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Comment Re: Heu.. ???? (Score 2) 400

Hmm... how were those servers managed before powershell?

Hint: I often encounter Exchange and SQL servers admins that don't even know about powershell, they are still using cmd.exe.

Admins: "Powershell? What is it? I would have to install it..."

Me: "see that rotated M icon on you taskbar, that's powershell..."

Admins: "Thanks! how does it work?"

Comment Re:This is why I stay away from Linux. (Score 1) 67

Is there any distro that doesn't provide kernel sources/compile configuration as well for their kernel images, in case you need to add functionality/tweak stuff?

I need to recompile on every kernel security/bug fix but I use the sources/compile configuration from my distro with a couple changes to the config. It is not because I want to, it is because I need to.

Comment Re:Fallacy of MBA management (Score 2) 156

Of course, in the process of tutoring, I learned lots,

That's the key point, being able to learn fast and adapt. But then again, doesn't this apply to any activity field and is this in any way specific to management?

Someone could manage outside their expertise, but it'll be harder.

Yep, because you would have to learn quickly to be efficient.

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