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Comment Re:Calculated values can always be hacked. (Score 1) 204

Normally most businesses are too lazy to go that far. If you abuse the system too much you will probably get caught. However minor tweaks. Such as closing the ticket then follow up, and complete the job. You probably will not get noticed.

Comment Re:Don't give him ideas (Score 0) 548

Well I would quit about all this doom and gloom. Trump is set to be a horrible administration, and I am still POed at all those people who got hooked on Clinton's Emails (After he look to hire someone who leaked information to a journalist he was sleeping with)

But I besides his big mouth I doubt he is going to use the American Alert system as his personal toy. He has so many more ways to address people then abusing the alert system.

Comment Calculated values can always be hacked. (Score 2) 204

I am sure for all of you who work in an organization with some sort of performance monitoring method can tell. It is rather easy to hack the system. Where people are paying more attention to beating the numbers then actually trying to achieve the goals these metrics are meant to measure.
Lines of code: short lines, with blank comments and a lot of extra line breaks.
Time to close ticket: Get a ticket do the most basic fix and close it without verification.
Time to respond to a call. Pick up the phone then hang up.

Metrics can be hacked so people are working on the metrics. Causing the system to break down.

Comment Re:Good for bad internet connection (Score 3, Interesting) 105

It isn't about not having internet connection but expensive internet connection. Cell Data is still wicked expensive, and access to free or cheap Wi-Fi is easy to find, but isn't always available.

The point on a mobile device is rather easy to see.
If you are at home you will have a network connection. While if you are traveling you may not have one. And if it on a PC it is way to easy to pirate the movie. If there is wide pirating of netflix movies then studios will drop netflix like a brick and they will not have any good content.

Comment Re:Here come the science deniers (Score 2) 552

There had been many bad arguments for most things, with saying illegal item is safer than legal item so illegal item should be legal.

Too much of anything is bad for you. How much is too much varies on what it is. Is the Reward for smoking pop, worth the risk of its side effects should be the real debate.
Not people saying it is going to kill you or it is perfectly safe.

Comment Re:Hey, just drive Lyft!!! (Score 4, Informative) 304

Uber and Air B&B really had turned into something different than their initial business.
These were for people who wanted to do some Parttime work. Rent out their home when they are away. Drive additional people when commuting to work. The the Recession hit, and this became more of a source of income, vs just getting extra spending changes. It didn't help with these companies changing their buisness structure to compete against Hotels and Taxis.

Comment Re:eating less (Score 5, Interesting) 253

Most of the this is simple crap is done by fat shamers who want to feel like they are a better person due to the lack of excess fat.
I have lost 50lbs and kept it off for over 3 years myself but it is hard, very hard to do. It was akin to getting my masters degree while working full time hard.
If you eat less you feel more hungry then when you get some food you will over eat.
When you start to exercise you get sore and hungry making you want to just sit and eat.
If you substitute your diet you are often not getting the nutrients you need causing you to feel out of sorts.
It isn't will power to not eat from the candy bowl, but to fight your most primal instinct for a long period. It takes a lot of hard work planning to do it. Any small factor could derail you at any time catching an illness, changing jobs, birth or death in the family.
Diet science has been pathetic because so much of us fall on the simple plan. With Diet food companies sell their plastic food as diet, where they are designed to fit this simple plan and cause us to fail.

Comment Re: Crybabies (Score 1) 524

Since when has anyone who is not an Obama critic been concerned with a Constitutional crisis?

For crying out loud, our current President negotiated a treaty with a hostile foreign power with no consent from the Senate! He just created it out of thin air, and worse, the Senate just rolled over and let him do it!

If a President negotiates a treaty with a foreign power, that is not a Constitutional crisis. Quite the contrary: under the constitution, that's his job. And it's the job of the Senate to ratify such a treaty with a supermajority. I'm not sure where you get the idea that the Senate is not in the picture.

Well the Senate was certainly not in the picture when they secretly landed a plane with pallets full of cash to hand over to the Iranian president...

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