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Comment Re:I think it's pretty obvious (Score 1) 132

Most people don't. We currently have a conservative democrat and a liberal republican running this term.
The liberal vs conservative is about trying to intact change vs keeping things as they are. Democrats vs republicans are roughly divided in larger central government vs smaller decentralized governments (both with a set of social goals)
Trump is trying to change everything into his own image (IMO a scarry world). Vs Clinton will try to conserve the progress we had made without too much drastic progress.
Clinton may not be progressive but Trump is regressive.

Comment Re:I think it's pretty obvious (Score 1) 132

Snowden did what he did because what he saw was wrong. Wiki leaks did what they do just because that want to stick it to the man. As for those trumped charges I feel that may not be so trumped. There is a personality that wants to be aggressive and focused on what he want with little to no value on the consequences. That personality type is ripe for causing other crimes.
Still with all this stuff I don't see the US other than a few ranting house members really caring much about Assange they got Manning who stole the data she was the criminal against the US Assange just reposted it, just as how many of the US news companies then covered was was leaked. He just thinks that America is out to get him. While his only warrent for arrest is from Sweeden for rape charges.

Comment Re:Government or hired? (Score 1, Interesting) 154

Geopolitically speaking, this election isn't about Trump vs. Hillary. It's about whether you want US foreign policy to be directed by Americans (however crooked one of them might be) or by the Russians (however strong they might make their voters feel). Given that choice, I'd suggest voting for the crook: it's important.

You're exactly right. But, I'm frankly tired of the proxy wars and the droning of brown people in sand for the control of oil and gas and, of course, pipelines. Not to mention the regime-change agenda over there that started during the W. Bush administration.

So I don't want Hillary in charge to further that agenda and escalate things over there. The only good it does for anybody is to line the pockets of multinational corporations (and, of course, the politicians that help them gain access to resource they can exploit). And those guys don't give two figs about America or Americans. They don't even bother paying US taxes on all those gains - most of it they stick in some foreign tax haven somewhere so they can get to it when they're ready to retire to one of their tropical villas where all the local officials are already owned (by them).

So, yea, if you're all concerned about continuing to squeeze the middle class of their ever-dwindling wages so you can spend it fighting foreign wars to prop up the globalists and the bankers, by all means support Hillary as your candidate. For me, I'd rather leave them to their own devices. We'd be better off working in the weapons factories and selling bombs and ammo to the ones left there fighting over some desert. We've got enough of our own gas and oil to do just fine until they're done bombing each other to oblivion and have established the caliphate in the EU.

Comment Re: Cue the idiots (Score 0) 154

Yeah, I have to figure that a lot of people are worried that Trump can't keep his mouth shut when it comes to classified information. Mind you, if he does deliberately spout classified information, it can only hurt his campaign in the long run, because it shows that he shouldn't have been allowed that information in the first place.

Well, he keeps his own secrets pretty well. You haven't seen anything from his tax returns, have you?

Comment Re: Cue the idiots (Score 0) 154

Don't forget her cattle futures, or the number of people dead surrounding her. From bodyguards to people directly involved with her, and dying from things like two bullets in the back of the skull after crawling 150ft uphill.

Oh my, citing that oft-discredited Clinton Death List?

Oh my, citing that oft-discredited agenda-driven Snopes website?

Comment Re:Amazon fire is more locked down (Score 1) 107

The latest revision of the launcher on the Fire TV stick finally integrated non-Appstore apps into the app menu, so you don't have to launch them from application settings.

I haven't come across that yet, it would be nice to get Kodi put on the menu. Any pointers to how it works or where to find it in the settings?

Comment Re:Router Failure? (Score 1) 91

Well how many institutions actually have a proper IT Infrastructure?
Having a company having to embarrassingly show their inadequacies when a problem effects customers should be public. Because if their value in their IT systems is so low should we trust them with their data? Also being self serving: That embarassment will make sure they hire more staff and put more money in IT funding.

Comment Re:A funny story (Score 1, Insightful) 175

No, we're talking about the popular vote. 55% Hillary vs 43% Bernie. That's a 12 point gap, nothing the DNC did could possibly have shifted that many votes. It's time for Bernie supporters to get over their butt-hurt and act like grown ups.

The scheduling of the debates was designed to limit exposure to the public of all the Democratic candidates, thus denying them free publicity early on, leaving HRC with the then superior name recognition she already had.

Comment Re:It's a feature (Score 2) 304

In fact, that will be your only option after the FDA is finished getting all the e-cigarettes and all their component parts off the market with their regulations.

How are they going to manage that? I can buy a device to unlock your car or rewrite its immo codes straight outta China, probably via Paypal, even though owning such a device is outright illegal if you're not a locksmith, dealer or otherwise providing service. I can buy any gun I want even though I live in California. How is the FDA successfully going to prevent me from buying a vape?

Black markets are difficult to control, you're right. But buying on the black market can be more expensive and more trouble than most people are willing to deal with, and that's what they are counting on. The FDA has certainly been very aggressive dealing with black market online pharmacies that ship to the US, they have seized shipments of contraband at the docks when they suspected someone was importing regulated goods, and they have been seizing shipments of e-cigarettes since 2009.

So, yea, if you're willing to pay the inflated black market prices for the devices and supplies, you'll probably be able to find a way to do so. But wouldn't it be better if they had some reasonable regulations that businesses can actually deal with, rather than send it all underground and encourage people to buy them (with who-knows-what kind of manufacturing and safety issues) from criminals?

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