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Comment Re:No. (Score 2) 1486

When you posted your comment here, you didn't know it would appear on this page, but you had past evidence that you relied on, and assumed it would work. You had faith that it would appear, and that faith was based on some prior evidence that you deemed worthy.

No sir! This is not faith. If I assume that my post will appear, it is based on a proper scientific understanding of the technology behind it. Networking, computer science and the lot. You need to seriously reconsider your worldview.

Comment The skeptic's take... (Score 1) 35

I just completed reading the article (the scholarly one in the Advanced Materials journal, not TFA) and I can't say it's *that* impressive. They do report a very high mobility value for pentacene (~23 cm2/Vs) allegedly because of very low trapping density at the semiconductor/dielectric interface. That part is nice. But silk as a not impressive. They report a capacitance in the nano F/cm2, whereas everybody using electrolytes as OTFT dielectrics report capacitances in micro F/cm2. And the speed of polarization is similar. Electrolyte-gated OTFTs use a double-layer (EDLC) to create a "supercapacitor" and can therefore be operated at lower voltages than the ones reported in this work. This is not /. worthy. If it was, the paper would be in Nature or Science, not Advanced Materials.

Comment Nice, but it's not properly "organic" (Score 2) 53

I haven't seen the device, but this is not an all-organic device. From TFA, at least part of the electrodes are made of gold. Moreover, they use pentacene as a semiconductor, which is probably deposited with CVD. The IEEE article is tagged with "printed electronics" and I seriously doubt they managed to make this using the soluble form of pentacene (i.e. TIPS-pentacene). Still, this is not to poop on the achevement. It's a nifty feat and congrats to the team that managed to make this.

Comment Re:Beef it up (Score 2) 640

You laugh, but that's what happened in Casablanca, Morocco after the 2003 bombings (that mainly targeted hotels and restaurants). Access to the airport was forbidden to anyone who doesn't hold a foreign passport or a plane ticket. Meanwhile, people who were giving a ride to the travelers were packed like cattle outside a fence right into the parking lot. I remember asking a cop what's to stop a bomber from blowing us up right there. He replied without blinking that dead tourists and a shattered building was a lot worse than dead locals. A chilling experience.

Comment Re:Its really (Score 4, Interesting) 760

Look...I am from a Muslim country and I can assure you that Fox News is pretty benign compared to Al Jazeera. Maybe you don't watch Al Jazeera in Arabic. It's full of conspiracy theories. Even on the Arab-Israeli issue, I would say that that Fox is less biased than Al Jazeera. I know it's hard to imagine when one ever watched Limbaugh or O'Reilly, but it's sadly verifiable.

Comment Re:"Because You're Popular, You Get a Free Pass!" (Score 3, Interesting) 298

Look...I'm in Sweden and I don't trust the Swedish Justice system on this matter. It may sound like what a conspiracy-theory nut would say, but the justice system around here breaks when the US is involved. Moreover, rape is absurdly loose in this country. You can have consensual sex with a girl, but she can still change her mind the next day and claim you "got her drunk" or "talked her into it". Personal responsibility pretty much goes flying out the door in such cases (precedents abound). Moreover, the fact that Assange was denied a residency permit (uppehaltillstand) a few weeks back hints to some heavy bias on the part of the government. Both women admitted to having consensual sex with Julian. But he allegedly had an "attitude problem" with women. That's not rape in my book. I don't care what the law says, it is simply immoral to prosecute a man for rape on such bullshit. In many regards, Sweden leads the world in democracy, transparency, social justice, etc. but some of the laws are simply ridiculous.

Comment Symbian vs. Linux (Score 4, Interesting) 88

I'll quote the wiki: "Symbian OS kernel (EKA2) supports sufficiently-fast real-time response such that it is possible to build a single-core phone around itâ"that is, a phone in which a single processor core executes both the user applications and the signalling stack. This is a feature which is not available in Linux. This has allowed SymbianOS EKA2 phones to become smaller, cheaper and more power efficient.[citation needed]"

Is that even true? If not, we should take it up on the discussion page.

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