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Submission + - Privacy Advocates Pay for Politicians Browsing Histories

lazarus writes: In a protest movement that we can all hope will get the attention of US lawmakers Salon reports that multiple fund-raising campaigns have sprouted up to buy the browsing histories of politicians.

"Angry internet users have targeted Republican lawmakers in Congress who passed a bill this week that would allow internet service providers to sell customer data without obtaining consent. Viral GoFundMe campaigns have cropped up to return the apparent invasion of privacy, seeking to buy politicians’ web histories and publish them online for all to see."

Max Temkin of "Cards Against Humanity" fame has pledged to purchase the browsing histories of everyone in Congress if the bill gets signed. However he has cautioned people on Reddit and Twitter that because this data is not yet publicly available that they should be suspicious of any funding campaigns to collect it, and has also said that it will take a long time to actually do. Without the funding campaigns, however, it seems unlikely that the folks in Washington and Trump in particular will get the message.

Submission + - Space Tsunamis Solve Mystery of Third Van Allen Belt

lazarus writes: The mysterious third Van Allen belt, which has puzzled astronomers for years, is created by so-called 'space tsunamis', according to research.

For more than 50 years, experts believed there were two rings of high-energy particles circling Earth, but in 2013, Nasa launched spacecraft to probe the Van Allen radiation belts and discovered a third, previously unseen ring.

"Remarkably, we observed huge plasma waves," said Ian Mann, physics professor at the University of Alberta, lead author on the study and former Canada Research Chair in Space Physics. "Rather like a space tsunami, they slosh the radiation belts around and very rapidly wash away the outer part of the belt, explaining the structure of the enigmatic third radiation belt."

Submission + - Apple Swaps "Get" Button for "Free" To Avoid Confusion Over In-App Purchases

lazarus writes: Apple is falling in line with the European Commission's request that app sellers do more to stop inadvertent in-app purchases.
Following Google's lead, Cupertino has removed all instances of the word "free" within its iOS and Mac app stores (with the exception of its own apps, like iMovie), and replaced them with the term "Get."
The new label clarifies what users can expect when downloading an app. Apps previously labeled as "Free" will now have a "Get" label. If those apps include in-app purchases, a small gray "In-App Purchase" label will appear below the "Get" button.

Submission + - Virus Killer Magnate McAfee Wanted for Murder (

lazarus writes: John McAfee, who sold his anti-virus company to Intel in 2010 is wanted for murder in Belize. Gizmodo reports that his on-going disputes with builder Gregory Faull and his alleged abuse of psychosis-inducing hallucinogens has made him the prime suspect in Faull's murder. Some high-tech entrepreneurs go on to build electric supercars and spaceships while others move to Belize and attempt to purify bath salts.

Submission + - Duke Nukem Forever Finally Released (

lazarus writes: "Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., which publishes the game, launched in Europe and Australia on Friday. The game debuts on Tuesday in the U.S., Canada and Mexico for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PCs.

Despite the long wait, the game launched to tepid reception from critics. The website, which aggregates reviews, gave the Xbox 360 version a score of 55 out of 100. The game did better on the PC with a "metascore" of 76 out of 100. There is no score currently available for the PS3 version."


Submission + - Open Medicine Magazine Launched in Canada

lazarus writes: "A group of editors having been fired or quit from the prestigious Canadian Medial Association Journal allegedly over questions of censorship and the influence of big drug companies on the magazine have started their own. Open magazine is a not-for-profit peer reviewed medical journal only available on-line which its founders claim is all about open access and editorial independence. CBC has the full story as well as some background on the problems at the CMAJ."

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