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Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 1) 379

I'm hoping 3D cinema are next to go.
Yes, it was fun in Avatar and all, but nowadays it only makes everything fuzzy and dark.
The last movie I watched in 3D was "Star Wars Rogue One", and I had no option for 2D (movie theaters here in Brazil are doing this dirty practice). In some scenes it was so dark I could barely see anything... I liked the movie, but 3D almost ruined it for me.

Yep. Had exactly the same experience in Australia. Dim, fuzzy.would have been better in 2D.

Comment Legislated Safety (Score 1) 64

I couldn't give 2 rats if your Gucci handbag was real. In fact I wouldn't even know; to me it shows shallow consumerism with probably a matching personality.
What I do care about is mains connected devices manufactured with poor creepages and insufficient protection that can catch fire and electrocute people. I would guess this would apply to the majority of plug packs, power supplies and battery packs.
Thus they should be concentrating on devices that have mandatory safety and legislative standards requirements first.

Comment Re:New iPhone every year except 2016 (Score 2) 336

Yep. I bought an oppo F1 as a temporary phone Between my iPhone 4 In anticipation of the the new iPhone 7. In the mean time, the oppo at 1/3 the price has done everything I've needed it to do + no headphone jack on the 7 = no sale for me. The transition off the apple Eco system wasn't as painful as I thought.

Comment Partner Network Website, Microsoft Action Pack (Score 1) 34

For under $500/year MS have a deal where you get 10 win 10 licences, 3 MSDN, full SQL server, server2012 + 10 cals, 5 o365, some Azure credit and a few other products as well. It's a great deal for small development shops as the licences allow commercial use inside your business.

But... Their web management portal just sucks. It was like it was written by three seperate teams. The work flow for renewal and user management is like reading Alice in Wonderland. Obscure error messages accounts that won't associate. man I've wasted a lot of theme on their sucky portal. I still can't figure out how to associate our user benefits to individual Azure accounts. It's like a TV dinner. They look delicious, but when you eat them you swear their is a dedicated team to take delicious looking natural a food and make it taste horrible.
Even opening a support ticket seems to take presses of magical buttons from obscure parts of their portal. Aaaarrrggghhhh.

Comment Wa On Cash (Score 4, Informative) 216

That's a race I don't want to win.


There seems to be a general war on cash.
Australia is talking about getting rid of the $100 note.
Europe is limiting cash transactions.

I think there are a few reasons for this.
1- Negative Interest Rates. ie It is better to hoard cash than have it in a bank earning -ve interest.
2- Govts need more tax revenue
3- Long term globalist agenda to have a cashless society so all men can be controlled as predicted 2000 years ago in Revelations 13
16And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark — the name of the beast or the number of its name.

Comment Re:Kind of obvious... (Score 1) 274

I'm a 3D modeler, I've been working with 3D for over 20 years. I've YET to see a useful home-model that isn't just "look - I - printed - a - stock - model - ma!" tech demo. You'll actually be better off with a good CNC machine if you want to make prototypes on the cheap.

We are an electronics company who have a makerbot and a big ass CNC mill (and some manual lathes).The makerbot gets used a couple of times a week by engineers making jigs, or prototypes for form fit and sometimes function. The CNC mill rarely gets used, as it takes a lot more skill and effort to use.
So while I find the concept was overhyped for consumer use, it does find niche uses in businesses that actually need to design and make stuff.

Comment Prosecution Required (Score 1) 121

This will only stop if the government regulators get some balls and actually start prosecuting somebody. I bought a 'genuine' apple charger off eBay that was a fake with dangerously inadequate creepages. I told the supplier they had broken several laws, but all they cared about was the negative feedback on their eBay account.
If the govt. crates mandatory safety legislation, they need to enforce it.

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