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Comment Destroy the Doll (Score 1) 90

This will be great. Your daughter can practice having her own little auto da fe. She and her friends can dress up as Inquisitors, subject the dolls to the Question using Mommy's kitchen knives, then tie the doll to a little stake in the back yard. Pile some twigs around the base and light it off chanting Death to Technology. Post the video to You Tube. OK, maybe that's a bit over the top. How about just return the doll to where you bought it and demand a refund. If they give you any guff, start asking them why they're trying to spy on your little girl's bedroom. Loudly.

Comment Re:Being a satirist means acting like a dick. (Score 1) 883

But that doesn't change the fact he attempted satire and failed.

ooh, please tell us more about this Objective Humor Determining Machine you've hands on.


Now you can take it for granted that no matter how clear the joke, there will be some people who don't get it. It always happens. Successful humor, however, is understood as funny by its target audience. Therefore when a jokester is surprised when people he expected to get the joke didn't, he has failed.

Comment THis is why we need smart funding (Score 1) 240

We need to start raising the tax on gasoline and diesel by .01 / gal / month.
Note that the gasoline portion should go to the state in which it was collected, while the diesel portion should remain with the feds. Then there has to be a stipulation that all of this will go ONLY INTO INFRASTRUCTURE.

By doing this slowly, it will not harm the economy in any way. Likewise, by raising money, rather than borrowing, it builds today, without taking from tomorrow.

Comment wonder why asian elephant? (Score 1) 160

Seriously, the Mammoth is larger than a n African Elephant. So, it actually makes sense to use that for the base.
Still, this is going to be interesting. Hopefully, this will pick up Asian's nice demeanor. THough thinking about it, maybe the reason why the mammoths were hunted to extinction is their demeanor was even easier going than an Asian Elephant's.

Comment Re:Is there a product these patents protect? (Score 1) 69

Comment Being a satirist means acting like a dick. (Score 5, Insightful) 883

But a very carefully targeted one. The people who get ridiculed have to really deserve the dickish treatment. You can take a cheap shot, but you can never punch down.

Now I've seen the infamous video and I totally get it. It's a good point, but it totally fails as satire because he ended up screwing with, and then harming the guys in the video, who almost certainly have no idea the significance of what they're doing. How many Jews are in India? About five thousand individuals out of a billion. Zoroastrians are almost 30 times more common in the US as Jews are in India, particularly rural India.

Now he's totally right that the media is stupid, block-headed and hypocritical, and has neither the ability nor inclination to understand him. But that doesn't change the fact he attempted satire and failed. That makes him, at least in this incident, just a dick.

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