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Comment Re:So there is room for a 3.5mm jack? (Score 1) 181

That's not global. The carriers where I am won't do it.

So you have to pay return shipping because of the carriers not honoring their agreements?

1. How is that Apple's fault?

2. How much can it possibly cost to ship a 4 ounce iPhone?

3. You can afford an iPhone, yet you can't afford return shipping? Riiiight...

4. Prove it.

Comment Re:Obligatory Mandy Rice-Davies (Score 1) 97

Of course, by adding "or indeed any OEM", you're implying that this is an attack/persecution specifically towards Apple and that I'm biased. Nope; doubt I'm any more partisan than someone with the username "macs4all", and I'm sure that most similar corporations in Apple's position would have come up with a similarly self-serving answer. Doesn't make Apple any better than them, though.

First, your OP made it clear that you were intending your comment as disparagement towards Apple. And you ad hominem attack against me, based on my username, confirms exactly that.-

But then, you undermine your entire argument by agreeing that ANY OEM would have made the same "Don't replace/infiltrate your OS with some unknown hack." Now you claim that makes Apple no better than other OEMs. Conversely, however, it makes them no worse.

And the reason why, is that their legal departments no doubt caution that if they DON'T make such a statement, they could be found liable if someone bricks their device, gets their personal info hacked, etc., after installing such an intentional exploit.

Comment Re:Reminds me of another hoax (Score 1) 106

The Prius acceleration hoax turned out to be exactly that. Some complaints were found to be operator error. At least one was a deliberate scam attempt. The rest were based on not understanding the two braking systems.

Nevertheless, Toyota paid up to make it go away rather than fight each one separately.

Well, I know that Woz had a Prius with the problem; and he was able to repeatedly get it to do the uncontrolled acceleration thing by a (IIRC) specific, easily-repeatable sequence of gear-shifts and brake applications.

On my computer at home I've got the email reply he sent to me when I asked him about it (after his experience was reported in Slashdot).

So, stick that "hoax" bullshit up your ass. Woz was reportedly able to make it exhibit the uncontrolled-acceleration bug anytime he wanted.Toyota wasn't interested when he contacted them about how to "make it happen", BTW. Instead, they used the fact that the accelerator/brake position data wasn't being logged correctly by the car to convince the NHTSA that it was "Driver Error". Despicable.

Comment Re: I claim prior art (Score 1) 201

That was an AC, you're not. Simple as that. Plus I generally don't like Apple Asshats...

So, you're saying you respect an AC more than someone who puts their Karma on the line; JUST because of their platform-choice?

I thought we already got past all this immature crap, buddy.

Guess not.

And if you truly think you can call me an Asshat, compared with the truly insane, over-the-top, purely ad hominem attacks I have suffered on this forum (almost exclusively from your beloved ACs, BTW), it is you that is the Asshat, not me.

Comment Re:Those are two different options (Score 1) 97

I was referring to two different options. USB over Lightning is one option.

As another, more hackish option the board surely has some SPI pins.

That said, because it is software-defined AND you have root, *perhaps* you could do SPI over Lightning. That's not what I was suggesting, though.

At first glance, I would guess that Lightning is done over GPIO pins (with maybe some DMA thrown in), rather than a specific ARM "peripheral". But, since Apple actually rolls-their-own ARM designs; it would be logical to assume that they DO have some sort of custom Lightning i/f built into their SoCs.

They might talk to their radios, gyros, etc. over SPI (and/or I2C); but, in such a tightly-integrated device, it might be pretty hard to come up with an "enable" pin for your particular, non-planned-for SPI device.

Personally, if I was just using it for some "offline" storage that didn't require "Always there" access, I'd just use a Lightning-based Reader/Writer (Amazon has a nice one for SD and MicroSD (albeit a little pricey) I've been thinking of getting), and something like the GoodReader App, to access the SD storage and the "local" files. Life's just too short to ass-around with jailbreaking to get access to a POSSIBLE SPI i/f. And then you have to write some sort of Driver, and then you have to figure out how to expose access to that Driver, etc. etc. By the time you get THAT familiar with the innards of both the Device AND the OS, you'd mightaswell be making money with those skills... ;-)

Comment Re:4 SPI wires, or usb (Score 1) 97

It has USB over Lightning, so you COULD attach a micro SD reader, internal or stuck to the case.

If you wanted to be even more hackish, it shouldn't be hard to find some SPI pins. You can interface micro SD cards with four SPI pins plus power and ground. This guy provided root in the software in order to make the OS used the micro SD for whatever you choose.

Lightning is a completely software-configurable interface. Unlike the old 30 pin connector, it basically has no dedicated pins, period; so no SPI, unless Apple made a pseudo-SPI mode available.

Comment Re: I claim prior art (Score 1) 201

Ok, ok, ok y'all. Settle down. Time for a CEO mud wrestling contest to determine the size of.. er.. the biggest of them all. Pardon me while I vomit after this post.

Or better yet, let's drop all the CEOs off a cliff one-by-one, and see which one bounces the highest...

Now THAT's a Reality Show!!!

Comment Re: I claim prior art (Score 1) 201

Well, you come in all high-and-mighty with false statements about the patent

So, why didn't you tromp on the original AC's post, stating that this was much more than just a silly "Patent on a Paper Bag" (which post sits at +5 Informative, BTW), which my original post was simply in support and an amplification thereof?

Comment Re: I claim prior art (Score 1) 201

Apparently, when you're shown to be wrong, you care. And you cared enough to post in this thread in the first place. But the fact remains - Apple is attempting to patent a white paper bag with 60% or more post consumer content. Maybe instead of "macs4all" you should change your name to "paperbags4all"...

Disingenuousness I expect from an AC; but not you. And a cheap shot ad hominem joke besides...?

But you are smart enough to realize that the main thrust of the patent is not the bag itself; but the REINFORCEMENTS designed into the bag to ALLOW the otherwise-too-weak, bleached 60% recycled paper to be used to actually CARRY something heavier than a Canoli, which apparently IS unique and and "non-obvious" in the "paper-bag" world.

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