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Comment Re:Not just americans ... (Score 1) 189

We're in the same operation. I'm IT, tend to distance myself from electronics, etc. Your story basically dead-on.

What I have to share with you is something I've shared before on here - a day at the mall and a shaking head, reaffirming my belief that this social media crap (especially the younger generation) is absolute garbage and creates a lack of social development.....

I went to the mall one day with a friend who uses FB, Twitter, all that shit, but doesn't impart any of it on me or even talk about it. That's cool of him to do. Anyhow, we're walking in the mall and see one of those center depressions where there is a semi-circle sofa with steps leading down to it for people to "relax" or something. Hell if I know what you call it. There are roughly 10 teens sitting on this semi-circle couch. Every single one of them has their head bent down and from a distance looks like they've lost consciousness. At a closer distance, they are all doing shit on their "who's got the coolest-style case" smartphones. I asked my buddy to stop for a minute for observation... This is what I saw:

Not a single one of them looked at another or talked to another. They were all using FaceBook mobile app. About twice a minute, you'd hear two of them snort (mini-low energy-laugh snort) as an indication there was some sort of mental trigger action going down. I'm assuming two would be looking at the same post or something on FB or laughing at the post of another. We stood there for over 10 minutes and eventually walked away because a head did not come up once. The same activity just continued, almost like something you'd expect in "The Real World in The Matrix Trilogy", but ya know, not encased or in liquid. Just stares at the phone, constant hand motions on the phone, occasional dual-snorting, maybe a leg twitch, and long periods of silence while finger-swiping. I told my buddy we needed to leave because this was getting to the point of scary from my generation X/Y crossover era development and observation. Bud agreed and we slowly walked away, still looking back to see if a head would raise or one of them would blow their nose or scratch an itch. Nothing. ...And that's all I got ta say about that.

Comment Re:Quick way to quit Facebook (Score 1) 189

I was getting annoyed about Facebook and finding that I was spending time on it and not really finding it worthwhile, but the monkey-brain habit was already ingrained so I kept going back. I honestly stopped the habit completely with just a couple steps:

1. Uninstall the Facebook app
2. If I ever end up opening Facebook in the browser, log out completely when I'm done, and don't save the password or username

Turns out that when I have to go through several steps (open browser, navigate to Facebook, type in username, type in password) it's disruptive enough to the mindless "Check Facebook" routine I had developed that it killed it entirely. I went from checking it 5-6 times a day to checking it once or twice a month, and life is much better.

I expected to get back on FB to meet old friends / acquaintances from HS (maybe more). I goofed around and tried to get into "that thing" for a while and eventually found my best friend (ha) from the time. He had dreams of becoming a pilot. Turns out he actually DID. He was a passenger plane pilot and got to fly all around the globe. It was cool seeing pictures and reading short stories (he seemed to stay away from the constantly show a new female and alcohol in every picture). Anyhow, I talked to him for a while and he did the whole "HEY BRO!!!! Man we haven't talked in forever. When I'm in Cincy next, I'll get ahold of you and we can hang out!"

I waited and waited. I eventually saw that he came back and met up with "girls he knew here". Pictures, quick stories about going to bar x and hop z... Then he was gone again. No mention of me, no email, no phone or SMS contact, nothing. I waited a while longer (let's say over a year, no joke). He was coming into town for xmas with the family. I mentioned that we should hang out while he's in town and he responded with, "Yeah. We should! I'll call ya as soon as I get a chance and we'll do stuff."

Nothing. I prompted him for info as to when he was departing the area the day after xmas but got no response. I saw pictures from above the upper level cirrus clouds posted to his FB account on the flight he was piloting somewhere to continue work.

Repeat same things for another year - nothing but, "Yeah! I can't wait to see you! It's been so long and there's a lot we need to catch up on, bro!"

After getting dodged another year, I literally said, out loud, "What in the fuck am I wasting my time on this stupid site for?"

I deleted my account (which, of course it says it will keep inactive and ready to re-engagement for 6 months). I haven't touched it since.

