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Comment Re:What a retard (Score 1) 406

Hmm... Visiting those sites might not be a good idea anyway. You might already be assumed "guilty" anyway although not charged automatically in the way he describes.

Those sites are great to spot would be "terists". Some might even be set up by our own government. Don't give idea to harmless but people naive people so they get into trouble.

Apart from that, you are right ;-)

Comment Re:I have a windows 8 around... (Score 1) 79

Thanks for the tip!

On the paranoid side, what if MS decides that; you have reserved your copy, 29th July is last chance, then start automatic update during the night without prompting user?

Note that I specified; "on the paranoid side" but who knows with Microsoft, especially with all the stories we heard about that? hehe ;-)

Comment Re:I have a windows 8 around... (Score 3, Interesting) 79

I just turned the laptop on.

Well, actually, in System, it says: "Windows 8.1 with Bing" 2013 Microsoft Corporation

Dell Inspiron 3531
Celeron CPU N2830
2.16GHz (dual core)

A little Googling says planned mainstream EOL for Windows 8 is 2018 while mainstream EOL for 10 in 2020:

Extended support includes security updates:
Extended EOL for Windows 8 is 2023 while Extended EOL for 10 in 2025:


I guess I might just stick with Windows 8.1 (security updates till 2023) and turn the laptop into a Linux then if it is still working...

I do not need any Windows 10 "nifty features" ;-)

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