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Comment Re:So just rename it then? (Score 2, Interesting) 330

I've driven a tesla with autopilot for a week, and thought it was an undercooked dangerous feature. The number of times it gave up auto steering because it got confused and the only warning you get is a subtle bong with sometimes sub second reaction times to stop an indecent made turn it off altogether.
I agree with consumer reports. It should be disabled.

Comment Re:I don't believe the claim (Score 1) 265

Totally agree with you protest_boy.
I drove a Tesla for a week with the Auto Pilot function and found it dangerous.
Because it relies on white lines for steering, a soon as conditions become non ideal, it gives up.
Volvo said semi autonomous driving was a bad idea, and I agree with them.
You often have hundreds of milliseconds to take corrective action, and half assed autonomous driving system (tesla has no LIDAR) will leave you lapsing concentration for extended periods making you a risk on the road.

Comment Misleading Title (Score 4, Informative) 35

Those in the electronics industry, esp EU, Australia, know Farnell (also Newark and Element 14) as a tier 1 supplier to engineers of electrical and electronic parts.
Their catalogue is thicker than your fist, and RPI's make up a couple of pages.
Thus the big story is not about RPIs, but that one of the largest electronic component suppliers has been acquired by a Swiss company.

We would place an order every other day with these guys, but the competition is fierce from Digikey, who would now be the worlds No1 general component supplier, with Mouser and Farnell running second.

Comment Re:It's a trap (Score 2) 879

As another foreigner: Clinton seems to have a lot of baggage; Bengazi; The Clinton Trust; Suspicious Deaths; I totally lost respect after she was giving a speech on freedom of the press in foreign countries, when during that speech a vet Ray McGovern stood up and turned his back in silent protest: He was brutalised by security and locked up for a Short time: Hillary washed her hands of the incident. Thus I think she is a hypocrite interested in the highest bidder for her services.

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