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Comment The Core i7 processor came out in 2010... (Score 1) 551

And it will still destroy the iPad Pro in almost every performance benchmark imaginable.

Besides, most people still using PC's that can afford an iPad Pro probably have a specific use case or software that isn't available on iOS. I'm sure as hell not going to through out my old developer workstation and use an iPad Pro for coding, anyway.

Comment Re:Sad. (Score 2) 132

I guess that the only thing he didn't try was leaking the problem to the press. Something tells me that a "NASA Engineer Warns Of Impending Shuttle Failure" headline in the New York Times would have got NASA's attention.

It would have been more effective than going into the office with a rifle, anyway. They just would have declared him to be a mad man, arrested or shot him, launched the shuttle anyway, and would have eventually had the same problem in either that launch or another one soon after.

Sure, he probably would have lost his job, but if he was proven right he could have sued them for unlawful termination and got a nice settlement to retire on.

Comment Re:Fascinating, (Score 1) 97

Yeah, it says that only the 25 mbps service is available in my zip code. That's not true, since I can get the 115 mbps service from the Xfinity site.

Still, I like the idea of having a one stop shop for getting cable service. This new amazon cable site might actually be useful for price shopping once it gets a few more providers.

Comment Re: What's he on, today? (Score 1) 364

What makes you think that his hacking team couldn't pull it off with some clever social engineering tricks? They don't need to decrypt the phone using brute force... just need to figure out what PIN number the shooter used in less than ten tries. Odds are that he used the same PIN on something like his debit card or tax return, and getting that info from a gullible customer service rep wouldn't be too hard.

Comment My wife got a free new phone due to this bug (Score 4, Interesting) 123

The Touch ID sensor died on my wife's iPhone 6S, and it prevented the iOS 9.2.1 update from installing even after doing a factory reset.

The Apple Store couldn't fix the issue, so she got a brand new phone out of the deal. Good thing the phone was still under warranty!

Comment Re:Get rid of the H1B's / have maternity leave (Score 1) 291

Those will never happen, as those suggestions cost the company money.

Besides, most companies like the status quo and are happy for their female employees to work in Marketing or Sales (where a pretty face can help to get sales) instead of Engineering. This article is more of a bad PR stunt than anything else.

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