I created a twitter account to get in contact with a female friend (messed around with, heh) from the past and got nothing but ignored and blocked. Deleted that account.

I have been perfectly fine without it. There are some places that reference "news" or a "story" or "pictures" or "[insert name of information here]" that are on FB, but you can't see it unless you log in first. Never did; just searched Google for the same information and found it and references to it. I have not had one single session of any "social media" crap since. My life is just fine. Sure, I miss out on the latest "meme viral joke thing" or "stupid picture or video of dumb shit that over 100,000,000 viewers have watched". I see other people at work and a relative (on xmas visit she comes into town) who are doing "that thing" where they need to constantly respond to something, laugh at something that no one else has a clue about, or post on their own and verbally indicate to "their friends" with a little chortle that there's something for them to group together and laugh about if they all just pull out their phones and go to the FB thing.

Then, I looked at how much time people spend on it every day. It's more time than I've spent writing this comment, multiplied by at least 3.

I still get by just fine without it or any desire for it. I must be a sick person who needs mental help or the latest antidepressant medication (whatever it is these days). LOL!

Comment Re:I cut off FB a month ago. It's been a good mont (Score 1) 189

Damnit, you're giving me more reason to think about the (joking but probably would work) plan of getting FB cut off for 6 hours and seeing the horrible response and ultimate feeling of helplessness and inability to function that people would demonstrate. Make it 12 and we're getting near danger level. Leave it cut off for over 24 and it would be the ultimate equivalent of doomsday fear. The. World. Is. Ending.

I copyright this, so no one is allowed to go make a movie out of it. :)

Comment Re:Hard wired (Score 1) 189

Bravo and tipping of the proverbial hat to a scholar!

It's excellent to see that some people still understand that Humans aren't this magical thing that has power no other animal does, while at the same time being able to change "the world" in any way, at any time they want without repercussions.

I admire your intellect; a large part of all "we" have left.

Comment Re:Not a problem at all (Score 1) 1083

Under Federal law, employers generally cannot discriminate against employees on the basis of:

Religious Affiliation
National Origin
Military Affiliation
Genetic Information
Citizenship Status

Funny, political party isn't up there. What a wonderful false equivalence you've devised.

And don't forget bona fide occupational qualifications! If the job skill required is logical thought and the prospective seeker voted for Trump, that'd be legal discrimination even if they *were* a protected group. Which, again, you're... I mean, *they're* not.

What I'm getting at is that there's always "a way". You just need an alternative. "The position is no longer available (but one with a different ID is and there just happens to be the person we want to hire already signed up for it)." How about, "The job description and requirements have changed (to make sure there's something in there that you don't have as a legal excuse, even though the person we want to hire has that one but is missing four other ones)". It's amazing.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1083

It does. It also illustrates your rather disappointing lack of humor.

It could just be that you aren't as funny as you think you are.

Do you just skim posts, finding something to take umbrage at? Didn't read what I wrote after that? Allow me to explain.

You didn't have to find it funny. A person would look at that, and say "that's ridiculous" some might find it funny, some not. And that's okay. But even so, a display of non-insulting humor where a poster pokes fun at themselves, indicates an extension of friendly notion, that even if if the recipient does not find it amusing, at least they can make some judgements.

And your response tells me much about you, taken with your other posts like:

Only if your definition of race comes from the 19th century, which in itself is a little racist.

Just because the stupid end of society can't deal with grey doesn't mean the rest of us can't.


And it's where left wing, reshuffle everything idealists end up turning simple concepts into meaningless messes. And where you don't understand why when a decent majority of people believe in most of your concepts, you are adamant about derailing the train for the least important matters.

And herein lies the point of your babble. A little rant about the left, or the democrats, or whoever it is you hate.

