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Submission + - The rise of Copyfraud: Stealing the Public Domain.

malkavian writes: "One of the largest complaints that arise time and again in many public forms, Slashdot especially, is the very much one sided approach to Copyright, and the not-so-slow erosion of the public domain.
On top of the Corporate lobbying to remove increasingly larger parts of the Public Domain, there is now a move that's becoming increasingly common, whereby works are directly taken from the Public Domain and effectively stolen by a single company leveraging protections provided under Copyright Law.
The register is carrying an article on this, based on a paper by Jason Mazzone at the Brookly Law School which details in a stark way the problems that are now becoming evident by an overly strong Copyright system, whereby the one that claims Copyright (no matter how falsely) is the one that gets control over a given resource. It also shows other power grabs (some being made with good intentions) that are being made over a resource which should have no governing entity, and and should belong freely, and with no encumberance, to all.
Rather than just provide problems, some possible solutions are also proposed, which should give everyone good food for debate as to their possible efficacy."

Submission + - RealNetworks sues the major US Movie Studios (

malkavian writes: In an interesting turn of events, RealNetworks, who produced a product called "RealDVD" to back up a DVD complete with the encryption keys is baring its fangs at the major US Movie studios.
In essence, it is claiming that because the studios granted it a legal license to use the CSS decryption system, just because it is using that licence in an unexpected (but not explicitly denied) way, then the action taken by the movie studios against it to get the product taken off the market falls under the provision of the anti-trust laws.


Submission + - UK Government embraces Open Source software

malkavian writes: The BBC is reporting that in a rare outbreak of common sense, the UK Government is now taking a long overdue stance on the treatment of Open Source, and standards compliance of its systems.
The caveat to the article mentioned is still that the Open Source solution should be considered "when it delivers best value for money", which will still likely be an exercise in manipulations of statistics and "Total Cost of Ownership" figures.
It shows that there is now concern over licensing issues, ability to have software modified such that it may be able to perform tasks specific to the organisations, actually being able to communicate with everyone (rather than only people who have invested in a particular version of a proprietary application), getting true value for money in a competitive market, and being able to store information in a well understood and open format that will still be readable in years to come.

Submission + - Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy travels again.

malkavian writes: The BBC reports that the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy is gaining a new instalment, despite the sad demise of its author Douglas Adams in 2001.
Adams's wife has given the approval for the continuation of more than slightly surreal adventures to Eoin Colfer, the author of the popular Artemis Fowl series of children's books.

While many fans of the series will likely be sceptical about the series being penned by a new author, surprisingly (or perhaps not) this is a sentiment that is echoed by Colfer himself, as another ardent fan of the series. Hopefully, this stance of a good author (personally, I really like Colfer's works, and his general offbeat and slightly surreal style) with a genuine passion for the subject will bring to life a new work that even Douglas Adams would have approved of.
In this world of increasingly restrictive Copyright Law, where everyone seems to be holding on to works for dear life (or grim cash), it seems good to see new life and new stories in a much respected setting by an enthusiastic, passionate, and genuinely fitting author.

Submission + - European PS3 Launch Delayed

malkavian writes: It seems the Blu-Ray drive is still giving Sony some serious headaches. The European launch of the PS3 in Europe has been delayed until March 2007.
This does not affect the planned launch in the US and Japan, according to the article in the BBC.

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