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Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 1) 201

Nobody was forcing them to be parents. They were prepared to be parents and take the financial and emotional responsibility... that was the whole point of the procedure.

Yes, for a child born of their own genes. There are numerous disadvantages to raising a child who is not of your own genes. Such offspring is much less likely to be successful in every way due to a number of factors. Your offspring literally inherits traits you gained during your lifetime. This is important for creating rapport between parent and offspring. Keep in mind that it's a typical instinct for an ape to kill all the offspring of other males when he takes over a female.

Comment "Daring people people to switch to Linux"? (Score 1) 138

Perhaps they're daring people to switch to another office product. I don't see how the operating system underneath is of much relevance. Even from that measure, it seems like this move is targeted at companies using an installed product with a business cloud storage. So if someone were to flip office suites, what alternatives are there for that?

I think the LibreOffice team should be looking at where MS Office is going with cloud storage and make sure their product offers something equivalent. If it does, they can pick up some of the business that needs analogous features before it can jump from the MS train.

Comment Why pay the Microsoft tax? (Score 4, Interesting) 138

SOON: The Windows OS will be rented, not sold, apparently. That would be one more abuse, of many.

This is being accepted: Windows 10 is possibly the worst spyware ever made. Quote: "Buried in the service agreement is permission to poke through everything on your PC."

So, I'm guessing Microsoft managers think, "That worked. We will try another abuse."

One thing I've learned over the years is that Slashdot commenters are generally not good at reacting to abuse. Slashdot commenters make excuses, or react to abuse weakly. Also, for many Slashdot commenters there is a conflict of interest: They make more money if Windows is more difficult to administer and use.

Slowly increasing the number and severity of abuses causes many people to make multiple excuses, effectively accepting Microsoft's abusiveness.

However, Microsoft managers seem to lack social ability. The abusiveness of many of the features of Windows 10 are like a multi-billion-dollar advertising campaign that very effectively says, "Dislike Microsoft products". One of the many examples: Trying to imitate Google and sell "Apps", but to business users that don't want employees distracted.

One possible solution: All countries could support ReactOS so that the Windows OS can be eliminated.

No company should be allowed to have a virtual monopoly! Companies that are routinely abusive should be re-organized or eliminated.

Quote from the parent comment: "I've been using a combination of Google Apps and LibreOffice for years, never looked back and don't miss MS at all. Several of the businesses I consult for have switched entirely to Google Apps..."

Several years ago, I spent several hours writing something in Microsoft Word. Later I discovered that Microsoft Word was not able to open its own file! Luckily, I could open the file in Libre Office.

The parent comment is correct. Let's find other methods of doing our work. Don't rely on a habitual abuser.

Let's have a multi-national effort to improve Libre Office, especially the somewhat sloppy and limited user interface.

Why should all the countries in the world pay the Microsoft tax? The United States was founded because of refusing to pay an abusive tax.

Comment Re:How much CO2? (Score 1) 179

It's not that much. The US military (and presumably others) has been experimenting with artificially creating cloud cover for decades. Conspiracy theories aside, there are a couple of relevant patents. One of them basically involves special afterburners, and the other one involves spraying metallics (just like the conspiracy theorists said, whee!)

Whether we should be doing this or not doesn't really have any bearing on whether we should be doing the other things, though. We could do both.

Comment Re:DRONE ON (Score 1) 179

On top of that, it's a stupid fucking argument to be making. Carbon emissions are not evenly distributed. A handful of the worlds rich assholes (read: us) are doing the vast majority of the climate change (See figure 1).

India and China are trying as hard as they can to come up to our levels of carbon release. This is a problem that has to be solved at a deeper level. It has to simply be cheaper not to pollute. Therefore this is where the bulk of the research should be going.

Comment GMail to the rescue, only if Google would behave.. (Score 1) 59

"Over the years we've realized that there are more capable email platforms out there," Verizon concedes.

I love GMail and I am sure Google wouldn't be hurt acquiring all those accounts.

My beef with GMail is in its "ugliness" by default, which makes one employ extensions to make it useful.

I love the way Outlook is laid out. In order to have this layout in Gmail, I need to use some experimental add-on!

Following an email thread is just too confusing. I am still learning how to use it myself...

I find Gmail colors too "bland" for my liking and options provided are a gimmick in my opinion.

Why can't I choose what labels are displayed on the left? I sometimes want to hide everything else apart from what has to do with email and to an extent, chat.

For Verizon, the demise of its email service is good riddance.

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 2) 201

The father "propagating his like" and all that does matter in some cultures though. And it's not just a matter of shame, which can be considerable, for the parents. Bastardy can carry a stigma for the child as well that may even persist into adulthood.

I'm not endorsing such beliefs, mind you. Nor am I accusing these parents of holding them. Hell, I neither have nor want kids, for that matter. But the cultural attitudes I described do exist in the world. And they can cause significant problems for the child beyond the, not at all insignificant, medical questions that may arise from unknown parentage.

Comment Re:It would be... (Score 1) 202

I'm not sure it would help against your pretty sever case of confirmation bias. In my commute there is a great percentage of cars doing stupid shit that endanger other people, and there are seldom any cyclists doing that.

About fifty percent of the cyclists I see on the road are doing something spectacularly stupid. These things range from riding the wrong direction to completely ignoring signals and signs. Perhaps this has to do with where I am driving, which is primarily around Napa, Lake, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties. I am very cautious around cyclists, because it doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong, I don't want to kill some schmuck with no appreciation for the laws of physics.

Comment Re: Systemd! (Score 1) 251

AMD driver support is and always has been a PITA. This continues to be true, although many people say that it is becoming less true. Meanwhile, nVidia Linux driver support is more of a PITA than it was back in the olden days, so there's really nothing to be happy about unless you're an intel fan.

Comment Re: The problem is depth perception (Score 1) 49

You can get a depth from a single camera if the object or scene is suitably lit.

People do it with IR. But it's pretty crap, and it can be fooled by some surfaces and materials. And when you talk about what people are actually looking at doing in cars for full autonomy, it's combining normal visual cameras with lidar and radar.

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