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Comment Re:Normal (Score 1) 108

I guess, and I'm sure you've picked this up from our past conversations, the reason I feel so strongly about this, the reason it frustrates me so, is that I really want to like the iPhone. I wanted to even moreso when my primary computer was a Mac, it would have made things so much simpler, but every time I pick one up I just want to get it out of my hand as quickly as possible.

I am interested to see what happens with iOS 10; because it looks like Apple is beginning to fundamentally change some of the UI.

But, given your professed love for your iPad Pro (I'm jealous, BTW), your hatred of the iPhone with the heat of a thousand Suns simply doesn't make much sense, NFC-annoyance aside. I honestly really like my 6+, and other than a little occasional wonkiness with the gyro-reading of Portrait vs. Landscape orientations, I couldn't be happier. But obviously YMMV...

Comment Re:Normal (Score 1) 108

every time I have to use my wife's iPhone for anything I just want to throw the thing. It's not like I don't know or understand the interface, I'm a fairly heavy iPad user; iOS on a phone just doesn't feel the same as iOS on a tablet.

Other than the fact that most people use the iPad in Landscape and the iPhone in Portrait the majority of the time, and the differences in screen size, there simply aren't any significant differences in iOS usage on phone vs. Tablet. But you already know that.

It must just be a matter of user expectation on your part, or possibly what you typically use each device for. Other than that, I can't imagine why you would have such diametrically-opposed feelings about the same OS on the two devices.

Comment Re:I'm shocked. (Score 1) 528

I've heard that some Microsoft products will, upon installation, override and reconfigure your settings to what they're "supposed" to be, e.g. opening Microsoft's back door for them again. I heard from at least one person that this even applied to some of the libraries that ship with Visual C++. You may be a victim of this.

If I were you I would hunt down and delete whatever chunks of Windows 10 that are pre-downloaded, and then rip out the updates that put them there in the first place.

Yeah, I need to install GWX Control Panel.

Comment Re:Sheep. (Score 1) 120

You mean "to most fanbois". Because I'm pretty sure you have no clue if/when Nokia or Motorola reached the billion devices sold. Or how many copies of Windows have been sold. Or how many Dell laptops. So don't insult people's intelligence when you speak about that Apple marketing crap as if you were an avid follower of the market in general.

Blow me.

Comment Re:cost too mcuh (Score 1) 108

Actually, that wasn't true for this generation (the S7's). You could buy the unlocked S7 from Amazon

Like he said; some possibly shady 3rd party reseller.

Yep. When I checked about a year ago, NONE of the third-party resellers offering unlocked Slamdung phones were "fulfilled by Amazon", which is generally code for "fly-by-night" reseller.

Comment Re:I'm shocked. (Score 1) 528

Not so easily. I disabled windows update some 8 months ago. Thanks for microsoft I feel safer running without updates.

So did I on my W7 machine. No Windows Updates for MONTHS.

But then, I booted that laptop this week, and lo and behold, there it was: An ominous white Windows logo in the System Tray. Of course, the Tooltip revealed my deepest fears: "Get Windows 10", it said.

No Updates. But there it sits. daring me to accidentally Click it...

Comment Re:cost too mcuh (Score -1, Troll) 108

The flagship Samsung smartphones cost pretty much the same if not more.

Yep. Often more. Especially for an unlocked model. And while you can order an unlocked iPhone straight from Apple, Samsung won't sell you one directly. Instead, you have to got to some possibly shady 3rd party reseller to get an unlocked Slamdung phone.

Comment Re:Samsung tablet user still waiting for Android 6 (Score 0) 108

Well, google had this formal (or perhaps informal) agreement with the hardware companies and a promise to the consumers that all Android devices get two years of updates. I am not complaining that you get no update (supposedly it's coming). What I am saying Samsung takes almost like a year to give an update, which is ridiculous. I remember they did the same when rolling out Android 5.0.x (it took almost a year), and then they completely skipped the 5.1 and went for 6.0, which is now almost like a year old.

This. exactly this.

Comment Re:Normal (Score 0) 108

The S7 Edge was enough to catch my firmly-entrenched-in-the-iOS-ecosystem wife's eye. She tried getting me to trade phones with her for a week so she could try it out, but I just can't use an iPhone as my primary device.

Tell her to wait until September, when the iPhone 7 comes out. Apple isn't likely to sit on their laurels with sales numbers down...

Comment Re:Samsung has earned it (Score 1) 108

I am very impressed with my S7 Edge. It took me a little time to adjust to the curved screen, but all in all I prefer it to my iPhone 6. If Samsung continues to move forward, and Apple does not step up its game, this could be the the new normal.

This will all swap back around in September, when the iPhone 7 debuts.

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