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Comment Not in Canada... (Score 5, Informative) 501

They already did a basic income experiment back when Prime Minister Trudeau was called Pierre.

In short... Most everyone kept working or didn't start working as early but stayed in school longer.
Also, hospitalizations went down, particularly for mental health problems.

But if you want a real Twilight Zone mindfuck - look up Nixon's basic income experiment.
Run by Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.
Granted... they saw it as a way to eliminate social programs instead of to expand them. But even they found that there was no change to "work ethic" - everyone still kept working.
Apparently, being "at or just above the poverty line" is simply not enough for most people.


No Longer a Dream: Silicon Valley Takes On the Flying Car ( 148

Last year, Bloomberg reported that Google co-founder Larry Page had put money in two "flying car" companies. One of those companies, Kitty Hawk, has published the first video of its prototype aircraft. From a report on The Verge: The company describes the Kitty Hawk Flyer as an "all-electric aircraft" that is designed to operate over water and doesn't require a pilot's license to fly. Kitty Hawk promises people will be able to learn to fly the Flyer "in minutes." A consumer version will be available by the end of this year, the company says. The video is part commercial and part test footage, starting with a lakeside conversation between friends about using the Flyer to meet up before switching to what The New York Times says are shots of an aerospace engineer operating the craft in Northern California.

Developer of BrickerBot Malware Claims He Destroyed Over Two Million Devices ( 88

An anonymous reader writes: In an interview today, the author of BrickerBot, a malware that bricks IoT and networking devices, claimed he destroyed over 2 million devices, but he never intended to do so in the first place. His intentions were to fight the rising number of IoT botnets that were used to launch DDoS attacks last year, such as Gafgyt and Mirai. He says he created BrickerBot with 84 routines that try to secure devices so they can't be taken over by Mirai and other malware. Nevertheless, he realized that some devices are so badly designed that he could never protect them. He says that for these, he created a "Plan B," which meant deleting the device's storage, effectively bricking the device. His identity was revealed after a reporter received an anonymous tip about a HackForum users claiming he was destroying IoT devices since last November, just after BrickerBot appeared. When contacted, BrickerBot's author revealed that the malware is a personal project which he calls "Internet Chemotherapy" and he's "the doctor" who will kill all the cancerous unsecured IoT devices.

Comment Re:Something doesn't sound right... (Score 2) 223

If they are drinking caffeinated sodas (can't be bothered to look up the study, which is probably worthless weakly correlated crap anyway and as for the click-bait link - fuck it up its stupid ass) - 24/7 caffeine intake might be causing them continuous inadequate rest and sleeping disorders, causing increased mental and physical stress.
Not to mention that the cause of so much caffeine might be workplace stress, compounding the effects.

Working oneself into an early grave IS after all tied to stroke, dementia, cancer, cardiac arrest, divorce, alcoholism, drug use, office shootings and looting the company accounts before flying away to Paraguay with Candy.

Comment You're giving him too much credit... (Score 2, Insightful) 619

Given the "swamp draining" skills Trump's shown so far, I'm expecting that he's going to outsource the implementation and enforcement of the H1B program to an Indian corporation...

Instead, just start the countdown clock until he reports that "No one realized that visas would be so hard." or until he has a 10 minute conversation with a foreign leader who explains to him why he's wrong.
Or until they find him in the corner of the rose garden smearing himself in his own shit as the dementia kicks into top gear.

Comment Re: Golden age of remakes maybe (Score 1) 1222

Alien is a horror movie in outer space. Same formula. All the characters have some flaw, movie takes place in a closed environment and they are killed except for the flawless hero. In the case of Alien the flaw was usually greed and love of money

Alien is a SLASHER movie in outer space. And Ripley is just another final girl there. She doesn't become Rambolina until Aliens.
Alien was running on the same zeitgeist fear that made Halloween a hit - Bundys and Zodiacs and Tool Box Killers and Atlanta murderers and killer clowns...
Not to mention that the media was always eager to help spread the panic and disinformation. Causing bullshit psychological studies and whatnot...

