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Submission + - The Next Browser Scripting Language is... C?

mad.frog writes: "Atul Varma reports: "Last week, Scott Petersen from Adobe gave a talk at Mozilla on a toolchain he's been creating — soon to be open-sourced — that allows C code to be targeted to the Tamarin virtual machine. Aside from being a really interesting piece of technology, I thought its implications for the web were pretty impressive... The end result is the ability to run a wide variety of existing C code in Flash at acceptable speeds. Petersen demonstrated a version of Quake running in a Flash app, as well as a C-based Nintendo emulator running Zelda; both were eminently playable, and included sound effects and music.""

Submission + - ECMAScript 4 Overview Released (

mad.frog writes: "The ECMA Committee that has been working on the next revision of ECMAScript (aka JavaScript, aka JScript) has released an overview paper describing ECMAScript 4 as the language currently stands. They're expecting the standard to be finished in October 2008. The paper is available at This paper is not a spec, it is *just* a detailed overview. Some features may be cut, others may be changed, and numerous details remain to be worked out, but by and large this is what TG1 expects the language to look like."

Submission + - ECMAScript 4 Reference Implementation Released (

mad.frog writes: "Dave Herman has posted a note on announcing that the first pre-release of the reference implementation of ECMAScript Edition 4 (a.k.a. JavaScript 2) is now available. Language geeks will be interested to find that the reference implementation of ECMAScript is being written in Standard ML, rather than pseudocode."

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