virtual world" where there is significant risk to brands that are sensitive to social and ethical positioning. Gartner analysts have even gone as far as to suggest that companies should consider tamer (highly moderated) alternatives such as There, Kaneva and Activeworlds.

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