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Comment Legislated Safety (Score 1) 64

I couldn't give 2 rats if your Gucci handbag was real. In fact I wouldn't even know; to me it shows shallow consumerism with probably a matching personality.
What I do care about is mains connected devices manufactured with poor creepages and insufficient protection that can catch fire and electrocute people. I would guess this would apply to the majority of plug packs, power supplies and battery packs.
Thus they should be concentrating on devices that have mandatory safety and legislative standards requirements first.

Comment Re:Why "I" shouldn't trust Geek Squad? (Score 1) 389

First off... Geek Squad are IT professionals in the same way a burger flipper at Micky D's is a chef. They aren't.

They are no less IT professionals than, say, a senior network engineer at Google. Why?

Because nobody will be an "IT professional" until there exists a licensing organization to enforce ethical standards.

Comment Re:New iPhone every year except 2016 (Score 2) 336

Yep. I bought an oppo F1 as a temporary phone Between my iPhone 4 In anticipation of the the new iPhone 7. In the mean time, the oppo at 1/3 the price has done everything I've needed it to do + no headphone jack on the 7 = no sale for me. The transition off the apple Eco system wasn't as painful as I thought.

Comment Partner Network Website, Microsoft Action Pack (Score 1) 34

For under $500/year MS have a deal where you get 10 win 10 licences, 3 MSDN, full SQL server, server2012 + 10 cals, 5 o365, some Azure credit and a few other products as well. It's a great deal for small development shops as the licences allow commercial use inside your business.

But... Their web management portal just sucks. It was like it was written by three seperate teams. The work flow for renewal and user management is like reading Alice in Wonderland. Obscure error messages accounts that won't associate. man I've wasted a lot of theme on their sucky portal. I still can't figure out how to associate our user benefits to individual Azure accounts. It's like a TV dinner. They look delicious, but when you eat them you swear their is a dedicated team to take delicious looking natural a food and make it taste horrible.
Even opening a support ticket seems to take presses of magical buttons from obscure parts of their portal. Aaaarrrggghhhh.

Comment Re:hey, how about you don't do that (Score 1) 212

I didn't say black burglars weren't getting treated more harshly (i.e., unfairly) than white burglars, just that they were getting time served and probation instead of three years in prison. It's hard to tell though, because there aren't any white burglars around here to begin with (or maybe there are, but they don't even get arrested).

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 160

What we have here is sort of an international prisoner's dilemma: from each country's perspective, it is against their interest to allow any other country to make their citizens subject to that country's laws... but it is in their interest to make every other country subject to their own laws. So, all things being equal you either end up in a situation where multinational corporations are subject to no laws, or one in which they are subject to the union [in the set theory sense] of every country's laws. Since some country is probably going to assert that position and the other countries will follow suit in retaliation, "union of every country's laws" is the dominant outcome.

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