I have to chuckle, when there are others here who label me as a liberal or socialist. No, actually I tend to analyze a situation, and put it to a test of whether it makes sense, and if it is likely to work, or it it is just screwed up ideology. I've torn conservatives to shreds when they try to trump science with politics and declare the energy retention characteristics of different gases, or when they express such a faulty concept of human nature as to believe in trainwreck economics like the trickle down effect or Laissez-faire.

But the left comes into a well deserved beatdown when they require 88 genders, which means that a simple term once based upon what parts you were born with, has completely changed to mean sexual preference. And so fluid that there is somehow a difference between the aforementioned Transsexual man, and Transsexual male.

For the record I have no political leaning, both sides are as crazy as each other, so anyone attacking one, is clearly on the other and therefore to me just as crazy.

Racist, stupid, and now crazy. What a bundle of joy you are. handing out the pejoratives like candy at Easter.

Your idea of labeling anyone who criticizes one political affiliation as automatically belonging to the other political affiliation is simply wrong, especially when you seem to demand fluidity in other matters, yet are in a big hurry to label me as something that I'm not.

If you want the science, you can start here: https://www.scientificamerican...

Race as a social construct is very nice for psychologists, but tell me, is it bad to know that people originating from a certain area and subject to certain diseases by their genetics now forbidden knowledge? Is the very researching of this sort of thing racist? From the article:

"What the study of complete genomes from different parts of the world has shown is that even between Africa and Europe, for example, there is not a single absolute genetic difference, meaning no single variant where all Africans have one variant and all Europeans another one, even when recent migration is disregarded," Pääbo told Live Science. "It is all a question of differences in how frequent different variants are on different continents and in different regions."

Wordsmithing, and basically completely abandoning race altogether for some regional approach that will soon become race again.

The concept that a "race" has to share all of their DNA in order to be called a race is simply bizzare. Not even identical twins have identical DNA. https://www.scientificamerican....

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1083

But they won't let race be fluid, while gender can be. I don't understand, gender is much more defined. We all descended either from Adam and Eve - or - from the same group of curious monkeys. When we breed between races our offspring are not sterile like a liger or mule. But, for some reason it isn't PC to let race be fluid while gender can be.

To be blunt, the gender morass as they are trying to define it, has shifted from sexual characteristics to sexual preferences, and in doing so, they have shown themselves to be rather obsessive compulsive about attaching a label to everything in sight. Even worse, they are wordsmithing so obsessively that in their world of genders, a Transsexual male is not the same gender as a transsexual man. A distinction with no difference.

And yeah it's like the opposite for race.

One might be forgiven for believing that they just like bitching.

Comment Re:Gender Binary (Score 1) 1083

If your position is that transgender persons deserve to die, well, I suppose that would be logically consistent. I'd very much hope that not to be the case, however.

They are just people, and I don't care at all. If someone is happy, and not abusing/harming others, It's all good. There is one thing worth mentioning though. There might be many reasons for wanting to go transgender, and a person would do well to seek out some counseling before making the jump.

If a person's concept of themselves is of the opposite sex than they were born with, and they are reasonably comfortable with that, then by all means. But there might be other issues.

I watched a documentary about two different people who were born biologically male, but felt they were actally female. Both of them underwent hormone threapy to grow breasts, and had sexual reassignment surgery. Both were attractive in the normal sense. Apparently a sex reassignment success story.

Then after a few years, both decided that they no longer wanted to be female! Stunning, and horrifying. You don't just grow a new penis when yours has been cut off. Some decisions we make are pretty final. So both stopped hormone therapy, but had altered their lives in a bad way forever.

As I noted, I don't care at all about gender reassignment. But given that a person who might be psychologically dissatisfied with themselves for one reason or another, and thinks being the opposite sex is the cure, had better get someone to work through it with them.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1083

And as we increasingly expand simple concepts like race or gender, it merely dilutes them to the point of pointlessness.

You mean that as we discover that not everything is black and white, nature tends to be infinite shades of grey, we should just give up and stick with black and white?

