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Comment Source of success (Score 1) 167

Where their revenue is made is irrelevant. What created the revenue IS relevant. If American-based ingenuity is still their moneymaker, then their hiring practices should reflect that.

Presumably IBM is well aware of the source of their "moneymaker". Probably far better than you and certainly better than me. Show me your evidence that US based talent would provide a better outcome (greater profits) to IBM than what they are doing. Frankly you are talking in unsupported hypothetical ideas rather than evidence based facts.

Furthermore where their revenue is made is very much a relevant consideration as is the location of the best talent to make it. IBM is a global company and has the resources to identify talent wherever it might come from. The notion that 5% of the world's population would constitute a disproportionate share of the talent pool is an irrational assumption unsupported by evidence and IBM is big enough to actually have that evidence. Also conveniently you also have neglected to consider costs which only a fool would ignore. The purpose of a company is to make profit, not revenue. You cannot consider profit without considering both revenue and costs. If they can get the same or similar outcomes with lower priced foreign talent, what possible justification is there for hiring overpriced US workers? What makes US workers such special snowflakes?

Look I get it that there are huge and real problems with stuff like H1B hires and the like but there is a reason that companies feel the pressure to do that sort of thing. US labor is among the most expensive in the world. Only a fool buys something more expensive if the performance doesn't justify the extra cost.

Comment INTERNATIONAL Business Machines (Score 4, Interesting) 167

Just a reminder that the name of the company is INTERNATIONAL Business Machines, not American Business Machines. Just because the company is based in the US doesn't mean it will necessarily hire people in the US. IBM gets roughly 65% of their revenue outside the US. One would expect their staffing to reflect that fact.

I am NOT trying to defend IBM's actions. Merely pointing out that they aren't necessarily surprising and without more context it's hard to make an informed judgement about them. I'm all for the home team but that may or may not make sense for that particular company.

Comment Trump is worse in every way (Score 3, Interesting) 206

She's a traitor, a habitual liar, incompetent, self-serving, and saggy-boobs deep in pay-for-play.

"Traitor"? Seriously? Can I have some of what you are smoking? And claiming that Clinton is less of a self serving liar than Trump is just idiotic.

Think on that. We elected an IDIOT because he's better than the alternative. If he gets our soldiers killed or sells us out, it'll be because he's dumb and incompetent, not because he's sleazy and malicious.

Trump is dumb and incompetent AND sleazy and malicious. It's not either/or. The man collects vendettas like a teenager collects Pokemon cards. Whatever you imagine Clinton's faults to be, Trump has matched or exceeded each and every one of them. Trump is a reprehensible, cruel, ignorant, narcissist, whose only real talent is self promotion.

At least with him, there's a chance.

If you actually believe that then you are dumber than you claim Trump is.

Comment Bizarro World (Score 3, Insightful) 206

It's sort of ironic that you call Trump a xenophobe while the entire Democrat and press establishment go on a witchhunt for foreigners that makes Mccarthyism look like Mr. Rogers.

I'm curious what the sky looks like in the Bizarro World that republicans appear to inhabit where they actually believe this sort of crap. Tribalism at its finest people...

Trump's xenophobic actions and statements stand on their own. If you don't recognize him for the reprehensible human being he is then I'm not sure what I can do to help you. The best arguments against Donald Trump come right out of his own unfiltered mouth. He's on the record endorsing torture, denigrating women, opposing reproductive rights, calling for mass deportations,endorsing trade wars, cutting taxes on the richest but not the poor, removing health care from millions without a plan to replace it, supporting religious bigotry, and a whole lot more.

Comment What DVR are are you using? (Score 1) 147

And between "you cannot tape this show" and "you cannot fast forward through this part", the whole DVR has become obsolete for most applications unless you know how to remove that bullshit from the equation.

I haven't run into a commercial yet that my Tivo can't fast forward through. I can't be bothered with services like Sling that won't let you skip commercials. Just not worth the money to waste my life watching ads.

Comment There will be commercials (probably) (Score 4, Insightful) 147

Netflix's boom in subscribers is a sign that the world is accepting internet TV, meaning without commercials and on-demand, said CEO Reed Hastings

Yeah we've seen the "no commercials" promise before when cable TV was becoming a thing and it was bullshit then too. They'll only stay away from commercials long enough to get a subscriber base. Commercials are where most of the money is and it will be hard for them to ignore that fact. I have a hard time imagining Netflix being immune to the siren's call of that much cash forever.

