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Comment Lead free solder to blame??? (Score 2, Informative) 204

Yep. BGAs are difficult to rework, but perhaps the real blame for this can be aimed at the EU when they forced the electronics industry to transition to lead free solder 15 years ago, while not touching other industries, like car batteries.
Solder used to be 60%tin 40% lead. Lead was a great modifier to give ductility to solder joints. By going to almost 100% tin, solder joints are now more brittle, thus micro BGAs suffer more from thermal expansion fractures and shear fractures from physical drops.
The crazy thing, is the transition, which cost the industry Billions, was based on unproven science that tin/lead solder leached in ground fill rubbish dumps. It doesn't unless you have acid. But here we are today, stuck with a EU mandated change that increases energy to manufacturer and decreases reliability (see tin asker problem as well).

Comment Re:A news? (Score 2) 185

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I was under the impression that at least part of the reason Cyanogenmod exists was to make a usable Android that didn't depend on Google Play Services. Also, Cyanogen Inc. (the company commercializing Cyanogenmod) has partnered with Microsoft to promote Microsoft services instead of Google's.

Comment Re:A news? (Score 3, Insightful) 185

It's a great tool to keep people in your ecosystem. Every time a person goes out and shops for a new phone, they look at all makes and models. If you have a system that defines an upgrade path for users, where they know they'll never be left behind on an antiquated OS, they're MORE likely to upgrade, not less likely.

Third-party Android device makers don't give a shit about Google's "ecosystem." In fact, many such as Amazon and Cyanogen (Inc.) are actively hostile to it.

Comment Re:No problem (Score 1) 160

Well, if you bought a phone with an unlockable bootloader, you can flash whatever OS you want on it. As I wrote elsewhere, even the original Galaxy Nexus from 2011 can get the Cyanogenmod equivalent of Android Marshmallow this way.

But the main "problem" (if you want to consider it so) with Android is that it's a FOSS platform.

No, you've got that backwards: the problem is that phone hardware should be required by law to be unlocked so that their owners can control their property.

Comment Re:Bad Ideas (Score 1) 671

Debugger: you can skip the execution point forward/backwards. You can edit code _live_ whilst debugging, or execute custom code in the same context as what's being debugged, and you can debug that as well. Can your favorite language's debugger do this?

Visual Studio can do it with C#. Its C++ debugger also allows moving the program counter (but not editing), although it can sometimes cause a crash.

Comment Re:Goto (Score 1) 671

I'm currently dealing with about 2M lines of crappy code written in an ide that did/does soft wrapping of lines. Looks really pretty in that particular Windows ONLY IDE, but in anything else it looks like shit when you 1k, 2k and some times even 3k characters on a single line.

Just run it through indent and be done with it.

Comment Re: Verdict sound legitimate (Score 1) 162

Nobody really knows what GPL even means.

It does not define how closely linked code needs to be in order to be one work. Interpretations are very much C/C++ oriented, the meaning in Java/.Net etc. is even more obscure.

Bullshit. The GPL is built on copyright law, which means "derivative work" mean the same thing in relation to the GPL as it does everywhere else. It is a legal definition, not a technical one.

In other words, the manner in which the compiler/interpreter links the proprietary code to the GPL'd code is entirely irrelevant: if the proprietary code is "based on" the GPL'd code, it's infringing. That even includes just reading the GPL'd code on GitHub and reimplementing it!

Comment Australian Observer (Score 5, Insightful) 618

American Culture seems to be strongly influenced by 'every man for himself'; or more subtly, your destiny is made by you and the effort you put into life. If you happen to be lazy, then suffer you.

I think there are three levels of maturity in a people and society:
1- Dependency (Child Stage)
2- Independence (Late Teen Stage). ie I can do it without anyone's help
3- Interdependence (Mature Stage) we all need to work together.

The USA seems to have gotten stuck between 2 & 3, while Europe/Canada/Australia went on to stage 3.
ie, We have strong social support systems such as good basic free medical care, good basic social security services, humane prisons with some attempt to reform.
While I as a tax payer don't like supporting lazy people, I think it is the lesser of two evils. ie having destitute people resort to crime with all the associated costs.
So I think the article is right, but culturally I don't see the USA ever changing within my lifetime.


Microsoft's Bill Gates Is Richest Tech Billionaire With $78 Billion Fortune (gulfnews.com) 102

An anonymous reader quotes a report from GulfNews: The "100 Richest Tech Billionaires In The World 2016" list has been topped by Microsoft founder Bill Gates with an estimated fortune of $78 billion. The titans on Forbes' second annual list of the world's richest in technology are worth a combined $892 billion, six percent more than a year ago. Just over half of the 100 richest in tech are from the U.S., including eight of the top 10 richest on the list. Forbes said the second richest person in tech Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos is also the biggest gainer on the list this year and has an estimated $66.2 billion fortune, an increase of $18.4 billion since this list was released last year. That puts him ahead of Oracle chairman Larry Ellison, who comes in on the fourth spot. Ellison was also beaten by Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who climbed from fourth to third place thanks to a 30 percent jump in the value of Facebook's stock; he is now also California's richest person, another title that previously belonged to Ellison.

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