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Comment Re:Won't or can't? (Score 1) 111

Not in the USA, but they would try to identify everyone involved in this at the border and interrogate, or even arrest them probably (this also involves Obama). It is immediately clear why Germany does not want to do it. Especially the ruling party does not want to break ties with the USA.

Comment Boolean filters are wrong (Score 1) 136

Every sane spam filter returns three possible results:

  1. 1. Most likely ham
  2. 2. Most likely spam
  3. 3. Needs learning

When you have three categories it will reduce the FP rate very hugely. And the most important fact is that a spam filter should never throw away spam. It can be illegal to do so, or at some time it is going to be illegal. You should keep all your spam for documentation, for this reason. Also, you can initialize (learn) your filters very quickly when migrating the system. Spam is a valuable resource.

Comment Calm down everybody (Score 1) 359

I use G+ exactly for what the change affects, because I am developer and photographer (hobby). It is stream and photos which are going to be separated.

The current state of G+ is annoying for me. G+ is essentially great and far better for software, tech and developers than any other social nets which support blog-style postings. The reason is simply that really many people who are great are there, even Poettering (just for reference to the systemd post above).

And second thing is G+ is also great for photography. There is a huge mass of photographers who are active and generate content. I love to look at their pictures and have about 1000 photographers in my circles.

The problem: the G+ stream is cluttered. It lacks separation of topics. I like to look at photos, as I said, but when I want to read about tech the stream is hard to browse, because of all my photographer contacts. Also the same photographers might also post something, but I don't see it, because all I see are pictures everywhere. And the new content is appearing very fast. My stream has lots of updates. It is far faster than my Twitter stream with 250 contacts.

So the change will be probably OK. I cannot say before I see it, but I've noticed the problem from the start. It's interesting that Google identified it, too.

Submission + - Why Apple Won't Adopt A Wireless Charging Standard (

Lucas123 writes: As the battle for mobile dominance continues among three wireless charging standards, with many smartphone and wearable makers having already chosen sides, Apple continues to sit on the sideline. While the new Apple Watch uses a tightly coupled magnetic inductive wireless charging technology, it still requires a cable. The only advantage is that no port is required, allowing the watch case to remain sealed and water resistant. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, however, remain without any form of wireless charging, either tightly coupled inductive or more loosely coupled resonant charging. Over the past few years, Apple has filed patents on its own flavor of wireless charging, a "near field" or resonant technology, but no products have as yet come to market. If and when it does select a technology, it will likely be its own proprietary specification, which ensures accessory makers will have to pay royalties to use it.

Submission + - POSIX Standards Body Deeply Flawed ( 1

bobo the hobo writes: "This all began with Ken Thompson. The original Unix geek, Thompson was once asked if he he’d change anything about Unix if he had to do it over again. His response was that he’d spell the flag “O_CREAT” “O_CREATE”. This admission inspired Spiegelmock, and he began a lengthy journey into the heart of Unix. ...
And this is where Spiegelmock encountered the silliness that is now the POSIX standards process. First, he was stymied by ridiculously invasive registration processes built with extremely old software. Then he was rebuked by the utterly fragile PHP website behind it. Finally, he washed ashore on a semi-functioning page that gave him some of the names of the folks associated with the POSIX standard and the Austin Common Standards Revision Group."

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