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Comment Picking your post apart: (Score 5, Interesting) 186

I work for a company with more than a thousand developers
- Already, you're in the wrong venue. Unless you're a C-level executive, don't expect much change. You need white papers and golf clubs to change your company's policies, not /. comments.

and I'm participating in activities aimed at improving the work experience of developers
- You're an outside consultant tasked with reducing the workforce by improving productivity. Don't forget that when you deal with your developers.

Our developers receive an ultrabook
- A real developer can't work on an ultrabook
that is rather powerful
- It's an ultrabook, not powerful

but not really adapted for development (no admin rights, small storage capacity, restrictive security rules, etc.)
- Your company is treating your developers like sales and customer support. Are you sure you're dealing with developers and not glorified tech support? If you are dealing with developers, you will also see high turnover and rather little experience. You're probably dealing with a developer sweatshop, not a well-managed tech house, change the culture around hiring first before you call these people "developers".

- They also have access to VDIs (more flexibility)
Virtual desktops are for things that you require little interaction with or that can easily be destroyed, not for development.
- but often complain of performance issues during certain hours of the day
Well, what do you expect, again, you're treating developers like tech support, your company's priorities are wrong.

- Overall, developers want to have maximum autonomy, free choice of their tools (OS, IDE, etc.) and access to internal development environments (PaaS, GIT repositories, continuous delivery tools, etc.)
If they don't have those, they're not going to be very productive developers. If you have thousands of developers without even basic version management and build tools, you better quit now, the company is doomed.

  - We recently had a presentation of VMWare on desktop and application virtualization (Workstation & Horizon), which is supposedly the future of the desktops.
Who got to play golf? VMWare is well behind on the market and only survives through inertia and takeovers. It's the Microsoft/IBM of VM.

- It sounds interesting on paper but I remain skeptical.
Citrix did it better in the 2000s. It failed. For good reason.

- What is the best working environment for a developer, offering flexibility, performance and some level of free choice,
You answered your own question

- without compromising security, compliance, licensing (etc.) requirements
Recommend replacing management first. Compliance and licensing is a managerial thing and should be hardly required since the most powerful development tools are open source, for everything "necessary" that deals with evil business partners (Adobe, VMWare, Microsoft, ...) get a site license. Your developers should be smart enough to maintain their own security if they need admin rights, the ones that aren't can be weeded out immediately.

- I would like you to share your experiences on BYOD, desktop virtualization, etc. and the level of satisfaction of the developers.
BYOD: If your company is too cheap to provide the necessary machines then they get to deal with the headaches of BYOD.
Desktop Virtualization: Tried and failed in the previous dotcom bubbles.
Level of satisfaction is directly related to your management.

Comment Re:VMWARE is the future? (Score 1) 186

My thought was: There are still people forced to do work on a VD/VM? The last time a company made me use a Citrix instance, the entire office went to the premier of "The Matrix".

I'm not talking about testing and running final software compiles, but running an IDE over a home-Internet or shoddy company WiFi, even a VirtualBox or VMWare instance just kills productivity.

Comment Re:Hmmm... (Score 4, Insightful) 271

The woman was not an "applicant"... She was actively RECRUITED by Uber thru LinkedIn. The woman ALREADY STATED she wasn't interested in working at Uber because of it's reputation.
IMHO, at that point, the woman has turned down the job offer herself, so the job application is over. So what the HR manager says after that is irrelevant to discrimination claim.

Now maybe that's not the IDEAL statement to make or stance to project, but it's not job discrimination.
There are laws against ACTUAL job discrimination, not laws against statements which don't maximally promote the official ideology.
Companies which fall in latter category are highly likely to also violate the actual law, but such cases must be proven on their own merits by victims with actual standing re: specific law.

That said, don't use Uber, folks. For many other reasons as well.

Comment Loss of control (Score 1) 252

When your entire revenue is dependent on quantity with minimal quality investment you lose control. When you lose control things go down hill fast (just see what MySpace and Geocities eventually became). And there is currently no AI that can discriminate between poetry, let alone what certain markets find offensive.

