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Comment Re:This confirms my previous speculation (Score 2) 444

That's IF there's a bombshell in there that's sure to ruin Hillary. If it's just mundane stuff (my bet), it will only hurt Hillary (who would now have to deal with "Climategate"-style hyper-scrutiny over every little comment that can be framed as remotely incriminating) and help Trump. Worst of all would be if there's something bad in there but not bad enough to hand Sanders the nomination, that could threaten to hand Trump the win over Hillary.

If there is a bombshell you'd be right.

I think Assange knows better than to help Trump, the only question is if the blood has drained from the higher-functioning parts of his brain because his ego has a boner.

Comment Re:If this is true... (Score 4, Insightful) 105

More seriously, he made a large number of enormous mistakes, here are the biggest:

1. Looks like his real name was on the goddamn hosting for KAT. Perfect job for an anonymous shell company held by a Russian lawyer, but instead he left a business card on a neat little stand at the crime scene.

2. Not separating his real name completely from his identity as KAT admin OR his casual pseudonym. He should've created a completely new identity for the KAT admin that doesn't touch any others with a 30-foot pole.

3. Apparently he thought Canada was a good place to host the servers safe from the reach of US lawmen. Such a US-unfriendly place this is, that he felt confident storing incriminating info on the server for some reason.

4. Insufficient money laundering. He even could've accepted ad payments in Bitcoin. Really, he put less effort into laundering criminal proceeds than your average 1%er puts into not paying taxes.

5. Being on Facebook never helps.

In short, he was running this operation almost completely in the open, relying only on the assumption that he couldn't be extradited and the obfuscation of naming the company Cryptoneat instead of KickassTorrents Inc. to keep his ass out of prison. Ross "You'll take payment in Bitcoin without a second thought, Mr. Mob Boss? Seems Legit." Ulbricht looks like a genius in comparison.

Comment Re:Public Admission of Stupidity (Score 1) 219

The driver of an automobile has a responsibility of care on the road. This is why ALL pedestrians must be yielded to in the road regardless of clothing, time of day, type of vehicle being driven, or if the pedestrian is jaywalking or crossing legally at an intersection. "Did you see the pedestrian before you struck him and thus maliciously assault him with your motor vehicle or were you negligent of your duty of care?" These automated braking systems are there to make up for when negligence would have resulted in damage to person or property.

Comment Re:New kind of pickup truck? (Score 2) 171

Very much this. I'm actually in the market for replacing a large number of small (Ford Ranger) and medium (Ford F-150) pickups with trucks using more sustainable fuel tech. I'll take a simple hybrid, but would prefer a plug-in hybrid or pure electric if possible. And you're right. They don't exist yet. Drinkypoo is talking out his arse. Similarly, I think Musk is talking out his arse and creating hype to bolster stock prices.

Comment Re:Ride sharing? (Score 1) 171

Not 100% true. John Zimmer, founder of Lyft, actually have a real rideshare platform before selling it to Enterprise (car rental, vanpool, etc.) to focus on Lyft. Zimride, as it was called, was widely adopted by a number of cities and university campuses to facilitate carpool matching with the option of reimbursement. Lyft was founded to make money.

Comment Re:Too much luxury (Score 1) 128

"There are no low end devices, no $150 ones don't count."

The Pebble does count and is a fantastic smartwatch that is the most refined and the only one with a good battery life.

You should check out the oldest smartwatch maker and actually use their devices before you claim they dont count.

Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 128

No they wont and in reality they dont. you have been able to buy GSM watch phones for over 5 years now all over ebay and other places from china makers. They just do not sell because they sound like shit and have battery times measured in minutes. I had one, the latest china iteration of one and it's battery life sucked, it's OS sucked, it's audio quality and call quality sucked. oh and you cant change the band as the antennas are in that.

smartwatch+phone+bt headset is my killer mix and it works fantastically. glance at watch, press answer, talk to person on my headset. Best of all worlds.

Comment Amazon is a crapshoot. (Score 3, Informative) 336

It's just like what Ebay has been for over a decade now. You can not be sure you are buying anything that is real. I used to use the "prime" as a real item indicator, but even thouse are now turning out to be china junk sold as real with a username that even looks real.

"SandiskMemory" is NOT Sandisk... in fact Sandisk does not have a direct amazon store so anyone using the seller name SanDisk is selling china fake junk.

Amazon refuses to fix this because they are making mad profit off of it.

Comment Old Article & Three-Mile, Fukushima, or Cherno (Score 5, Insightful) 140

First off, the article is dated as "April 17, 2015". So, "Not News".

The headline says "Chernobyl" (a stupid set of human errors leading to meltdown). The summary says "Fukushima" (the results of old tech meeting an extreme natural disaster". The article's own summary says it's a 50:50 chance of a "Three-Mile Island" (where no one was harmed). Or are we just talking an expensive incident? Or an actual meltdown?

I'm an abject Slashdot apologist and I'll confidently say that this submission is crap.

Comment Does User = Unique Person? (Score 1) 55

I'm always suspicious of the term "User" when people say they have X number of users. Does "user" mean unique people? Does it mean "account"?

Because I have a hard time believing that 1/7 of the world population is actively on Facebook and I also know full well that there are millions of bot accounts whose likes are purchased.

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