I mean nothing of the sort. Can't imagine why you would think that. It's well known that in the hypothetical situation of lining up everyone in the world by skin pigmentation, it wouldn't be possible to make a determine what race a person belonged to. But let's say we wanted to get involved in some genetic diferences between people that miht result in their propensity for certain diseases. Tay-Sachs ideas, which appears in the genetic population of Ashkenazi Jews, and Cajuns in Southern Louisiana. Interestingly enough, this genetic mutation, which is fatal if two carriers have an offspring, can protect against Tuberculosis, which is why the allele persists.–Sachs_disease

Sickle Cell disease, which is probably the one you are most concerned about, is one carried by people from Sub-Saharan Africa. Some people in the Middle East also carry this genetic allele.

People from Sub-Saharan Africa have Vitamin D Issues when living in northern Latitudes, and people in Northern Lattitudes are prone to melanoma when outside of their area of origin or latitude.

All based on the grouping of where the person originated.

Now where you are coming from is best summed up by a paragraph from Wikipedia's

Since the second half of the 20th century, the association of race with the ideologies and theories that grew out of the work of 19th-century anthropologists and physiologists has led to the use of the word race itself becoming problematic. Although still used in general contexts, race has often been replaced by less ambiguous and emotionally charged synonyms: populations, people(s), ethnic groups, or communities, depending on context.

Ideology. The same application of human ingenuity that allows conservatives to deny simple concepts like the Greenhouse effect, 20th century Soviet Communists to deny genetics for their more ideologically acceptable Lamarkian theory, where a organism can change into another by something akin to will. Where Liberals can declare Genetically modified foods as poison, while disreagrding that humans have genetically modified food for thousands of years. And for both liberals and soncervative subgroups to insist that the thimerosol in vaccines causes autism, then shift to "it must be something else, but its still the vaccine!" when thimerosol is removed and no change is observed - and to hold that belief when it is concusively proven that the researcher was invilved in a scam with a lawyer to strike it rich. Ideology can raise us to new heights, or kill us.

And don't even go to your next move, which would be to accuse me of liking crackpot theories like the Bell curve, which presumes racial superiority by virtue of averaging IQ tests, that most unsatisfactory method of measuring intelligence. It's bullshit, and tells you nothing about any individual person you meet. Also used mainly by White's are superior people as some sort of excuse for keeping those sub-saharan's out of power. Oddly, they don't say much about East Asians being presumably more intelligent then they are. It's bullshit with a not quite sane agenda group being it's proponents.

Just because the stupid end of society can't deal with grey doesn't mean the rest of us can't.

Well, aren't we just the assuming one. I call prejudice, assumption, and bigotry on you. You dear sir, are indeed a bigot.

I use ethnicity for the most part just because of the silly destruction of the term race

The classical definition of race was only three groups, Caucasian, Negroid and Mongoloid. It is not pointless to introduce more granular classifications, if anything it helps us understand all the variations that exist among humanity. This is how science and progress works.

If that were all it was, that would be no issue. But peolpe and ideology always demand that things like race be force fitted to their political agenda. Because it's a moving target, like moron, which stands for a specific thing, yet people conscript it, and now it's a pejorative.

By the time you are done, race will probably look like the ridiculous number of genders. In order to determine genetics within certain groups, some people will demand we don't include the points of origin.

And I identify my gender as a Lamborghini Countach. Which makes my race as Gearhead.

That explains a lot.

It does. It also illustrates your rather disappointing lack of humor. You wouldn't even have to actually find it funny, just note that since a human isn't actually a Countach, that the person you are writing back and forth with is not so serious that he's trying to inject a little levity. The closest thing to anything biting in is is the race as gearhead, which if you subscribe to the modern liberal definition of race as also classified by social relations, you are being pretty offending because Gearheads are indeed a social group, therefore unles you want to be a hypocrite, your ideology demands you accept gearheads as a race. We fit your definition. Granualirity brother (hope I didn't just assume your gender - I think it's okay, Brother isn't on the approved list of 88 genders. It's the perennial problem with any ideology, left or right. It always backs itself into a corner, and you have to defend ridiculous results of the ideology.

