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Comment Re:Not courageous enough? (Score -1) 268

The door swings both ways, troll. I've been using Slashdot since year 0, yet I wasn't narcissistic enough to need a username so that people could acknowledge my existence. Weak people like you need to make a name for yourselves. You need people to acknowledge your so-called individuality. Thus, the reason you need to troll.

Haha! Narcissistic. That's a good one!

You mean you are too PUSILLANIMOUS to stand the heat for your idiotic, hate-filled rantings.


Comment Re:Not courageous enough? (Score 0) 268

God fucking damn, I hate Apple. It all started in 2nd grade when I was forced to Apple II garbage in elementary school. Obsolete pieces of shit with no sprites and a god-awful bleep-bloop-beep speaker. Fucking disgusting. Since then, every Apple user I've ever met has been a stupid motherfucker that wouldn't know an IC from a potato chip and totally brainwashed by the cult of Apple. Fuck any company that solders ram modules onto the motherboard. I even hate Wozniak because he didn't have the basic human decency to tell Steve Jobs to go fuck himself and go elsewhere.

Apple user since 1976, here.

But I also happen to be an embedded designer (hardware and software) with over 40 years of paid experience, and with over a dozen industrial real-time measurement, instrumentation, and controller product designs on the market, not to mention tons of one-off hardware and/or software dev. consulting gigs, etc. Presently employed developing business software for Windows (yeah, I know...)

All but two of my Mac-owning friends are either degree-d EEs, who certainly know an IC chip from a potato chip, and the other two are also professionals in other fields (one an architectural consultant, and the other a CPA/JD/CFE).

So, stuff it, Anonymous COWARD. You're both an idiot and a useless Hater. GO AWAY.

Comment Outsider Elected by Insider System (Score -1) 2837

I "like" the way that the person who is arguably the most "politically outside" candidate in many years was Elected by what is arguably one of the most "politically inside" of systems, the "Electoral College" in the "Free" World, in Direct Derogation of the so-called "Popular Vote" , (or as it is known in most other electoral systems, "the Vote", which Hillary won.


Comment Re:Microsoft did mobile wrong (Score -1) 114

They'd have been happy for Apple to continue on using Google's applications - but Apple got pissed off and tried to 'hurt' Google by removing their apps from iOS.


Google refused to license Apple to use Google's Mapping APIs to create Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation for iOS. In fact, their licensing agreement specifically precluded using their services for Turn-by-Turn Navigation.

After Goigle refused, for ANY price, to grant Apple an exception to that rule, THEN Apple removed Google's data mining APIs from the App Store and iOS builds, and began in earnest to develop their own mapping service, which they struggled to do (it is not a simple task to map the entire planet to the every-street-and--alley level in a few short months). But they eventually got it mostly right (even Google has some persistent errors in its data), and now revisionist history by the Apple Haters has laid the responsibility for all this at Apple's feet, when it was Google that was simply trying to hobble iOS by making it unnecessarily difficult and enormously expensive to implement that feature, rather than simply negotiating with Apple in good faith to come to a reasonable licensing deal for use of their mapping API.

Comment Re:Utter bollocks (Score -1) 171

Stock pumping, I imagine. There's no fucking way Apple makes that much money on iPhones, even with a double-digit margin.

Sorry to burst your hatred; but Unlike EVERYONE else, Apple actually reports ONLY on phones SOLD AT RETAIL. They do NOT pull that stock-pumping bullshit like Microsoft, Samsung, and others have done, and continue to do, to inflate sales figures.

Comment Re: Utter bollocks (Score -1) 171

13%? Wow! That's totally an impressive and not tiny at all number!

My argument is shattered before apples dominant 13% market share!

I noticed you conveniently ignored the figure about the iPhone having 40% of the US market.

And you know why the worldwide figure isn't larger? Because Apple doesn't flood the market with a zillion shitbox unsecure plastic phone zits, that are not only unprofitable, but serve primarily as loss-leaders for carriers and data mining minions for Google.

The Android market share would look vastly smaller if you factored-out all the FREE Android plastic shitbox phones running unsecure versions of Android that will never be patched.

Comment Re: Phill Schill (Score -1) 675

Call it a hunch, but I don't think his problem is that they're hard to find. I think it's that they're even necessary. I can't argue with that bit of indignation.

Maybe today; but considering that people tend to keep their Macs 5 years or more, do you think that will be the case in a year or so, or do you think those USB-C ports will start to look pretty mainstream by then?

