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Comment Re:Too stupid to weed out marketing spam /.? (Score 1) 154

I agree with you that some benchmarking system would help, maybe "flops per amp-hour" or something, but your formula would lead to manufacturers gaming the system for higher scores and ignoring that people want different devices for different needs.

For example, a smartphone may have less screen size and performance than a tablet but not have an equal return in battery time or weight reduction, resulting in a lower score, and still may be "better" for someone that can't fit a tablet in their pocket.
Likewise, sedans and motorcycles are lighter and more fuel-efficient than larger, more powerful pickup trucks, but that just makes them suited for different markets and uses, and it wouldn't work to submit them to a one-size-fits-all Automobile Score.

Telling customers the class of the mobile device, processing ability, power efficiency, and battery capacity would be just as good describing the class of an automobile, engine output, MPG rating, and fuel capacity.

Comment Re:Drug incentives still not allowed (Score 1) 67

Left 4 Dead 2, pictured right below that drug use notification and a major point of contention in this classification debate, would still have trouble because it features downing a bottle of pills or injecting yourself with a syringe of adrenaline in order to continue killing zombies, and has an achievement related to that as well.

Comment Re:Implement real e-book lending (Score 1) 150

Amazon has actually had this feature for a while: Loaning a Kindle Book

Also, when the loan period is up the lendee gets a link to buy a copy of the eBook from the Amazon store, so publishers might see an increase in sales, especially if the loaned book is the first of a series or something.

Comment Re:"Concerns about a closed model".. (Score 1) 197

If I'm understanding the article's quote correctly, Gabe is talking about how the iOS devices and the XBox 360 only give you the choice of only one digital distribution service, shutting out potential competitors.
On computers, Steam competes with other digital gaming services, such as Direct2Drive, Desura, GoG, and so on. Later on he goes on to say how a hypothetical Valve-produced console would be "open" so that users could use Steam's competitors alongside Steam.

Comment Re:Free to play accounts are limited (Score 3) 195

you can't buy an account without these restrictions anymore; you can only get a "free" account.

While that is technically true, you can permanently upgrade to the normal account with your first purchase in their store. See their FAQ.

You have to add a minimum $5.00 to the Steam Wallet to buy stuff from the store, so practically you can look at this as the price of getting a normal account. If you feel like spending $1 on a cosmetic item is unfair to other players for whatever reason, there's a Map Stamp item which basically lets you vote on your favorite maps, and the creator gets a bit of that money.

And if it's the DLC system itself that you don't want to give money to, you can try looking around if there's still retail copies of the game around somewhere.

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