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Comment Who needs them anyway (Score 4, Insightful) 330

I stopped wearing a wristwatch 10+ years ago. It was annoying to wear while using a laptop.
There's clock on my phone, computer, car, radio, egg timer.. I don't see the point in carrying extra one on my wrist.
Smartwatches seem even more pointless to me, redundant and limited functionality and horrible battery life.

Comment Re:uh, what? (Score 1) 229

Netflix geolocates all the tunnel correctly to the start-point, NY=US, Stockholm=SE.
You have free choice of the start-point and you can even change it at will.
The problem is, users outside specific geo-area can change their location and get access to content they're not supposed to have.
Not limited to non-US users accessing US content, as US users can register UK start-point and get BBC content they shouldn't otherwise see.
Their geolocation cannot work around this and it becomes a business problem due to contract limitations with content providers.

Comment Re:Someone didn't do their research (Score 2, Interesting) 66

Nokia hasn't collapsed anywhere. They were stuck with nearly zero-profit obsolete business-line(mobile consumer devices) which was management heavy and managed to sell it before starting to lose too much money on it.
Remaining Nokia reported 1,2B € earnings last year with decent operating margin.

You might disagree how Flop handled the sell-out to MS but the overall result is what Nokia has been the last ~150 years, a company that can reinvent itself when necessary.

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