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Comment Re: When will people wake up to the truth? (Score 1) 233

It's one of those things that doesn't matter to the average user until it's too big to not matter, and even then it still doesn't matter because the average user doesn't develop the software that s/he runs. The total environment just gets a little more controlled and the applications coming out just are a little more centrally directed, and Red Hat becomes the new Microsoft.

Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 1) 233

that's where development stagnated

More flippant handwaving in usage of words that shows a lot about weakness in your argument.

Development 'stagnated' only implys development needed to continue. Now, we all know that everybody wants their email address in important headers in the software project, so everything needs to be ripped out and replaced at whim on a regular basis.

But things aren't 'stagnant' unless there's a reason for something newer to replace them. Has the development of new cinder block designs 'stagnated' because nobody has designed a new cinder block for probably a century? No, the existing design is fine and doesn't need replacement.

I don't think the argument has ever been that "old means bad".

In the case of people like the Lentard, the argument is 'I wasn't in charge when it was put in place.' Obviously the dude knows better than anybody else.

Comment Re:It's always cost (Score 2) 181

To replace even a fairly simple plastic part from your refrigerator, you need a 3D model of said part for the 3D Printer to produce it from.

And said 3D model needs to be dimensionally correct and the printer has to then print it accurately.

Whereas with a novelty item or toy, the 3D printer can just burp something out that meets a close enough approximation to be amusing.

Anybody successfully cloning appliance parts with a 3D printer at home could find professional work for a substantial amount more than they'll save making the occasional part for the refrigerator.

Comment Only took 55 years or so... (Score 1) 307

The Soviets have been fomenting internal strife in the US since, at least, 1961. But that was Ok, because their propaganda was helping the Leftist causes.

Now that the Russians — in the mistaken belief, that Trump will be nicer to them than the alternative (of "Reset" fame) — chose to root for him, it is, suddenly, something, a government needs to fight. First Amendment be damned.

Comment Re:Meanwhile the REAL hate... (Score 1) 1042

Oh, wow, you are still moving? I may need a new broomstick...

Given that Ukraine was freed in 1944

My grandfather was working the long-range bombers, which bombed Berlin in 1941. His brother finished officers-school in 1943 and commanded an artillery battery with sufficient distinction to get join the "Red Banner" order. In Ukraine.

And given your general attitude your grandfather was probably a Hiwi so he was doing what he was told by Germans.

There there. Straight from Putin TV — whoever wishes for independent Ukraine, must have been a German collaborator. Sorry to disappoint, but they weren't taking Jews into Hilfswilliger. You probably have heard of it — it was quiet a controversy for a while.

Well, except when they have brown skin or arab sounding names

More of the KGB-sponsored talking points — whoever is for strong America, must be a racist.

then they'll get beaten up by the likes of you

Baseless and totally false accusations — slander, actually.

Immigrants stay immigrants in Germany, but if they integrate themselves into the society, they are perfectly accepted

Separate but equal, right? Thank you for confirming my point — and accepting my accusation. Like I said, a German has no right to lecture Americans on the treatment of immigrants.

don't confuse my strong dislike of you personally and nationalists generally

Its been less than 100 years since a German led my great-grandmother to Babiy Yar. Today, his asshole descendant is telling me of the evils of "nationalism"? Wow... Had you been trolling, this would've been a good one, but you are on defensive and thus obviously sincere. Sincerely stupid...

respected by the German colleagues (also except the Ukrainian)

He-he... You are doing the lecturing wrong too...

my attitude to immigrants

I neither know nor care for your attitude towards immigrants. The entire nation of Germany has a long way to go, before it has the moral standing to lecture Americans on the subject of interracial relations and nationalism.

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 514

There are tons of schisms in Christianity.

There are people who consider themselves 'conservative' Christians who reject any bible except for the King James Version*. Which is kind of ludicrous, because there are numerous translations from before and after the KJV that are at least as legitimate. These folks act like the bible as translated in the KJV is the immutable truth. Yet all they do is interpret it, the same as anybody reading any book.

(* I've heard local ads on the radio for churches that espouse explicitly that they 'follow' the KJV. No I haven't visited said churches....)

Comment Re: Those who something, something (Score 1) 514

Violent conquest to subdue non-Christians is not a part of Christ's doctrine. As I said, there were historically cases where people tried to make that Christian doctrine.

With some interpretations of Islam, it isn't necessary to really proselytize on a door-to-door basis. They seize political power and sort things out later. It's isn't an academic matter. You simply have to study the actions of ISIS where they have taken control.

And no, that doesn't brand all followers of Islam. Just a significant subset.

Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 1) 514

Maybe trashing minorities of every stripe

Or possibly he was trashing the divide-and-conquer concept of 'minorities' as it's practiced by the plantation operators known as the Democrats.

If nothing else, insights like this are a significant takeaway from the November election. But there is a large body of people who refuse to acknowledge such insights.

Comment Re:Bad Headline (Score 1) 514

I suspect that IBM was involved in creating a national database of citizens. How said database was later cherrypicked and sorted was not up to IBM.

It isn't the political bent of a particular body of political actors that matters. It is the process of creating centralized databases that creates the risk and empowers in government that later comes into power that matters.

It's why I used the write-in option and chose 'Human' for my race this year on a US Census Survey that I was mandated by law to answer. Surprisingly, they haven't sent out a US Census Representative to inquire as to what my 'real' race is. Perhaps I just made it too expensive for them to get that data point. We should all work to make it expensive for the government to obtain that kind of data.

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