From the other end: Although I don't understand why a potential advertiser would not want to promote their product in front of any audience. These types of things are bound to happen when you depend on a single vendor serving an entire market spanning pretty much every human endeavor, you're bound to be servicing both the best and worst parts.

Ad companies and YouTube channels alike need to turn to smaller, controllable and direct revenue models. If you make a private deal with an ad company both sides get what they want. Now the revenue is just being distributed to primarily the worst portions of society and decent content which is a minority of the 400h/min streams only gets a stupidly small share.

Submission + - SPAM: Modified Gravity vies with Planet9 to explain Solar system structure- and fails.

RockDoctor writes: One of the serious contenders to the majority opinion Matter/ Dark Matter/ Dark Energy hypothesis for explaining the structure of the universe is the "MOdified Newtonian Dynamics" or MOND hypothesis in which the gravity field strength decreases not according to a 1/(radius^2) factor, but according to some other function of (radius), which would then explain the movements ("Dynamics") of galaxy-scale structures — the original evidence for postulating the existence of Dark Matter. This hypothesis dates back to 1983 — before the observations that prompt the Dark Energy hypothesis — and has been championed mainly (but not only) by physicist Mordehai Milgrom. While it is definitely not "mainstream" physics, it is certainly a respectable hypothesis.

One way to look for MOND effects is to look closely at the outer Solar system, where distances are larger than can be examined on Earth, but things are close enough for small effects to be measurable from Earth. And in a new paper published on Arxiv, people have done just that. The known "Extreme Trans-Neptunian Objects" ("ETNO"s — closest separation from Sol outside Neptune's orbit ; furthest separation 150 ~ 1500 AU) are closely clustered in direction — the evidence that Batygin, Brown, Sheppard and Trujillo have used in the last five years as evidence for a ninth planet in the Solar system. (No, Pluto is not a planet. Unless you want it to be about 10th or 11th in a 100+ planetary system.) It was possible that the MOND hypothesis might explain the orientation of the ETNOs, so the idea has been examined in detail (paper) — and found it less than 1% likely to explain the observations.

MOND remains an attractive type of hypothesis to explain the observational evidence of the universe's structure without postulating major changes in our understanding of physics. But again, it has failed at the test of new data types. Which still leaves physics with no viable alternative to the Matter / Dark Matter/ Dark Energy hypothesis.

Link to Original Source

Comment When (did) change happen ? (Score 1) 1

They [telephone customer service staff] required a full bank account number to identify the customer. When this information was refused and a supervisor was requested, no supervisor was available. Although the phone number called was correct and I made several tries (reaching the same person each time), I could not clearly verify that the party reached was actually a Metavante employee, as the security process breach observed would be unusual for a banking company.

Are you implying that this procedure is a change from previous (Intuit) procedures? (I've never knowingly used any such service, so wouldn't know SOPs).

Comment Re:Big dig (Score 1) 138

So the boston big dig is 3.5miles so about 3 times the length.

The Boston big dig has to avoid collapsing buildings above and beside the dig. That is somewhat less of a problem on any random hillside in Norway.

Is that dig still going on? I remember it being a thorough-going row last time I was in America - '90 or '91.

Comment Re:seems cheap (Score 1) 138

Unless, of course, it cost more to move the aggregate (gravel/ sand mix, for mixing with cement to make concrete) to it's destination than the stuff is worth. And there are a *lot* of aggregate deposits in Norway, thanks to all those glaciers and their nice efficient water flows for sorting the aggregate by size. Blasting debris typically has a very wide range of grain sizes - from boulders to dust - which hinders it's use for making concrete.

Comment Re:Doctors hate us... (Score 1) 181

If you're an addict you're borderline withdrawal all the time anyway. You've paid on the installment program. But it looks like you're arguing that withdrawal is a good reason to keep using. That's no the argument I'm making at all. Some people kick and never, ever go back. Some people die before they kick. Addiction is not a constant variable. Everyone is different even if the daily dose is exactly the same.

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