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Comment Re:Half-Life 3 would never work (Score 1) 215

No, we definitely haven't passed that point. What it needs though is a well written story; that's what made the Half Life series great. Good fun, humour and a compelling story. Do they need a groundbreaking engine? Nope. Do they need something twinkly and flash? Perhpaps, but not necessarily exceeding what's already out there.. What they DO need is story. It's the thing that made the Mass Effect series so popular (and so lambasted when they 'broke' the story)... Good writers, and an immersive plot that doesn't just end in "pick one of three options".. Have that, and HL3 would be well received. Break the story, and it'll get panned.

Comment Re:This sucks. (Score 4, Insightful) 299

The problem is that it's so damn difficult to get an easy suicide: Guns, sure.. In the UK, we're not allowed them, so scratch that. Pills.. The stuff that'd take you down quietly and peacefully is controlled quite strictly (and an OD on a street drug isn't pretty or painless).. Knives.. That's a painful and traumatic way to go. Jumping.. As above.. That's a traumatic and stressful way to go. Hanging.. Again, a traumatic and painful way to go. That's the simple stuff that springs to mind, and it always leaves a mess for some unsuspecting person to have to deal with (usually your friends, or immediate family; that is pretty damn traumatic for them too). Euthanasia is a controlled environment, where the exit from life is as peaceful as it can be. It's all planned, so there's no horrific discovery. It's all taken care of by people who are geared to doing this (medical professionals, who are used to mortality, and the system is geared to handling it gracefully and with a minimum of trauma). I'm definitely on the side of pro-euthanasia.. We put animals down to save them suffering, because it's the kind thing to do. We're just not kind enough to our own to let us choose for ourselves if we want to put ourself down quietly.

Comment Re:Going about it all wrong (Score 1) 779

Well, to get the poor inner city youth interested, you'd need to engage them early and get them into the culture of academic merit, get their parents chivvying them down that route and helping out where they can.. You know, the kind of home life that they don't (in most cases) have, and the kind of culture that gets them beaten up by their peers..

Comment Re:Look To History (Score 3, Insightful) 479

Possibly not. Back in the 70s, if you remember that (I do), there was a significant lack of women in the workplace, as a good portion chose to be home makers. That skewed all the demographics. Nowadays, things have changed a whole lot, where women actually outnumber men in university graduation numbers, and there's the expectation that both partners now work in the majority of cases (men are still underrepresented in the homemaker side). We've reached the point where men and women have chosen their paths, and a huge amount of women choose not to do math, physics, chemistry and computing. They do chose law, medicine, and biological science, and are often overrepresented in these areas. And they're happy doing what they do..

Comment Re:Hire the best person (Score 1) 341

Hurrah. That would be great. Except when you take a single subject and cherry pick it (i.e. "Women are underrepresented in high earning tech" and allocating money to fix that, while ignoring "Women are overrepresented in Vetinary Science and a good many high paying biological science roles" simply means that you're essentially setting up for a scenario where you will actually put money in to ensure "Women are the best people for the job via education" for all the high paying areas, ensuring men are actively discriminated against, and end up overrepresented in low paying jobs.). What should be concentrated on is: Educate every person to the best standard you can in the field they have the most affinity and enthusiasm for. That will determine who is the best person for the job irrespective of gender and race, which is the way it's meant to be.

Comment Re:discrimination in reverse (Score 1) 341

Your logic is distinctly faulty. It probably means 1 and 2 being true, then you've found an edge case where the race/sex matched the generalisations of another set. What you've effectively said is that if all things are equal, then you discriminate against the while male for no other reason than "why not" (your given reasons of hardship etc. carry no real weight; all backgrounds can, and do have hardships they've overcome).. If you want to do it, fine by me, but don't kid yourself that this is ethically superior reasoning.

Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 5, Insightful) 341

Ok, and let's get equal leave for paternity, money spent getting males into Vetinary sciences etc. where they're underrepresented, and a whole host of things that are directed at women. Plus, the same chance of being the stay at home partner when children arrive (males are vastly under represented here. Oh, and compulsory genetic testing at childbirth (so every male will have the same knowledge that the child is theirs as the mother has), so on, so forth.. But you know what, a male will never have the same bond with a child as the mother, because that's biologically impossible. What's the big picture here? The sexes aren't equal in all things; one sex has advantages in some areas. People make their own choices along the way. This insistence that there must be equal everything at each step, and that the company must have x people in post to match a general demographic of population by discriminating based on sex or skin colour is atrocious. I'm all for meritocracy (hell, my hiring practices of the past decade have had me hiring in approximately 50% ethnic minorities, as they were flat out the best candidates for the job that presented at interviews). This "discriminate against one group so we can get a demographic match up" is just plain silly.

Comment Interesting.. (Score 1) 38

Though I prefer Diving Log, which has a client for phone and desktop. I use the phone in surface intervals to chuck in notes about the dive, and put heavier typing and such in on the desktop, when I synchronise the phone across.. Works nicely for me.

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