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Journal Journal: Establishment vs Establishment 1

The framing of the 2016 election is that this is the establishment vs the anti-establishment. Clinton represents Washington DC. Trump represents the masses.

This is bullshit.

Comment Re: Too late, said the Hunter (Score 1) 528

No one really knows Trump's political stance since he's not really giving out any details of his policies. He just says whatever gives the biggest cheers at his rallies.

Politics isn't as simple as left vs right or liberal vs conservative. That's just simplistic hand waving to stop the mases from thinking things through. It is possible to be anti-immigrant and pro-gun-control at the same time, for less regulation and more social safety nets at the same time, and so forth. It's more complex than even a Gartner Group quadrant diagram; if there are N political issues then there are N axes on the political spectrum.

Comment Re:Too late, said the Hunter (Score 0) 528

Makes sense. Conservatives hate carbon credits as being unconservative (if it was good enough for my grandpappy it's good enough for me). Libertarians may see a carbon credit as just another method of using the free market forces to account for non-monetary externalities. The conservative idea of free market is do whatever it takes to make me rich, be fair to me and be unfair to the competition, tariffs are bad unless they help out my business in which case they're good. The libertarian idea of the free market is to be fair with reasonable regulation to ensure fairness, though of course different libertarians have different ideas about how little regulation is enough.

Comment Re:More political redirection (Score -1, Troll) 528

A: "But anyone could hack in and see her emails, it's totally unsecure!"
B: "She used BleachBit."
A: "That proves she had something to hide!"

The rationale comes from having a pre-conceived notion of guilt or nefarious motives, thus any action is further proof of malfeasance. Someone is accused of a crime and so any denial is seen as being unrepentant, pleading innocent in court is wasting tax payers time by going to trial, etc.

It would be nice to ignore idiots who go down this route, but we really can't. The crazy rich guy going off on a bender about how Obama isn't really a citizen could be dismissed as a lunatic but then that person ends up as a serious contender to be president several years later. You could ignore Trey Gowdy as just another blowhard looking to score points with the constituents, but crazy people have a disconcerting ability to hang on and not go away...

Comment Re:That's bullshit (Score 5, Interesting) 306

The only actual way to reduce teen pregnancy is to encourage them to stop fucking so much

You have figures for all the other methods. What are the figures for "encouraging them to stop fucking so much"?

The birth control available to them _does not work_.

The figures quoted say otherwise. True, the worst contraceptive you mention is successful with 72% of users across a year never having a problem, however the pill is successful for 91% of users (over a year), and the CDC includes reversible birth control measures that are more than 99% effective in the chart you mention.

It's also worth mentioning that the failures aren't necessarily a function of the devices themselves so much as user error. Condoms usually "fail" not because they break or anything else obvious, but because people who rely upon them frequently decide to chance not using them. Almost all versions of the pill can be rendered useless if combined with certain drugs - notably many antibiotics - and are more than 99% effective if used properly.

Comment Re:Laissez Faire Capitalist Here... (Score 1) 203

Direct government control isn't required. The good capitalist solution is not that different to the socialist solution: make homeowners own the last mile (fibre from your house to the cabinet is yours, though you may jointly own some shared trunking with your neighbours). The connections from the cabinets should be owned by public interest companies, with the shares owned by the homeowners. Providing Internet connectivity to the network would be something that you'd open to tender by any companies (for-profit or non-profit) that wanted to provide it.

The situation in most of the USA is that it's been done using the worst possible mixture of laissez-fair capitalism and central planning. Vast amounts of taxpayer money have been poured into the infrastructure, yet that infrastructure is owned by a few companies and they have geographical monopolies and are now owned by their customers, so have no incentive to improve it. Oh, and regulator capture means that it's actually illegal to fix the problem in a lot of places. You can provide an incentive in several ways:

  • Tax penalties or fines for companies that don't improve their infrastructure. Big government hammer, and very difficult to enforce usefully.
  • Try to align the ownership of the companies with their customers. Companies have to do what their shareholders want and if their shareholders want them to upgrade the network because they're getting crap service then they will.
  • Ensure that there's real competition. This is difficult because it's hard to provide any useful differentiation between providers of a big dumb pipe and the cost for new entrants into the market is very high.

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 167

Android and iOS have very different philosophies. Android devices aim to be general-purpose computer, iOS devices aim to be extensions to a general-purpose computer. I have an Android tablet and an iPad, and I find I get a lot more use from the iPad because it doesn't try to replace my computer. There's a bunch of stuff that I can do on the Android tablet that I can't do on the iPad, but all of it is stuff that I'd be better off doing on my laptop anyway (with the one exception of an IRC client that doesn't disconnect when I switch to a different window). I still use Android for my phone, because OSMAnd~ (offline maps, offline routing, open source, and good map data) is the killer app for a smartphone for me and the iOS port is far less good.

Comment Re: The anti-science sure is odd. (Score 1) 680

Alas, it's a shame that it doesn't mean anything. The point here is that the Earth has undergone many shifts in its climate, sometimes in a startlingly short period of time

Except that the difference in temperature between the peak of the Medieval Warm Period and the bottom of the Little Ice Age were significantly smaller than the difference between the current temperature and the bottom of the Little Ice Age. The last time we saw an increase in temperature equivalent to the last 200 years it was over a period of tens of thousands of years.

Go and read a news story about an area of science that you know about and compare it to what the original research actually claimed. Now realise that press reports about climate change are no more accurate than that and go and read some of the papers. The models have been consistently refined for the last century, but the predictions are refinements (typically about specific local conditions and timescales), not complete reversals. Each year, there are more measurements that provide more evidence to support the core parts of the models.

Oh, and I don't think the words objectivist or dualistic mean what you think they mean. You can't discard evidence simply by throwing random words into a discussion.

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