Comment US debt holders (Score 4, Informative) 278

China owns something like a third of the total foreign held US debt

The amount of US debt China owns is less than 10% of the total amount outstanding. Currently around $1.3 Trillion which is a big number but only a single digit percentage of the total debt. Most of the US debt is actually held by Americans. Of the $12.9 trillion chunk of debt owned by Americans, $5.3 trillion is held by government trust funds such as Social Security, $5.1 trillion is held by individuals, pension funds and state and local governments and the remaining $2.5 trillion is held by the Federal Reserve. Basically most of the debt is IOUs to the American people.

Interestingly Japan owns almost as much US debt as China does at $1.1 Trillion. But Japan isn't so scary so people gloss over that fact.

Although China needs the US as badly as the US needs China, if we try to bluster our way into something stupid, just calling the debt will make for a rather unpleasant time as the world economy topples.

China has no ability whatsoever to "call" the US debt. Treasury bonds don't work like that. China bought those treasuries to keep their currency exchange rate under control. Furthermore even if China wanted to get rid of their US denominated debt, they have absolutely no one else they can sell it to. There simply are no buyers for that much US debt at anywhere close to face value. If they hold a fire sale they absolutely screw their own economy in the process.

Comment Two parties are here to stay (Score 4, Insightful) 278

My hope is that the Trump administration will continue to highlight the inequalities that are baked into the current system.

Unless there is some path to actually do something about them what exactly would be the point of that? I have close to zero confidence that anything will meaningfully change any time soon.

The two party system must come to an end.

Only way that will happen is if we change the voting system to be something other than First Past the Post and we get rid of Gerrymandering. However since both of those things support the interests of the two major parties neither is likely to see any meaningful reform any time soon.

Comment Trump is worse (Score 5, Insightful) 278

So, the Russians made the democrats, Hillary and all the rest do all those unsavory (criminal??) things just to get Trump elected.

Whatever "unsavory" thing you imagine the Clintons to have done, Donald Trump can match it or top it for sheer asshattery. And judging by the Bond villians he's nominating for cabinet positions he's just getting warmed up on the unsavory activities. Is Hillary a saint? Hell no. Nobody who runs for high office is without sin. But Trump is worse in pretty much every imaginable way when it comes to being a criminal and an all around terrible person.

Sorry, but the Hillary loss can be placed at the feet of Hillary, the Democrats, the MSM and the RINOs who were conspiring against the american people.

"Conspiring against the American people"? Snort... That's rich. I think you might be off your medications if you think the republican party is any more concerned about the well being of the American people than the democrats are. Doubly so if you think Trump has the best interests of you and me at heart.

Comment Budget perceptions (Score 1) 45

Still, the public perception is that NASA's budget is far more than it actually is.

True. And yet ironically much of the public thinks we don't spend enough on our military despite it accounting for close to a quarter of the national budget and is . $597B in 2015 alone which is more than China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, UK, India and Germany COMBINED. Interestingly the US military budget is very close to the same amount as our annual deficit which also is right around $600B. So we are borrowing the entire US military budget every year and forcing future generations to pay for it. Talk about misplaced priorities.

Comment Self driving != accident free (Score 1) 140

I think the key phrase is "Self-driving".

Self driving isn't equivalent to accident free. Self driving vehicles will still get in accidents. They MIGHT get in fewer accidents but the number will not be zero. And the fewer accident notion is a very big IF at this point. Until we get such vehicles on the road we won't know if their accident rate is better or worse under real world conditions.

If there's any significant collision risk, the car could simply go straight up to avoid it.

I think you've been watching too many movies. Real world physics doesn't work like that. Some obstacles simply cannot be avoided. Some road conditions will prevent collision avoidance. Good luck going up when you have power lines overhead for instance. Sometimes obstacles appear faster than it is possible to maneuver to avoid them.

Comment State of the art (Score 1) 140

Um, then we must already be living in a "Tony stark's fictional arc reactor" universe then since there are droves of flying car prototypes out there

"Droves of flying car prototypes"? Hardly. There are a few light airplanes that technically can be driven on a road in good weather at modest speeds. Get in a fender bender and they instantly are no longer air worthy. None are safe to drive in bad weather. None are practical in any sense of the word. None have ever become viable products that could be sold in meaningful quantities because there are WAY too many engineering trade offs. None are operable without a runway and a pilot's license. None are going to be sold to the general public in quantity any time soon because they are utterly useless in real life. It's more economical to have a car and a plane than a single vehicle that does both badly.

There are even a few prototypes in the works that have some short runway/vertical takeoff capabilities.

There always are "a few prototypes in the works". That's a LONG way away from saying they are actually viable products. We don't have a power source of sufficient energy density to make a useful flying car. End of story. Until we do a flying car will remain a mythical beast.

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