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Comment EASY for the Russians to spy, too. (Score 2) 95

Wikileaks may be defiled by the CIA, but their leaked document releases show what determined foreign governments have also probably done and maybe done before the CIA did it. So, it is likely the Russians hated the release of these documents as much as the CIA & NSA!

The whole affair has given all who came to the Electronic Party a big wake up call.

Do you want a gizmo in your kitchen or living room listening to everything that is said?

Worse yet, do you want to have it recording and maybe issuing commands? What if your kid screams "I am going to kill you." and the SWAT team shows up?

Then probably the worst case is a teenager saying something unprintable, and the child social services shows up with law enforcement.

Comment Re:Anyone surprised? (Score 1) 330

> Trump got in to office by being lucky enough to run against Hillary Clinton...
> Now that said, any democrat who wasn't named Clinton would have wiped the floor with Trump.

Imagine if we had two qualified, likable candidates in the same election. I wonder what that would be like?

Comment Re:But Why? (Score 2) 128

Back in the good old days when the Internet was used mainly for colleges and government agencies. These colleges will reserve large blocks for themselves. I went to a small college and they had a Class B and two Class C IP address ranges (Back in the time Class B was X.X.0.0 and Class C was X.X.X.0) giving the colleges more than enough IP address for the who institution. Hack in the late 1990's every PC was connected to an unprotected Static IP address for their PCs.

Comment Re:So... (Score 2) 330

What I don't get is why he hasn't done anything on infrastructure that he promised. This would more or less get bipartisan acceptance, generally it was one of his most popular promises. And for a real estate guy who like to build things, this should had been up his alley, to get his feet wet being a president. I am by no means a Trump supporter, but I live in the Trump Rust belt area, and I see in these areas that had voted for him, a rotting infrastructure, with post industrial cities that time had forgotten, because the states often have big modern cities a few hundred miles away propping up the economy numbers.

Comment Pedantics unite! (Score 4, Insightful) 78

In all my life, whenever someone said "eating salty food makes me thirsty", I don't think one of them ever meant "eating salty food makes me consume more water over a multi-month period." I'm pretty sure what they meant was "When I eat salty food, I want something to drink right goddamn now!" One thing I know for sure: every time I've expressed that sentiment, I was referring to the current moment. says "thirsty [thur-stee] adjective, 1. feeling or having thirst; craving liquid." See? FEELING thirsty. CRAVING liquid. A feeling you're having RIGHT NOW. No mention of how much water you actually drank over the course of the next 105 days.

I'd love to see more details of the study. Maybe the ones who had salty food had more water with their meals but then the science kicked in and they had less water over the course of the day? It's entirely possible.

Comment Re: Any sufficiently advanced technology... (Score 1) 166

We used Oraquick as part of a study of high-risk individuals, and would confirm positive results. It's also a fairly economic way to do quarterly screenings for people who are in high risk categories. Of course, an individual with the means, would opt for a full screening if they were worried about exposure from a particular event.

It's used in developed nations primarily in the same way it's used in developing nations - for people who do not necessarily have the resources for and access to medical care. Inexpensive and better than nothing.

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