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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 137

No problems here, I run my own DNS and flush the cache at will if needed to query the root server and then authoritative server etc. Handy for testing sometimes when moving domains. Once the customer domain moved and the tests are conclusive, it happens that I have to tell the customer that his previous provider should have set the TTL lower than 3 weeks so people using their provider DNS could see the site a little earlier ;-)

I usually set TTL from 10 minutes (dyndns) to 6 hours depending on the domain to make moving easier.

Comment Re:E.g. We can't use it if we can't cheat (Score 1) 85

Since then I've seen a number of accounting systems that allow all sorts of monkeying around, including posting adjusting entries for a fiscal year within that fiscal year, even though you may be a couple of months into the current fiscal year. It seems common practice now, but a quarter of a century ago that was viewed as completely inappropriate, as it opened the door for fraud.

Thanks for updating me to 2016, amazing!

Of course, as another poster has mentioned, it is always possible to restore from backup or whatever to fool the system around but the only thing I knew about was what I described first.

Comment Re:corporate interests got us here (Score 1) 89


Wait, I see:
Top 25 Gobernment profiles | LinkedIn:

Liberal Gobernment archives:

Smart Gobernment. UA Smart University - Universidad de Alicante:


Dummy me, just googling for "Gobernment" made me realize that it is just another valid way to spell "Government"...

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