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Comment So Much for the Pro or Prosumer Market (Score 1) 675

Professional cameras are expensive. Even amateur photographers will have many thousands, even tens of thousands tied up in their equipment. These people are not going to buy one of your new "pro" laptops Apple, because you've taken away the ability to either plug the (camera end) proprietary USB cable into it or the the SD card. Your solution, which is to hope that we all upgrade our camera bodies to something more convenient to you, or buy a dongle from you so we can use our cables is not going to cut it. You also killed your Aperture application after we all spent hundreds of dollars on it, and your solution to that is to use your crappy consumer-friendly Photos app.

Clearly you don't want our business anymore. I suspect Microsoft will be more than happy to take our money.

Comment The Oral Tradition (Score 1) 348

What is interesting is in some ways we are moving towards (back to) a more oral tradition. As our machines get better and better at understanding us we will inevitably do more talking and listening than writing (just look at how people are starting to dictate their text messages). I recently had a conversation with someone who postulated that our ability to write would disappear entirely. I don't think so, certainly not in the next 200 years or so. Our ability (and need) to express ideas through writing and imagery is much too ingrained in our culture to die out quickly.

Ultimately Cerf may be right, but perhaps not for the reasons he thinks. We will certainly lose a historical record of civilization but it may be because we stop writing.

Comment Something's Fishy (Score 1) 377

This is how the Fuze case will look. Really? Where is the lightning port on the bottom of the iPhone in that picture? Did Apple relocate it to somewhere else on the phone, because it looks like you've glued a plastic mold to the back of an iPhone and photoshopped out the lightning port.

To make this work you've got to connect this "case" to the existing lightning port and that is on the bottom of the phone. Which means you're going to have to have this case wrap around the bottom of the phone. And how are you going to do that without blocking the speakers and/or making it ugly as sin?

Comment Superdistribution of Content (Score 1) 207

The attackers are distributed. The victims are not. We need to superdistribute web content like we do with music. Think TOR meets torrents. It would take httpd authors, browser authors, and even search engines to get in on the act, but it would put an end to the problem. (somebody is probably already working on this)

The web, like e-mail, is going through death throes. The kids will decide what lives and what dies I guess.

Comment Form Over Function (Score 1) 78

Let's face it, companies like HP need a way to differentiate themselves from the myriad of assemble-it-yourself boxes out there. They are (or at least have been) an engineering powerhouse. Let your designers do cool stuff and you'll end up with better designers and more loyal customers.

For the first time in a long time I am beginning to feel like the big companies of yesteryear like Microsoft and HP are moving in the right direction. It has been a while and it is probably a lesson in "necessity breeds invention".

Comment Re:*The* Quickest, Not *Its* Quickest (Score 1) 175

This (for me) is actually the issue. These cars are not actually that "fast" generally, they are only fast in a straight line. You don't see any Teslas at amateur (or professional) racing events because they overheat after just a few minutes of spirited driving. To get the range and acceleration you want requires so much weight for the battery that they don't corner very well.

What is the maximum Gs you can pull on a Tesla around a corner? Not too high, I would wager. But nobody talks about that.

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