Comment Re:Fragmenttion makes this Fiction (Score -1) 173

The only way to really change this is for Google to make sure that the underlying OS is provided by them, updated from their servers and the device manufacturer only gets to mess around with the GUI. If the manufacturer wants to make changes to the underlying system Google has to make them sign agreements obligating them to implement a certain protocol guaranteeing QA and that they will push regular updates over the lifespan of the device. Unless they do something like that the reputation of Android will always be ruined by sloppy device makers who drop the ball on security.

I've been saying this for over three years now on /., and every single time Imam shouted down by clueless Fandroids that claim that, since Android is Open Source, or this or that excuse, that Google has no control, and mire importantly, cannot gain control, over this exact part of their License for Android.

Let's see if you fare any better in your attempt to advance the same proposal. I finally gave up on that argument.

Comment Re: Are linux adverts still bad adverts? (Score -1) 535

None of the extra stuff you mentioned is enough to make me go 'wow I want to pay for that'. If Apple wants to through extra stuff in to distinguish themselves then fine, but really, metal case versus plastic case, fans that reduce noise, these are all cheap gimmicks, not things that make a laptop a prermium one.

And of course, your needs and wants are everyone's needs and wants, right?

Yeah, why don't they just get on board and have their wants and needs dictated by apple? Bloody plebs eh thinking they're too good for the kool aid.

You DO realize, of course, that if you purchase an already-built computer (ALL laptops, ALL All-in-Ones, many prebuilt Tower/Other configurations) that, to a VERY large extent, your "wants and needs" are "dictated" by that computer's OEM, right?

But (and this part is very important!), Apple in NO WAY "dictates" your purchasing decision. If you like what they are doing, buy it. If you don't, er, DON'T. Simple as that.

But when the GP wants to bitch about the case or the fans, etc., it is HE that is attempting to DICTATE what is IMPORTANT FOR ALL. The VERY thing that you and he are accusing APPLE of doing, FFS!

Comment Re:Are linux adverts still bad adverts? (Score 0) 535

I was actually hoping against hope that they'd have an upgraded 5K iMac ready for market that had a boosted GPU and more graphics RAM available....or even an upgraded Mac Pro.

Quad-Core Kaby Lakes are holding up the upgraded iMac and Mac mini. When those drop, look for an upgraded iMac, mini, and likely an upgraded Mac Pro.

Comment Re: Are linux adverts still bad adverts? (Score -1) 535

None of the extra stuff you mentioned is enough to make me go 'wow I want to pay for that'. If Apple wants to through extra stuff in to distinguish themselves then fine, but really, metal case versus plastic case, fans that reduce noise, these are all cheap gimmicks, not things that make a laptop a prermium one.

And of course, your needs and wants are everyone's needs and wants, right?

Comment Re:All I want to know (Score -1) 130

If this were a couple of years ago when Windows 8 was new, I would have agreed on many of your points, but not now. I've been a Mac guy way longer than a Windows guy for my main computing, pretty much all of the nineties up until a couple of years ago. And as of today, I like Windows 10 better than what OS X has become. Both OSs have their idiosyncrasies to get past and both have their strengths, but overall Windows has way more going for it Its clean, simple, and fast UI has really grown on me -- it's really quite nice to use. Any initial frustrations I had with Windows 10, were just me getting past my Mac mind-set, and of course migrating the professional programs over to my PC( The only program I have not replaced is Logic ). It was worth it! Now I have no limitations on what hardware I can choose, no more frustration with Apple's yearly refresh showing what only their latest computer is "allowed" to do. No more artificial limitations, as Apple likes to lock out older systems. I have a modern OS that finally does much of what I loved about OS X, but much much more with none of Apple's constraints! Migrating to Windows is the smartest thing I've done for my workflow( type of work), so thanks to Apple for making it so painfully obvious that they no longer care about professionals. Their latest MacBook "Pro" really drives that home; especially when one of its selling point is how it will make it easier to sign-in and make online-purchases. if I had stuck with OS X, I would have spent substantially more for a slower-limited-Mac than I did on a Wacom Companion and WAY-more-powerful-X-99-based-workstation( that I can upgraded/expand to my heart's content. ) and been stuck on an OS that has been chipping away at what I used to love about Macs; because going forward OS X is becoming iOS -- despite Apple's claims.

Now THERE'S a PAID Shill!!!

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