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Comment Re:22 Days? (Score 2) 28

22 days? My ass. It has been on the ground longer than in the air, which is probably some sort of record itself. And this is hardly news worthy except for the fact that it proved only one thing, that solar airplanes are highly impractical. No, it didn't prove that it could be done. Moving a mountain one grain of sand at at time isn't really proving you can move a mountain.

Comment Re:Great example of a key flaw in the stock market (Score 1) 130

Too much emotion, not enough reason.

Reason has been educated out of our system, and replaced with Emotion. Much easier to manipulate the masses is all you have to do is cry "Hate" and have a bunch of kneejerk reactionaries goosestep the same way.

These things are related.

Comment Re:Outdated DNA (Score 1) 183

In a way, genetics is optimizing individuals for the survival of the species, not for the survival of the individual. So it could possibly be the case that our manipulation of an individual's genetic code for improving the quality of life of said individual, especially in later phases of life, is not related to what nature does to the whole species.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 183

growing food for even one person to eat year-round requires an enormous amount of space.

And by "enormous amount of space", you mean something like two hundred square meters for your annual carbohydrate needs? Modern agriculture is insanely space-efficient. Now of course food is more than just about grain, but the UN calculates with a square 70 meters in size even for western-style diet. But maybe a good start for the western population would be stopping throwing half of the produced food into garbage before it even gets into our stomachs?

Comment Re:Fingerprints are protected in Europe (Score 0, Offtopic) 167

We "fat dumb Americans" are about to elect one of the two biggest mistakes we have ever made, because we have devolved into arguing over emotional labels and not actual character and qualifications. That, the our court system is rigged against the electorate, since we can vote on laws and have them overturned by one (or more) person(s) in a black robe.

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