As for Star Wars... Lucas read Campbell's book. Which is about myths in general, and about his thesis of a single "monomyth" spanning across the entire human culture. A LOT of it being about Buddhism.
Lucas watched Kurosawa. Watched Riefenstahl. Watched Flash Gordon serials as a kid.
Watched Howard Hughes with John Milius standing up after "Hell's Angels" to hold a speech about how "This is the kind of movies that should be made! Movies that matter!"
And you better listen to what Milius is saying cause he's built like a bear and he's packing shotguns in the trunk of his car. In case the handgun he has on him isn't enough. And he is also a brilliant script writer.
Hell... it even has connections to that other famous desert planet where they harvest spice which some intrepid and enterprising space pirate might try to smuggle.

Lucas pooled ideas from many sources and worked the thing over and over and over again trying to push out that idea he constructed in his head from all those sources - while others helped shape it.
And he had a helluva team to help him. And a few palls who knew a thing or two about movies.
Plus a budget fit for a James Bond movie.

Comment Shells? Where we're going we don't need shells... (Score 1) 1222

There's an app for that.
To be fair, it's not that there are no shells in the future.
It's closer to three shells being not nearly enough for an ass of the future. Poopstagram is the next big thing... you'll see.

As for the movie... depends who you ask.
I have no idea why would anyone ask Stallone, being that his character explicitly doesn't know how to use them, but people did ask. The answer was... what could have been expected.

Bullock showed a bit more of intuitive understanding and imagination.

But if you ask the guy who wrote it... it's all just bullshit.

Comment Re:Videodrome (Score 1) 1222

Carpenter's and Piper's DVD commentary is worth going through as well.

If for nothing else, then to get the feel of both of them.
Carpenter being this laid back, down to earth kinda guy, Piper being a really nice guy who had to go through some rough shit in life... but a bit... flaky.
I mean... there you are, listening to two guys talking about the movie they made all those years ago, while watching the said movie... and then out of nowhere Piper hits you up with a conspiracy theory.
And while Carpenter is all "Well I be damned." you google a bit and... oh... OH!

Sadly, though they mention Hulk Hogan and his movies, they never address the PKE-meter situation.

Comment Umm... no. (Score 1) 1222

Neo doesn't do anything supernatural in the real world.

He's an evolutionary mutation which adapted to using its implants without direct, wired, connection.
Him interacting with machines plugged into the Matrix is no more supernatural than a laptop, which previously had to be connected to the internet through its RJ45, "supernaturally" connecting through its Wi-Fi connection after an update and a reboot.

He doesn't do anything Matrixy in the real world.
He just discovers that he can "wiggle the ears" of all that hardware he was grown with.
He grows into a fully fledged man-machine hybrid.

That's why he can't magically fix the ship or save Trinity like he could in the simulation.
He doesn't have a control over reality. Just a connection to the Matrix without being plugged in or boosted with a radio transmitter from a ship.

As for control... meh... Wachowskis were piling it up so high and wide they lost track by the second half of the first movie.
By the end of it it's about freedom. Then it's about choice. Then it's about peace and ending the war.
But it's also about destiny and believing and pseudo-philosophical bullshit like arguing about semantics of the word "love"...
And about that magical pussy-chain Link has. You know when he kisses it he's thinking "I can't die. I haven't had me enough of pussy yet."

Comment Naah... That's not what Star Wars is. (Score 1) 1222

Star Wars is of course Cowboys and Indians in space for twelve year olds.

It's "Applied Buddhism for Beginners" played out over a backdrop of a WW2 in space.

That's why prequels and the modern spin-offs suck.
They forgot the whole "'60s just ended, '70s are ending, millennium is just around a corner, there's nothing left to believe in - we need a space-age religion before the world ends" zeitgeist bit.
Wachowskis tapped into some of that with Matrix.
Thus Jediism and Matrixism but no Star Trek religion.

In both cases authors moved away from that feeling of "getting the world" and instead started regurgitating the tail of their "samsara" after they've already came out with their "nirvana for the masses" solution.
I.e. They went about the wrong things in the wrong way.

Comment You missed the point of the movie. (Score 5, Funny) 1222

It's an "in-universe" propaganda movie to get people jacked up for war and boost recruitment numbers.
Think "Triumph of the Will" meeting "Top Gun".

Except it's Verhoeven behind the camera. And when he satirizes something he dials it up to 11.
And then he breaks off the dial and replaces it with a "MORE!!!" button, which he then beats with a hammer until there's nothing left to indicate that it's a satire.

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