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Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 2) 167

The issue is location Sexism in tech is far prevalent in the West then in the East. The problem is all the big name tech companies are based in the West, while the normal established boring tech companies are in the East. However working tech in the east you see a higher percentage of female working tech. In my departments the ratio is 50/50 male to female (granted it is higher than normal), and the higher level positions in my department are male. In the East coast there is sexism in tech, but it isn't as bad as the west coast. I think it may be due to most of the tech jobs centered around long time established companies with older employees, who are married and have children, and are less invested in looking at the opposite sex as something relieve their primal instincts.

Comment Wait until they discover the comments (Score 1) 70

This is probably a function of the age of corporate executives, i.e., older folks who don't actually browse the web very much. Advertising around unmoderated comment sections is like placing ads in bathroom stalls. It's done, and it can be done successfully, but generally for local businesses and only in certain categories.

Comment Con or Confirm (Score 5, Insightful) 248

Goodenough & Helena Braga surely know they were going to be painted bright orange as frauds without additional proof.

They surely know they had to follow up with a public display of a cell under charge, then discharge cycles with component weights and measurements to confirm the claims.

Anything else would be a lifelong purgatory in an engineering gulag of con artists.

Comment Re:I guess /. still approves this crap (Score 1) 270

Sadly this is mostly true (but not entirely).
A key part of an economy is the ability to purchase something and have a clear path of recourse if you don't get what you pay for. While bitcoins themselves don't cause this problem it is the anonymous transactions that do. It put the buyer in greater risk because the seller has all the advantages. If I buy x in bit coins the seller will know who I am to deliver the goods however if if I don't know who the seller is then if what I get isn't what I purchase, I have less ability to fight this. Because I will not have a person to bring to judge. However being the seller will have the info to deliver product to me. He could use that data against me if it was to his self interest.

Comment Re: This is extortion (Score 1) 227

Has any software vendor of note tried to sue people for public disclosure of security flaws? If so, what was the outcome?

I struggle to see a good-faith reason for WikiLeaks to require agreement to any terms before they tell vendors about these flaws. It gives the impression that they want the bugs to stay open and/or have a political stick to beat the vendors with.

They've done worse than that. They've had the prosecuted as criminals.

Comment Re:The best one... (Score 1) 141

Have you considered that maybe your brain and eyes are damaged or inferior? I put it in that way because you seem to have anger at people who don't get motion sickness from VR and went out of your way to preemptively belittle and insult.

I've had a dozen or so people over to play with my Rift ad Sony VR systems, and only one person indicated discomfort, and that was at the teleport mechanic in a couple of games.

Mostly I find games are substantially more immersive, and the only issue I have is when I run into a real-life obstacle that isn't visible in VR. I have scraped knuckles from smacking into a (very real) wall when trying to pick something up in VR.

Comment Re:A cubesat also costs less than the ISS (Score 0) 179

Exactly it isn't the cost that is holding us back.
It is the ambition to do so. The individuals with the money to do this would much rather risk their money in someothst can have a better reward for them.
That is why space exploration has been in the domain of governments because it had latitude to try thing for betterment of its citizens.
But today man space flight seems like a waste of effort to the government because of lack of leadership and risks of failure will cause lost jobs

Comment Re:Well Shit (Score 1) 61

For most people if their privacy is invaded they will not get into trouble. However it doesn't mean that there isn't aspect of their life that they would like to keep private. We have our outward persona and our inner desires. They normally will not fully match up. So you know this guy who it Big Tough Ladies man then you dig around and find that he enjoys chick flicks and Musical Theater, doesn't really show anything that would put him in a compromising position. But steps on how he wants to present himself to the world.

Comment Re:"Best" (Score 1) 299

In theory yes... However the following factors are in play.
Managers tend to want to be paid more than their subordinates. So the average worker will get rewarded more than the best worker.
Getting a raise is nice, getting additional power to do your job your prefered way is important too. Also getting a title change is important. Otherwise it can appear that your job is going to a dead end direction. And the best employee may be gone in a few years.
The worst working staying to do the dirty work, often the dirty work still needs to be done well, and have them doing it means it doesn't get done well. Also they get angry for doing all the tough jobs while the better workers seem to be getting all the easy ones. Making it easier for them to seem like they are better workers.


Comment Re:Not a direct boss... but an egomanic though (Score 1) 299

For this case the mistake was that you were rude to the VP, and more or less threatened him.
If you went "I am sorry but I am not allowed to let anyone in without a valid ID."

And if he did pull a "Do you know who I am?" The response should be a polite "No am am sorry I do not." Then if he stated that he was the VP just escort him to someone who should know who he was for validation.

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