It's how fundamentalist Christians have to try to defend the Noah's arc myth.

It's where right wing denialists have to pretend that the energy retention effects of certain gases simultaneously have enough effect to keep the earth suitable for life, while denying that the sequestered carbon that we re-release has absolutely no effect.

And it's where left wing, reshuffle everything idealists end up turning simple concepts into meaningless messes. And where you don't understand why when a decent majority of people believe in most of your concepts, you are adament about derailing the train for the least important matters.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1083

Social/cultural constructs are real, and we don't have to listen to your silly definitions.

Exactly. We don't have to listen to yours either. And can you quote back to me exactly where I said they were not real in the first place?

I find as long as a person isn't engaging in sex with a minor, I'm fine with wherever they want to dip their wick. I'm fine if they want to enter the state of marriage, and enjoy the rights and responsibilities of that state. Awesome. Finding love is better than finding hatred.

Facebook's 51 genders? Oops maybe its 58....

Agender Androgyne Androgynous Bigender Cis Cisgender Cis Female Cis Male Cis Man Cis Woman Cisgender Female Cisgender Male Cisgender Man Cisgender Woman Female to Male FTM Gender Fluid Gender Nonconforming Gender Questioning Gender Variant Genderqueer Intersex Male to Female MTF Neither Neutrois Non-binary Other Pangender Trans Trans* Trans Female Trans* Female Trans Male Trans* Male Trans Man Trans* Man Trans Person Trans* Person Trans Woman Trans* Woman Transfeminine Transgender Transgender Female Transgender Male Transgender Man Transgender Person Transgender Woman Transmasculine Transsexual Transsexual Female Transsexual Male Transsexual Man Transsexual Person Transsexual Woman Two-Spirit

Which is exactly why I say it is pointless. Explain if you will, the difference between a Transsexual male and a transsexual man. And is it worth getting offended if you identify as a trans male and someone assumes your gender is transgender male? Must be if there is an official separate designation.

The list shows that whatever you feel like calling yourself is an acceptable gender, therefore, it follows that the term gender has no meaning. The likewise silly term some people use as identifying as a " Blackhawk Helicopter". Well how would you deny that?

You have male, female, and indeterminate, if you feel the need. And the hijacking of gender into sexual or non-sexual preference needs shelved under "none of your damn business."

Now on to Social/Cultural. My background is Hungarian/Ukrainian/Italian/Scotch-Irish. My Mother was Italian, and My Father was Hungarian in the latest generation, with the Ukrainian one generation back.

So am I blessed to have so many cultures to pick and choose from, or do I have to pick one and stay within it so I am not guilty of cultural appropriation? I can tell you that you would have been mortally offended, because we enjoyed aspects of every culture that was part of our past. Except Scotch Irish - I'm not certain how that was neglected.

All of these things exist - I'll thank you for not putting words into what I write - that's rather offensive, you know.

We know that by the scientific definition of race the human species has no races, but we also know the historical context of what groups the word "race" in the human context has defined and what physical characteristics went into that, and we can use it.

And you could line up people by skin pigmentation/race from lightest to darkest, and no one, not even the most discriminating racist could tell the dividing line. I seldom use the "race descriptive anyhow, because you and your ilk spend a lot of time changing the word and getting offended if someone uses the wrong term, It doesn't turn you into a racist to use the term African-American. Yet everyone knows what you are talking about.

Even then, it can be an issue. On NPR I was listening to a newswoman interviewing a woman from Germany that also happened to be from an African nation, and also happened to have skin pigmentation typical of a person from that nation. So the interviewer asked her at one point "How do you feel about this as an African-American woman?"

Long pause.

But I'm not African American - I'm German."

But unlike the perpetually offended, she just chuckled - I suspect because the reporter was mortified.

So if you like, you can tidy up your little corner, be outraged when people don't conform to your demands, then wonder why some folks get elected when the rest of the country gets tired of your perpetualy offended nature.

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